The number of interior designers available in the market is overwhelming, although this is nothing more than a response to the growing demand of users for living in unique spaces. However, choosing which are the best Bay Area interior designers could result in an even harder task than remodeling itself if we are not aware of their experience.

Knowing everyone is impossible. However, each one specializes in a different category of art, so it is common for us to find a variety of designs in San Francisco. It is thanks to this that we can identify the firm that made a project.

But so you do not have to be checking countless home catalogs, today we bring you a convenient list with those San Francisco interior designers that stand out from the rest. Although most limit their work to residences, some that offer full office services are also included.

San Francisco Bay Area interior designers and decorators

Briana Nix – Continuing the legacy of the classic

Briana-Nix Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Thanks to the mentoring of the legendary William Lee, interior designer Briana Nix was able to enter the market to continue the legacy of her mentor.

Thanks to what she learned from who was responsible for the decorative movements of the middle of the last century in New York, the young designer managed to develop her style in which she combines the classic with small modern details, updating the functionality of the spaces to the actual times.

The vision of this designer can be seen in different publications in which she has worked, such as Style and Jimmy Choo, NBC, Ralph Lauren Home, and Country Home Magazine.

CecilieStarin Design – Luxurious Residences

CecilieStarin-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

CecilieStarin, the founder of the firm, is an interior designer from San Francisco who combines her knowledge in the art to create some of the most luxurious residential projects in the bay area.

Her decorative experience, in arts and fashion, has led her to carry out projects in much of California. She has even participated multiple times in the San Francisco Decorators Showcase, endorsing its quality of services.

Jane Antonacci – Large-scale projects

Jane-Antonacci-Large-scale-projects Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

This Bay Area interior designers firm has specialized in the construction and remodeling of large projects thanks to its constant collaboration with architects and contractors in the region.

The studio also accepts small jobs, bringing out the 20 years of experience they have in the market.

Part of what makes Jane Antonacci Interior Design special is that they make the entire construction process pleasant for customers, helping them decide on the most innovative and useful designs of all.

Joy Street Design – Space and color

Joy-Street-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Arranging rooms and disorganized areas is one of the main functions of interior designers in San Francisco. Knowing how to take advantage of the entire space of a construction is essential to achieve a pleasant environment.

Kelly Finley, the founder of JSD, has the necessary spatial knowledge to turn any disastrous decoration into a place that can be used and watched with pleasure. She not only manages the size of the rooms with the correct location of the furniture but also understands the psychology of color, efficiently deceiving the vision so that customers feel more freedom of movement.

Kelly’s firm also specializes in providing advice and assistance in real estate renovations. It is also one of the few studios that prefer to remodel kitchens and bathrooms, although they are not limited to these.

Andrea Taylor – Happy places

Andrea-Taylor Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dedicated space to work, every environment in which we live must be happy to keep us in a good mood. That’s why Andrea Taylor has been dedicated to the renovation of monotonous rooms and offices since 2011.

She began her career as a hobby, advising family and friends with their decorative projects; now she dedicates herself professionally to interior decoration.

Three Salt Design Co. – Capturing your identity

Three-Salt-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Through boldly decorated spaces, the masterminds behind Three Salt Design Co. seek to capture the identity of each client in their homes.

Alexandra Cole and Lindsay Strokes are responsible for each project representing the soul of the client. Their style takes into consideration the characteristics of the architecture, creating a homogeneous piece between the structure and its decoration.

Anastasia Faiella – Customizing every aspect

Anastasia-Faiella Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

The amount of services offered by these Bay Area interior designers is so wide that we can entrust them with our entire project to get a unique work from floor to ceiling.

The firm offers plans for changes and combinations of textiles and wallpapers, redistribution of furniture, advice on luxurious pieces of art, construction of custom window frames, furniture manufacturing, natural and artificial light projection, among much more.

Faiella Design work can be seen in the Ronald McDonald House located at Stanford University since they were selected for the remodeling.

Braun + Adams – A casual style

Braun-Adams Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

A home should have a relaxed style, which allows homeowners to rest comfortably. That’s why Emily Adams and Kristina Braun turned away from the complicated elements of interior design to develop a casual and elegant style.

The firm led by these designers is one of the most respectable in San Francisco due to their work experience. So much so that their projects are not located in one specific site, but can be found in areas with different styles, such as Pacific Heights or Marin.

