Bathroom trends that have been proven to withstand the test of time are also the same kind of bathrooms that capture the hearts of many classic and vintage-loving homeowners. Bathrooms are not just there to serve as our place of grooming, hygiene, and relaxation. But, with the integration of classic trends, it will also create a significant impact that could spill throughout one’s property. Yes, an awesome bathroom makes the entire home worth living. What good would an impressive living room do if the bathroom sucks? So, go ahead and consider remodeling your bathroom with the following trends that will make it a lasting one.

Classic All-White

An all-white bathroom has certainly passed the test of time. This should be your top option if you are considering a calming bathroom remodel that boosts its relaxing atmosphere. The best thing about it was that you can change the theme now and then by adding certain items that have different colors and designs to make your bathroom look more interesting and less boring. Make your floor look warm by adding a colorful rug. Or, you can also add some indoor plants to make your bathroom an oasis.

Industrial Elements

Things like ships’ lights and enamel basins can add a statement in your bathroom. They give that contemporary look to your bathroom without the need to worry about being defined by a specific era. Enhance these industrial elements with the use of hard and soft textures with the use of wood or metal to give it a layered look.

Timber Panelling

Timber paneling is an awesome way to add texture to your bathroom. It breaks the monotony of a very plain and sterile-looking bathroom. Some of the best examples include simple horizontal boards, groove, classic, and Edwardian square paneling. But, before you decide to apply timber paneling see to it first that your bathroom has enough depth around your door or window frames.

Luxe Marble

Marble never fails to add a timeless style to every bathroom. This is true no matter how big or small your bathroom may be. However, marble can also be prone to staining. Luckily, you can now use porcelain tiles that have marble-effect which are known to be more robust than marble. If marble is not your type, you may just opt for quartz composite or any other synthetic stone.

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Wall-Mounted Sconces

One of the best ways to amp up the lighting in your bathroom is to make use of wall-mounted sconces. You can pair these with overhead spots. This is a perfect combination that prevents your sconces from casting a shadow. Remember to position your lights on the sides of the mirror to ensure great illumination. For an evening ambiance, you may request the electrician to install separate dimmers on the wall and ceiling.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink not only adds a vintage flair into your bathroom. It also works well with small bathrooms as it is also a real space saver. You will not have a hard time fitting it into your small bathroom. On the contrary, large sinks installed in a vanity or console table may prove to be too overwhelming for a small bathroom. This is why a pedestal sink especially one with a sleek design becomes a better option. You may not be able to have storage space but you can also add a wall-mounted cabinet that is also small enough to store your bathroom essentials.

Vintage Brass

Brass is perhaps one of the most glamorous of all gold-toned metals. Brass is also a perfect addition to an all-white bathroom or one that has a black and white theme. Brass fixtures are also ideal for bathrooms with marble splash. You may opt for plumbing fixtures that are made of brass or a tapware. Amp it up a bit more by adding a brass-finish mirror that makes your bathroom exude that vintage look.

Black and White

Black and white are just as classic as an all-white bathroom. Black and white is a better option if you do not want your bathroom to look too stark. It will also make it easier for you to choose different types of tile options. You can choose hexagon, penny, or subway tiles, whatever suits best for your preferred bathroom overall design. Brighten it up with the addition of colored towels and neon-colored accessories, depending on your planned bathroom accent.

Free-Standing Tub

A free-standing tub gives any bathroom an elegant look. You can choose between a modern vessel shape or one that has a claw-foot. So, if you want to elevate the look of your bathroom while at the same time giving it a timeless touch. You can also opt for a free-standing tub with that polished-chrome feet, along with an acrylic-and-fiberglass pick. Pair your free-standing tub with a free-standing faucet for a perfect combination.

Subway Tile

Subway tiles are not only perfect for the kitchen. It can also be just as wonderful when used in the bathroom. Subway tiles are cheap, which is an ideal choice if you are remodeling your bathroom at a limited budget. You may even decide to install it yourself. Subway tiles these days come in different patterns and colors. You may choose a basket weave, chevron, or herringbone pattern.

Hardwood Vanities

Two of the best characteristics of solid wood include durability and strength. It also does a good job of keeping humidity under control. Once you decide to use hardwood vanities, better opt for the ones that are stained-finish rather than the painted version. The stained-finish will give it a natural look which is far better than the painted version if you are looking to achieve a classic look in your bathroom.

A well-designed classic bathroom equipped with the best trends that are here to stay will add more value to your home. Never settle for less but instead always choose what’s best for you and your family. When in doubt, you know you can always call an expert to help you out in terms of planning, buying the right materials, hiring the right contractors, etc.