Home is a place for creating fond memories. For this reason, people go to great lengths to decorate their homes. There are several ornaments, designs and ideas for styling your home, but acrylic-styled decor is a catch and everyone is in love with it.

Acrylic signs are decorations made with highly versatile plastic sheets that are printed in custom made colours. They are highly durable and shatterproof which makes them a better choice compared to glass. Apart from managing spaces, acrylic decor is lightweight and has the same clear and transparent effect on your decor like glass.

There are different acrylic designs and your choice depends on the craftiness of the artist. It is good to note that acrylic signs are made for interior use, to maintain its aesthetic effect and sustain its longevity. Unlike custom aluminium signs, acrylic signs are light sensitive. This property makes them ideal for interior decoration, where they are protected from the sun’s radiation.

Types of Acrylic Signs

There are 3 types of acrylic signs depending on the transparency. They include clear, frosty and milky types of acrylic sign.

Clear Acrylic Sign – this is the most common type of acrylic sign. It is highly probable that you have seen one. The clear sign promotes total transparency. This is perhaps the beauty of using acrylic signs because it enables the artist to print directly on either side. It is important to say that printing images directly on the front of clear acrylic signs though transparent, shatterproof and lightweight makes it prone to scratching. Otherwise, printing images at the back of clear acrylic signs are safer. The images are viewed from the acrylic.

Frosted Acrylic Sign – this has similar characteristics with clear acrylic signs except that it does not permit complete transparency. The obvious difference between frosted acrylic signs and clear acrylic signs is that frosted acrylic signs have some blurred effect. It is used by artefact when some level of privacy is required.

This is because it is able to diffuse light hence promoting privacy. Its ability to promote privacy makes it a good fit to be used as walls or partitions in reception areas, hotels and several others.

Milky Acrylic Sign – this is the third type of acrylic sign. The unique difference between the milky acrylic sign is that although a part of it allows light to travel through it, it diffuses the light hence images printed on it are translucent and not clear. The milky acrylic sign is more translucent than the frosted acrylic sign hence gives higher privacy. It also has a unique aesthetic effect which makes it popular.

The milky acrylic sign has a white appearance. When images are printed and light passes through it, the milky acrylic sign diffuses the light at a different rate from the frosted type which makes it more artistic.

6 Best Acrylic Signs for Home Decor 2019

Romantic and Love Signs

Love is a memorable feeling. Apart from gifts and dates, you can take a step further by immortalising your feelings and emotions for your partner. There are love languages and memories that are captured by words and displayed in your home. These words of romance and love can be well represented by an acrylic sign that is placed at a strategic position in your house.

Food Signs

Everyone loves food. You can demonstrate your live for food by using brilliant food signs on tables, walls and even windows. Apart from the aesthetic effects, food acrylic signs are used to promote orderliness in the kitchen.

Gifts and Cards

When planning your next birthday, why not use acrylic signs to direct where your folks drop off birthday gifts? You can go a step further by differentiating where gifts and cards are dropped and save yourself the stress of sorting them out when the party’s over.

Inspiring Quotes

How about some motivation for the family? Inspiring quotes are not just aesthetic, they give off positive vibes. Inspiring quotes can be printed in cursive letters on acrylic templates and placed in strategic places in the house like the living room, bedrooms and even in porches.


How about some acrylic signs that show where toys are kept? Toy signs aren’t only homely, they are aesthetic and orderly, because they encourage children to drop their toys in the right place.

Live Auction

Auction is a great way to make a profit or alternatively get things for the lowest price available in the market. Have you made solid plans about organizing a live auction? A custom aluminium sign made from acrylic signs is a great way to market it to your targeted audience. You can also give directions to your auction by using  acrylic signs. Apart from its simplicity and elegance, acrylic signs saves you cost in the future because of its reusability.