When it comes to furnishing, it’s two completely different things when you want to furnish your home and a vacation property.

It is mostly because your home is where you live, and you want to have everything as you would like, or as it would fit.

However, if you are to furnish your vacation property, which is something you will be renting to other people, you have to bear in mind couple of things, because every single thing should be measured thoroughly, if you want to benefit from it.

Chatham-by-Laura-Wilmerding-Interiors Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
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Taking Care of Your Investment

Since all moves you want to make have to be well thought, whether you have buying beach house furniture on your mind, or just some beach house furniture ideas, try to act as wisely as you can.

Every single move you make is an investment, one that will pay-off on long-term, however, initially it will be an expense. And as you want your guests to come back, you’ll agree that all decisions you make should be wise.

If you want to make the most of your money, you can visit Selected Best to find a new beach chair.

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Clean Your Upholstered Furniture Regularly

Have in mind that you have to have your beach house furniture cleaned annually, always after a renting season has finished. Your guests must see that it is clean, whether you have nautical furniture, or some coastal furniture, and it has to be cleaned once they’ve left.

Nantucket-by-Pinemar-Inc Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
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And that is because you will want to prevent any decay of it. So, you should have this as a part of your routine when you visit your beach property. Below we will give you tips how to choose furniture.

A Few Helpful Tips When Choosing Home Furniture

Here, beach style living room furniture is emphasized. Firstly, the color of furniture you choose should match the color of a room where you place it. White color might be the one you will want to base your coastal decor. Everything goes excellent with white.

Beach-House-by-Furniture-Mattress-Gallery Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
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Also, keeping your beach house furniture clean is one of the keys of your success. Having it professionally cleaned before and after a renting season is a must.

Don’t Be Economical with Outdoor Furniture

Anytime you are at a beach, where your property is, you mainly spend most of the time outside of your beach house. And by that we mean on your porch or deck. So any coastal furniture you place there should be of certain quality.

It must be able to withstand water, then sun, and anything else that may be a problem. Therefore, don’t try to save some money on your coastal decorating ideas, as it won’t help you much.

Stinson-Beach-House-by-Butler-Armsden-Architects Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Butler Armsden Architects

Refrain Yourself from Using Many Colors

Not many colors are needed when it comes to coastal living furniture. Simple bright colors are always the best choice, such as white, beige, sand and bright shades of blue are more than sufficient for coastal living rooms.

And some shades of pink may be used in order for all to be cohesive.

Oceanside-Estate-by-Seaside-Builders Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Seaside Builders

Made-To-Order Furniture – The Uniqueness Approach

Should you happen to be someone that strives for uniqueness when it comes to beach home décor, that won’t be matched by any other beach house that is near, our made-to-order furniture is what you want.

Since we are sure you are open-minded, and that ordinary seaside furniture is not what you are looking for. That’s why our purpose is to serve you as best as it’s possible.

Sorrento-Residence-by-Verandah-House Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
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We want to reassure you that your beach home décor won’t be alike any other that you may see in houses around yours. The fact that all of our furniture for a beach house is made by craftsman that only makes small-scale furniture, and that our products are bench-built should add to the uniqueness you are trying to attain.

So you are welcome to go through our beach house collections and choose what you see as a perfect match for your beach house décor, and if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

Good Fabrics to Use

In order to change the look of worn furniture to stylish, you can use slipcovers. Also, that way you will get that beachside look you are going for. Regarding fabric you should use, osnaburg or muslin are those usually preferred.

If you use this, you’ll always have a very blended beach home decor.

Le-Selva-Rustic-Beach-Residence-by-Mimi-Snowden-Design Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Mimi Snowden Design

Solid Color Draperies Are the Best

Much less effort will be needed to match your new coastal furniture or decorative additions to one plain color than to a colorfully rich design. Additionally, it’s better to have something simple and yet classy, as all those modern patterns tend to get outdated quickly.

Having Easy To Recover Chairs Is a Must

Chairs you have in your beach house, that came from many of your beach house decorating ideas, used for many purposes, within which dining is involved, should be with removable seats, that you can always clean or repair.

Since they will be used often, it is only natural that the quality decreases, so this way you will be able to change them. You will be able to match them with your décor that way also. One brand you should avoid is ‘’Parsons’’ chair, as they are very prone to absorbing filth.

Coastal-Elegance-by-Seaside-Interiors-By-Our-Boat-House Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Seaside Interiors By Our Boat House

Use Colorful Bedspreads

Regarding bedspreads, they should be as colorful as possible. Not necessary colorful, but with some rich designs, especially because if you have teens there, they may return from the beach and stain it.

Whether they do it with suntan oil, or with a cream, you should know that it is possible to happen. And the more your bedspreads design are colorful, the lesser chance is that any stains will be visible.

Castaways-Beach-House-by-Aboda-Design-Group Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Aboda Design Group

Upholstery Fabrics Should Be Heavy-Weight

You are welcome to use these kinds of fabric, as they are tenacious. Especially polyester or olefin, as they can resist the situations of your rental property much better than something made of polished cotton.

Palm-Beach-House-by-Justin-Long-Design Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Justin Long Design

Polished cottons, along with microfibers and other lightweight furniture fabrics are not as tenacious, and can suffer damages caused by sunlight, sunscreen and usage in general.

Don’t Be Overcrowded With Furniture

Since the rooms in a condo are more than often smaller than rooms in a house, wisely choose sizes of seaside furniture you look to put in your beach house. Not only because your guests may experience trouble while roaming around the house, but also because it will look much more beautiful visually.

Make A Staying A Pleasant Experience

Embrace anything that may make a staying in a house beach better than it usually is. And that anything is in this case a porch swing, something everyone loves. In it, not only can you get lost in a wonderful book, you can also meditate with help of a mesmerizing landscape in front of you, or even take a simple nap.

Beach-Cottage-Condo-by-Michelle-Cole-Designs Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Michelle Cole Designs

The upsides of subdued colors of the porch make the time you spend in it much cherished.

A Hammock in A House For A Happy Spouse

In case of not having a porch, there is always some space for an indoor hammock. Whether you put it outside or inside, you won’t regret. It will make you feel as if you were on clouds.

Rooms-to-Inspire-by-Rizzoli-New-York Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Rizzoli New York

Make Your Porch Much More Than A Simple Porch

Always look for some tips from a real-life beach cottage, and actualize them in your vacation property. Clean it up, get a better wicker chair or nautical furniture and spice it up with an astonishingly looking pillow.

The first chance you have to spend there will make you feel as if you were in a dream.

Florida-Beach-Cottage-by-Village-Architects-AIA-Inc Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Village Architects AIA, Inc.

Make Sure You Have Enough Places for Sitting

Always have some extra chairs, or bar stools hidden somewhere, because you never know when you may need one extra. Also, as they would take as little as no space, you won’t be crowding your unit, and won’t ever experience any problems with having places where to sit.

Beach-House-Living-Room-by-Chango-Co Beach House (Seaside) Furniture Designs
Image source: Chango & Co.