The world we live in is filled with color. From red to blue, yellow and green color surrounds us and affects us. Color is important not because it’s everywhere but because of how it can affect us. Color can influence peoples’ behaviors and emotions. This can be beneficial or a detriment to any work environment.

The effective utilization of color can increase productivity, stir up creativity, and establish the proper ambiance of the company itself. Painting an office may be a simple task, but with right paint and commercial painters you can get the task completed. Here are the best paint colors for commercial office space and how you can select the perfect color for your office space.


Blue evokes focus and mindfulness. While dark blue may be too overwhelming and aggressive a neutral blue color can increase the focus and productivity of any office. Blue can help keep your employees productive and focused in a positive manner.

Off White

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Off white a versatile color that can work in almost any work environment. While a pure white may give an overwhelming bright look an off white brings a comforting feeling. Off white is a good color that can help provide a warm, positive environment for your worker. Couple this with is versatility in design makes it a great choice for any office.


Yellow evokes a sense of happiness and creativity. It’s a warm color that provides comfort to its audience. An office space that wants to keep its workers happy and creative would not go wrong choosing yellow as the color to paint their space. A lighter yellow can lighten the office while also being able to pair well with other colors and design choices around the office.


Grey is the color of neutrality. It can bring peace of mind to the people it influences. The different shades of grey can influence different psyches giving it a versatile characteristic. It is a neutral color that is great when hesitant on colors that may be vibrant or evoke the wrong emotions and feelings.


Orange often helps with stirring creativity and boosting enthusiasm. An office space that requires creativity would benefit from walls painted orange. Industries such as marketing or architecture that strive off of creativity are perfect candidates to utilize orange in their commercial office space.


Red is the color of action and strength. An office space with a call to action would benefit greatly with a red color. It provides energy and determination, bringing a surge of productivity to the people. Red is an intense color that brings out excitement and passion.

Indeed, there’s a wide variety of paint colors to choose from for your commercial office space. To ensure you pick the appropriate color, hire experienced commercial painting contractors. Given their experience and expertise in the painting industry, they know precisely which paint color would work best for your office space. Not only that but hiring their services can be an excellent idea if you want to get the job done as quickly as possible while maintaining top-notch painting standards.

Considering Your Space

Each color listed put has various offshoots of themselves. These colors come in many different shades and combinations that all vary in the influence they give off. It can be overwhelming to choose between all these colors and selecting the perfect color for your commercial office space. To decide that you need to look at the company and the office space.

The Goal of Your Company

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What is the mission of the company? Understanding the mission statement will help you understand the company’s vision and goal. This can help you determine the type of work environment that is required to complete these things. The office space should align with the company it houses and the color of the office space can aid in that endeavor.

For instance, a construction company may want a red-based paint as the goal of a construction company is to build. This is a call to action. You want the employees to feel invigorated and ready to act. A red-based color for an office space of this setting would align with the mission statement of a construction company.

The Goal of the Employees

What do you want your employees to be focused on? The employees are the backbone of the company and affect its entire existence. How they work and what they do determines the performance of the company. Using a paint color to provide a beneficial work environment for the employees is possible with the right color.

This differs from the goal of the company as it is specific to the workers within the office space itself. An example would be a construction company utilizing office space for its marketing department. Here the goal of the company would be to build while the goal of the office space would be to advertise. The determination of goals is pivotal to finding the right color.


There are going to be overlap in colors and their influence. We can see this in orange and yellow where they provide similar effects in creativity and a positive mood.  When determining the goals of the company and employees you can begin to narrow down the colors that would best affect this. The next step would be selecting the right color and tone.

This leads to flexibility in design. Office space design varies and this will play a factor in how you paint the office. It will determine which hues will go best with the environment and the right color needed to match with the overall design.

Furniture design, architectural design, and overall decor of the office space will give you a blueprint in what tone of color you should go for. Having a darker themed design be suddenly contrasted with a bright vibrant paint color could look disorganized and offputting.

On the other hand, it’s essential to consider lighting when choosing the best paint colors for your commercial office space. Generally, light can affect your choice in a significant way. For example, office spaces with little to no artificial light should use lighter tones, whereas rooms with abundant natural lighting call for darker colors.

Aside from lighting, it’s crucial to take cues from any large elements in your office space. Whether you have pieces of artwork mounted on the wall or other prominent woodwork, all these elements can help you find the perfect paint color combinations for your workplace.

On the whole, you need to make sure that the paint color properly fits with the overall ambiance and decor of the office space.

Paint the walls to paint the minds

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Color affects the minds of the people. How you want the attitudes of the people to be affected is up to you. It can be a difficult choice to select the right paint color as the decision is one that is more than likely going to be in effect for a long time. The color selected today may be the color that sets the tone for your workplace for years to come.

But if you’re looking for a paint color that can evoke positive emotions among your employees, yellow can be a perfect choice. It can help stimulate feelings of happiness and renewed energy, resulting in high productivity levels within your workforce. On the other hand, you need to be careful in using yellow paint as too much can be distracting in the long run.

The factors listed above are all things that need to be carefully considered when deciding on the best paint color for commercial office spaces, according to Companies all around are using colors to evoke the emotions and actions they want out of people. Careful consideration is pivotal and following this guide will help you select the best color for your commercial office space.