Mice are pests that have been around even before you were born. They carry diseases that are harmful to both you and your family, and falling ill at a time of a pandemic is more complicated. Find out about the best mice removal tips in this article. Keep reading below.

6 Tips to Remove Mice From Your Home

There are many ways you can try to rid your house of mice. Below are the 6 best mice removal tips you can use to say bye-bye to these pests.

1.     Identify Their Entry Points

Determine where everything started. Using a flashlight, locate possible entry points of these pests such as holes, cracks, gaps, and anywhere else a dime can fit. You can also follow traces such as food droppings or mice feces scattered to and from their entrance and exits.

Once you determine how they get in and out of your house, repel mice using the other tips in this article, and finally seal these points with insulations like steel wool, hardware cloth, sealant, or metal flashing.

2.     Store Food Properly

Did you know that mice eat between 15 to 20 times daily? That’s why any food they can find in your house is appetizing! Prevention is always better than cure, so do your best to keep your food away from these home invaders. Storing food is not only to keep the pests away. It’s also something you should practice so your food can last longer and be sure that they’re safe to eat.

To know you’re correctly following this tip, check if you’re doing the following:

  • Properly clean places where food remnants may be available – your dining table, sofa, desks, even your bed. Scrutinize every crumb and clean on a daily basis.
  • Choose containers that can’t be chewed on by mice, such as thick plastic, metal, or glass cases.
  • Seal any trash bins cover so they can’t easily be opened.
  • Do not leave any pet food out. Clean and tuck everything away before you go to sleep.
  • If you have fruit-bearing trees in your backyard, pick up any that might have fallen.
  • Regularly trim any vegetation near or around your house.

Think of mice like an unwanted visitor – you don’t want them to feel at home, so you should take away everything that makes them feel welcome – a nesting place, available food, and your passive permission.

3.     Attack Their Sense of Smell

Mice also have a keen sense of smell, and they don’t like the scent that offends their senses. Take advantage of this by choosing from the following:

  • Cayenne pepper (chili oil or powder)
  • Pepper and cloves
  • Peppermint oil
  • Mothballs

For the oils, you can soak one or a combination of them on a cotton pad or ball and put them in places where you assume mice stay or hang out. Another way is to put dry cayenne and mint with whole cloves in a piece of thin sock to leave them in the usual hiding places of mice such as in the attic, garages, under the bed, or in walls with holes.

4.     Pretend You’re a Predator

Alert mice by using ammonia – it smells like the urine of possible predators that mice will definitely think twice before crossing a border. Strategically place it in your pantry, under the sink, and above the drawers.

For tips 3 and 4, make sure it’s out of reach of your kids and pets to avoid any accidents.

5.     Set a Humane Trap

Forego poisons and glue traps – not only are they cruel (with the animal suffering for a long time before finally dying) and often ineffective, they’re also dangerous to you and your family. These substances are toxic and have terrible side effects, not to mention prone to accidents. These accidents range from your small pet or kids accidentally disturbing the traps and getting hurt to fatal poisoning.

Aside from these, traps may get other animals (not mice) who are innocently wandering near your home. There are many humane and smart mouse traps available in the market. Choose traps that will simply trap the mice, and you can immediately release them into the wild. Select those that are reusable and efficient.

6.     Use Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Make the most of technology and chase away pests in your house with ultrasonic pest repellers. How do they work? This device will release ultrasonic waves that will disturb the mice’s senses, making your house inhabitable for them as long as the waves are present. The mice will look for another place to stay, far from where you and the device are.

It’s also not dangerous for your children or pets.

How to Know If You’ve Succeeded in Chasing Mice Away?

There are many tell-tale signs you can look for when verifying if the mice left your house or not. For one, there won’t be any uncanny scratching or scurrying noises waking you up in the middle of the night. After a week or so, check if there are any droppings from the entry points you’ve identified. Live safe in your house and be mice-free!

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