Are you looking for some new ideas to decorate the walls of your space? Splash of Arts has got you covered! Those bare walls conceal a world of potential, and with only a few simple improvements, a house may be transformed into a cozy abode. Continue reading if you are prepared to transform those harsh, empty walls into chic focal points in your home. We, at Splash of Arts, have tips that, regardless of the aesthetic you want, can spruce up your walls and bring out the best in both your personality and your taste. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an art collector, a nature lover, or a book lover; your walls may be personalized to allow you to be surrounded by the things you admire, whether that’s art, nature, or books.

Bring Statement Wall Decorations into the Main Room

These are some of our favorite living room wall design ideas; in addition, we have included in-depth guidance from well-known designers as well as our own team of experts, so that you may learn how to create a wall for your living room that you will continue to like for many years to come.

Create an Accent Wall with Art

You want to give your living room a focal point and are looking for living room art ideas for accent walls. If you are thinking of hanging pictures or paintings in your living room, one way to really make it stand out is to paint the wall behind it a daring color that is in complete opposition to the colors that are used in the artwork.

This will help the artwork stand out more. An updated twist on the traditional gallery wall concept can be seen in the arrangement of a number of abstract prints against a wall painted in a deep green color in the living room. The space has a contemporary feel to it, which is contributed to by the few decorations that are there as well as the clean lines of the furniture.

Install Color by Taking On a Paint Job

Painting the walls of a room, as well as the area around the fireplace in the living room, is a simple method to alter the space, and painting again is an easy refresh task for when you surely get tired of the color you picked in the years to come. The gathering of a large number of paint cards is an excellent place to begin, and since many cards and brochures now contain shades that are ‘complementary,’ they will also assist you in locating colors that are appropriate for accenting and toning. Look to the color wheel for guidance and ideas if you are unsure of what to do. The use of a color wheel is a foolproof method that ensures decorating success. It can be used to create anything from dramatic color palettes to calming color schemes.

Create A Gallery Wall That Is Worthy of Being Displayed

Purchasing works of art that have sentimental value is the easy part; the challenging part is putting together an exhibition that you will be pleased to show off. By beginning with a color scheme that is neutral in the living room, you may eliminate the uncertainty that comes with exhibiting art.

Before you hang your frames, play about with the arrangement of them; try arranging rows and columns with uniform spacing between them, or experiment with asymmetrical arrangements for something a little bit different. Choose a color scheme with a limited number of tonal variations for a polished appearance that wouldn’t be out of place in a museum or gallery.

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