When you own a rental property, your first priority is making money. Keeping a tight budget in mind when you are putting down flooring is the first step to saving some cash. With the amount of wear and tear that can happen in any home, especially a rental unit, you don’t want to go too cheap with your flooring options. Somewhere in between durable and affordable is the sweet spot for your flooring project.

When considering your flooring options, you want to make sure that you are still maintaining an attractive look throughout the home. This will help to draw in new tenants and even allow you to keep your rental prices a bit higher considering the curb appeal of what you are offering.

It’s not recommended to choose just one type of flooring through the whole unit. It may seem like an easy and cheap alternative but it can affect the overall look, feel and functionality of each room. For example, laying carpet in areas of your home that are higher in humidity like the bathroom, kitchen and basement can only end up costing you down the line. Let’s take a look at the flooring options available to you and where in your rental unit they best fit.


If you are putting carpet in your rental unit you should stick to nylon fibre carpets and low pile options. These styles of carpets wear very well, are durable and can be cleaned easily. Adding carpet to the living room and bedrooms is a nice way to warm up those areas and make the rooms feel more welcoming. Avoid areas of high traffic like doorways and entryways, as lower pile carpets can show wear quickly.

Ceramic Tile

This option is ideal for rental properties due to its durability and easy maintenance. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles, ceramic tile is perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or basement. Water and mold resistant, tile is a great surface to put in the areas of your home with higher levels of humidity. With a little effort, you can install tile on your own without having to hire an outside contractor. If a tile breaks or is otherwise damaged, it’s easy to replace just one tile instead of the whole surface area.


photo-1486304873000-235643847519 Best Flooring Choices For Your Rental Property

Hardwood floors will never go out of style and are appropriate to almost every style and decor. Extremely durable, a quality hardwood floor can last a lifetime. Easy to clean and maintain, you can even sand your wood floors down when they start to wear and put a completely new stain color or sealant on them to switch up the look. There is more of an investment required with hardwood but the durability factor is worth the expense.


This is an attractive, versatile and affordable option that is popular with many rental property owners. If your tenants have children or pets, the durability of vinyl can be an issue, but replacement is also easy and affordable. The perfect option for your kitchen or bathrooms as the materials are mold and mildew resistant. Install vinyl flooring yourself and save some money on the entire project.