This year has seen more of us turning our hands to DIY simply because we have been spending more time at home than normal for obvious reasons. If you would not usually consider yourself to be a DIY guru, or any good at all when it comes to projects around the home, you are probably missing some vital tools from your arsenal.

To help you turn your DIY fortunes around, we have listed some of the best tools for you to invest in. Some may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many are without the most basic of tools. You will be able to easily find the tools mentioned below from any of the brands listed here, such as Home Depot, Menards and Hobby Lobby.

Adjustable Wrench

This is a tool that everyone should have in their toolbox. Instead of having numerous spanners in various sizes knocking around the place, an adjustable wrench will save you a lot of time and space. So, if you are working on a project that involves screwing and/or loosening nuts and bolts of various sizes, you will need only one tool for the job. Home Depot will be a good place to look for an adjustable wrench.

Tape Measure

You simply would not believe how many amateur DIYers try to guess measurements, only to wonder why they must start all over again. Save yourself the aggravation and invest in a tape measure. At Overstock, you will find both simple tape measures and laser distancing measures, if you prefer not to have to wind and unwind a long tape.


A hammer doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it shouldn’t. You need a hammer for basic tasks such as hanging picture frames, nailing down fixtures and fittings as well as for use with some flat-pack furniture. While you will always be provided with the nails, you need your own hammer. You can pick up a cheap hammer from Hobby Lobby.

Electric Screwdriver

Manual screwdrivers are good but, for when you need to screw it in just a little bit tighter or you are working in an awkward position, an electric screwdriver is a lifesaver. It will soon become uncomfortable constantly gripping and turning the tool and, as tighten the screw as much as it can possibly be done, this is when an injury can happen to your hand and/or wrist. Home Depot stocks a wide range of electric screwdrivers, complete with different settings to use on screws of all sizes.


When collecting your tools for the job, it is all too easy to completely disregard a viable storage option for where you will keep them when not in use. Without a suitable toolbox, your tools will soon go missing which will only lead you to having to go out and buy replacements. That can be expensive and, undoubtedly, annoying when you inevitably find the tool that you thought you were missing. You can pick up toolboxes in all good home and hardware stores, but make sure not to cheap out and buy something too small as you will still face the same problem.

Bubble Level

This is another standard tool that many amateur DIYers have missing from their toolboxes. An essential piece of equipment for anyone who is planning to build a table, chair or put up a set of shelves (otherwise you will end up with precious items falling off). There is nothing worse than finishing up your project, only to realise it is slanted and/or wonky, forcing you to dismantle it and start again. It only takes a couple of seconds to use and, considering you can pick one up for just a few dollars, it is a no-brainer.

Stud Finder

Yes, the man’s favorite tool of choice – if only because he can hold it to himself and proudly exclaim ‘found one’. Joking aside, a stud finder is an essential piece of equipment if you will be hanging any fixtures and fitting up on the wall. This will keep you safe from hammering, drilling, or screwing through electrical cables which, if impeded, will give you a nasty shock that could require urgent medical attention. Inexpensive stud finders that will keep you safe during your DIY projects are available from Menards.

These are the essential tools that you must have before taking on any new DIY project. If you already have these at home, then we wish you happy DIYing.