When we think about where we’d like to spend most of our vacations, we think about a destination that has a gentle climate. There are a lot of ways we can go about this. We can choose a destination based on the season, or we can change it based on the culture.

That’s why we decided to talk about the benefits of buying a property in Turkey. We’re discussing their culture, the costs of living, the cuisine, the price of real estate, and a bit of their infrastructure. Hopefully, this helps you decide whether or not to buy.

Turkish Hospitality and Friendliness

When you reach the vacation destination, you want to feel welcome, not like you don’t belong. Traveling and taking a vacation are two completely different things. When we travel, we want to see as many places as possible, take pictures, experience the culture, etc.

However, when we go on vacation, we want to rest and relax and enjoy ourselves as much as possible. This is what every vacation should be about. That’s why Turkey is the perfect place to buy a property.

The people in Turkey are very hospitable and friendly. Turkish hospitality is one of the greatest experiences you can have as a tourist. If you opt to buy a property in Turkey, you’ll get to experience this hospitality all the time.

Living Costs in Turkey

Another significant benefit of buying a property in Turkey and using it as a vacation home is the cost of living. When looking for a destination that we’ll visit every summer, we want it to be affordable, and a place we can stay at for as much as we’d like.

If we compare the living costs in Turkey with other countries, they are quite cheap. You can dine at a restaurant for as little as $17, and the basic utilities cost approximately $50 for a property that’s about 80 square meters.

These are just some basic things. Other costs involve transportation, the internet, and activities that we might do during our vacation. The activities are quite important. Fitness activities for the entire month can cost anywhere from $12 to $40.

Everything considered it’s pretty cheap compared to other exotic destinations. The most important thing is the price of the food. The food is also quite cheap, and that’s a major advantage because wherever we go, we need a bed and food.

Price of Properties in Turkey

One of the most important benefits of buying a property in Turkey is the current price per square. The prices vary according to location, of course. However, if you’re looking to be closer to the city center, the prices range from $450 to $1,700 according to numbeo.

If you’re more of a countryside person, and you’re looking for a place a little further from the center, the price ranges from $330 to $1,200 per square. So, it’s quite cheap when you compare it to some other vacation destinations.

But you shouldn’t base your decision on the price alone. There are plenty of other things to think about, and plenty of other benefits that can make the decision easier. So, let’s talk about the other things to consider.

Turkish Cuisine

The cuisine is everything if you’re a person who likes to treat your palate to an unforgettable experience. We understand that taste is an individual thing, it’s quite subjective, and some things that taste great to other people might not taste great to us.

However, our opinion is that Turkish cuisine is possibly one of the best cuisines in the world. If you enjoy food, you might have already tried the Turkish Kebap. That’s just the start. There are a ton of other amazing foods.

After all, this is what vacation is all about. We relax, have fun, and enjoy great cuisine. We shouldn’t prepare food during the vacation unless it’s necessary, and we know that we’re the best person to prepare the meal.

Everything Is Becoming Well Connected

Apart from all the benefits we discussed, the infrastructure is something we shouldn’t neglect. That’s why it’s necessary to mention that everything in Turkey is going to be very well-connected. Turkey is currently working on indigenous infrastructure projects.

hag2-1 Benefits of Buying a Vacation Home in Turkey

Because of Turkey’s incredible tourism sector growth during the previous years, there’s a need for better transport, safer roads and railways, and other means of transport. The state is doing its best to improve its transport infrastructure.

That’s why buying a Turkish property is also a brilliant investment. If you’re not looking to enjoy your vacation in a wonderful country, you can at least look ahead and invest in a property that can double its value in a few years.


There you have it! Turkey is a great country for foreigners, and the benefits of having a vacation home in a country that has many exotic destinations and is surrounded by the sea are many.

The summers are hot, the food is incredible, the prices are low, the culture is pleasant, and the people are hospitable and friendly. What more can we want from a vacation destination? Finally, we don’t have to worry about transport, and that makes it a great destination.

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