Your doors are one of the most important parts of your home’s security. They give you privacy and protect you from intruders. If left unsecured, a single turn of the knob can provide a burglar full access to your house. In fact, 34% of burglars in the US enter through the front door, according to The Balance.

Secure your exterior doors (Source: Pixabay)

Taking precautions and boosting your door security can go a long way to protect your property from intruders. The security option you pick will depend on the level of insecurity in your area, the risks you are trying to avoid, and your budget. Here are some smart ways to make your exterior doors more secure.

Get The Right Door

One of the most popular ways for burglars to gain entry is by kicking a door or ramming it with the shoulder. With a simple knock, the intruder can tell whether it’s a strong or weak door, and decide whether to deploy brute force. A hollow door can’t hold up to a ram attack, making the criminal more likely to go ahead with the intrusion. If your exterior doors are hollow, you need to replace them with solid ones. Your exterior door should be made of hardwood, fiberglass, or steel.

Install Solid Front Door Security Locks & Plates

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Most people rely on standard sliding door locks for their security. These locks are mostly poor quality and can be easily kicked in by a burglar. A high-security lock will protect your home from forceful and covert entry methods, as noted by Precision Locksmiths Melbourne. Apart from the lock that comes with the door, add a high-quality deadbolt. Its throw bolt should be long and strong enough to withstand force. It should also be pick resistant.

A longer heavy-duty strike plate can withstand the pressure of a brute force attack, and prevent the door from busting open. Longer strike plates need more screws; therefore, they are hard to break through. Also, use longer screws to fasten the plate to the door frame. When sourcing for locks or plates, makes sure you go for the top brands.

Secure the Hinges

Most door hinges are held together by screws that are too short. These short screws make the hinge to be weaker, and the screws can even fall off on their own. To prevent this, go for long screws of up to 3 inches. Screws that go deep cannot be compromised during a battering attack.

Hinges are also supposed to be on the inside of the door. If yours are visible from the outside, then you need to reset your door or replace the screws with non-removable pins. This will prevent an intruder from unlocking the hinges using a screwdriver and removing the door from the frame in order to gain entry.

Install a Smart Video Doorbell

A smart doorbell is an effective device for deterring intruders. This sophisticated security tool can help you find out who is at the door even when you are away from home. It uses an internet connection and sensors to alert you through your device when someone is approaching the door. You can then watch the person on your phone and tell who it is. Apart from its built-in camera, it also has a microphone that enables you to speak to the person at the door. If it’s an intruder, you can warn them, record the footage, or raise the alarm.

Closing Thoughts

Any home can be turned into a fortress beyond the intrusion skills of even the best burglars. Secure doors are the first step to protect you and your valuables from all forms of harm. With the tips above, you’ll have no trouble finding the best way to secure your exterior doors.