Form + Field – Without leaving out the environment

formandfield Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Part of what defines a design is its environment. Cultural movements, surrounding buildings, people who walk the streets, nature that refreshes the environment. All of that should be considered for a successful renovation or construction project.

To consider all this, the Form + Field team consists of professionals from multiple disciplines, such as architects, designers, engineers, and merchants.

The head of this group, Christine Lin, ensures that the company’s vision is to help its clients achieve their goals through residential and work spaces that support them to develop freely and naturally.

Lezlie Trujillo – Architect’s Vision

Lezlie-Trujillo Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

The architects can visualize the spaces both in 2D and in 3D, understanding how each element affects the environment. Lezlie Trujillo uses both perspectives to carry out remodeling projects with high-quality finishes in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and homes in general.

Lezlie not only offers services related to architecture, but also color consulting, custom furniture, and how to make any home look worthy to star in a magazine publication.

Gamble + Design – Brighten your life

gamble-plus Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Thanks to the broad portfolio of Gamble + Design, we can confirm that we are facing one of the top interior design firms in San Francisco when it comes to soft and pleasant designs.

The team of builders and designers is always ready to bring to life spaces that mix pastel colors, lots of natural lighting, and furniture with soft finishes and no pronounced corners. The combination results in a relaxing room for all its users.

Kelly Scanlon – The importance that each project deserves

Kelly-Scanlon Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

In Kelly Scanlon Interior Design, they believe that each project is important, be it the redesign of the decoration of a holiday cabin or the complete remodeling of our home.

The designers of this firm specialize in understanding the wishes of each client, so they do not work with a particular style, but adapt to the individual needs of the users.

Applegate Tran Interiors – Innovating what already exists

Applegate-Tran-Interiors Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Many times, it is only necessary to alter existing designs in the market to create something new. That has been the secret of the success of the duo of Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran.

Their designers’ firm has managed to extend beyond the boundaries of the Bay area, carrying out projects in Panama, France, Vietnam, and Hawaii.

Since they dominate almost all the existing styles between the traditional and the modern, they can project any work that their customers want.

Grant K. Gibson – Colorful Designs

Grant-K-Gibson Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Bringing her knowledge of color to every possible corner is the goal of the Grant K. Gibson firm. He began developing jobs in New York but eventually moved to San Francisco. Since then, he has won a podium in the world of interior design thanks to the colorful way they conceive contemporary and classic styles.

Bayon Design Studio – Passion for minimalism

Bayon-Design-Studio Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

If you are looking to build a minimalist home from the foundations, then you should call Bayon Design Studio specialists. The firm has experience in construction, so they can be your contractors.

As we mentioned before, the study specializes in minimalist designs with industrial touches thanks to the use of metals, neutral colors, and decorative elements of simple shapes.

However, this design has attracted the attention of many people, so they have become the favorite option in the luxury condominium market.

Loczidesign – An enviable variety

Loczidesign Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

The amount of styles that these Bay Area interior designers have reinvented is overwhelming. They always challenge themselves to innovate and bring something amazing to the world. LOCZIdesignhas been awarded by their customers with the Room of the Year award from California Home & Design and many honorable mentions in magazines.

Among their most popular works are the construction of a boathouse with a bohemian style and the reinvention of Victorian art in interior decoration.

Kirsten Pike – Dreaming Big

Kirsten-Pike Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

The residential designer, Kirsten Pike, follows the philosophy that a home should be an extension of its owner. Thanks to her family’s legacy, Kirsten is not only dedicated to interior remodeling, but also to managing architectural projects.

Although she was born in Denmark, she currently resides and works in the Northern California area. Since then the artist has specialized in the modern and elegant style, but always maintains some traditional elements to respect the classic.

Elena Calabrese – Unexpected Elegance

Elena-Calabrese Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Elena Calabrese Design & Décor is a firm that offers designs with unexpected finishes and luxury in the best California style. Households adopt a more dynamic environment thanks to the combination of ordered but unforeseen elements.

To highlight the tastes of customers, Elena mixes furniture with marked lines that follow a guideline, with vibrant and comforting textures and colors.

Niche Interiors – Latest technology designs

Niche-Interiors Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Thanks to advances in construction, homes today are much friendlier to the environment. However, to maximize this effect, it is necessary to hire a designer who knows how to take advantage of it.

Niche Interiors is an award-winning study for knowing how to use cutting-edge technology so that it remains functional and, at the same time, looks nice.

It is a group of visionaries capable of modernizing any space we want, achieving elegant and modern finishes.

Noz Design – Experts in understanding the context

Noz-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Not all San Francisco’s best interior designers understand the needs of their clients so quickly. In fact, among the few who can translate ideas without almost effort is the Noz Design firm.

Specialized in modernism, this designer studio works impeccably to understand customer ideas quickly. The concentration in each project is so great that the office is limited only to accept certain commercial and residential orders.

Thanks to the adoption of contemporary styles, Noz Design can create a perfect distribution of furniture, making the most of the room space. The Houzz association has even recognized the work of this team.

Martin Young – Knowledge from the right sources

Martin-Young Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Working hand in hand with architects, contractors, and furniture manufacturers has given Martin Young the necessary experience to accept projects of all kinds in the world of construction and design.

Additionally, the experience they have gained thanks to their clients has prepared them to project multiple artistic styles, as seen in their portfolio.

Each work is a harmonious combination of the environment with different spatial elements and accessories. These are complemented with the use of unique materials and textures.

Peruri Design Company – A holistic perspective

Peruri-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Using a review process that begins with a basic projection, these Bay Area interior designers can create complex environments.

First, they propose a standard model with some fundamental elements that alter the space and its function. Then they refine the idea until finally they complement it with striking colors and textures.

In this way, the customers can constantly participate in each phase of the design, which guarantees that they acquire a product for their needs.

Susie Novak – The artist’s perspective

Susie-Novak Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Treating each project as if it were a work of art, Susie Novak takes advantage of her previous experience to build environments consistent with the client’s personality.

It uses a dynamic design process in which the design evolves naturally. It also reflects the imperfect and changing human nature using unique curves and accessories.

Julie Rootes – Southern Tradition

Julie-Roote Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Texas culture is reflected in interior designer Julie Rootes, who combines her hometown with the modern elements of California.

This bold mix between the simple and the avant-garde has made her worthy of publications in Rue Magazine, California Home and Design, and Traditional Home. Also, her popularity has spread so much that we can find her works throughout the Bay Area.

Milima Design – A helping hand

Milima-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Many times, what we need as clients is a person who can guide us. Milima Design experts make sure to treat each person as if they were part of the family, giving them the best decorative advice they can get in the market.

Thanks to the personal approach of the office, they can understand the tastes of each individual, finding the ideal furniture, textures, tapestries, and colors for each case.

TinekeTriggs – Beauty and accessibility

TinekeTriggs Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Each home must adapt to its owner. Not all people have the same accessibility needs, and that is why professionals who know how to consider all possibilities are needed.

Tineke’s Artistic Designs for Living is a group of Bay Area interior designers that make accessible designs a visual delight. The firm maintains constant feedback with customers to ensure they are on the right path in terms of style.

Kimberley Harrison Interiors – Family Reunion Spaces

Kimberley-Harrison Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Home is where your loved ones are. Each room must be able to become a meeting room to establish relationships with your family and friends, so they must have a design that does not overwhelm.

Kimberley Harrison’s designer firm specializes in houses for the whole family, creating spaces that are admired by each person equally.

The smart use of colors helps them design spacious but cozy areas that invite users to spend hours in them.

Pauline Soffa Design – More than just a designer

Pauline-Soffa-Design Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Pauline Soffa’s works are not limited to the decoration of residences. Her office of artists are experts in the creation of costumes, stages for plays, and even dance choreographies.

All this artistic experience has allowed her to understand the spatial needs of people, adapting it to an environmental design philosophy that values ​​comfort and functionality equally.

This SF interior designer is also known for her multiple community and charitable work in the region, as well as for her commitment to maintaining family values ​​in everything she does.

Studio Munroe – A touch of the West Coast

Studio-Munroe Top-notch San Francisco Bay Area interior designers

Although she keeps the principles of the Californian style, Emily Munroe has developed her brand thanks to the use of West Coast details. This has allowed her to stand out in both commercial and residential projects.

Regardless of the socioeconomic level where the project is located, these Bay Area interior designers will always finish the projects with luxury details.

World-famous architects and interior designers

Just as the Bay Area has some of the best architects in the country, it also has the most versatile and capable interior designers in the region. The teamwork of both professionals has made San Francisco and the nearby areas become a reference in the world of decoration and art.

This list includes nothing more than some of the best known and most famous offices that you can hire for your projects, but little by little all the studios are learning to interpret the needs of the clients and how they should adapt to the current pace of life. Within a few years, the trend may change drastically again, but experience proclaims each of the aforementioned firms as the aptest to evolve into a new market.

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