The best bowling alleys like Atomic Duckpin Bowling Alley and Red Rock Lanes Bowling Center or the unique ones like Pinewood Social Bowling Alley and ok Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl; each of them is known for its perfection.

Bygones are the days when we used to play bowling balls just in a dull room, putting a scoreboard for the viewers. We search not only for the game but also for the comfort and beauty in the bowling alleys.

And so, we are here to tell you about bowling alley interior design ideas of this time. If you plan to design one, you will get to know the dimensions and probable design you need!

Check it out and be your architecture!

An Overview of Bowling Alley Dimension

From the beginning, bowling games have changed a lot. What has not changed is the popularity of this as an indoor game.

According to the changes required, the bowling centers have changed the interior too. The bowling centers adapt and reshape their bowling alleys to keep pace with the bowler’s and viewers’ requirements.

Along with the improvement of the bowlers, the bowling center feasibility & designs should develop too.

And so, we will tell you how to prepare for a perfect bowling alley interior design that looks good and feels better!

Overall Setting

Here, we will discuss the bowling alley dimensions of a 100′ room length and talk to you about how you can design the interior for an excellent outlook!

Comfy Seating Area

Starting from the left, you have to keep a seating area. You can place comfy couches and a center table for the guests.

So that you know, leather couches are never going old! You can put the couches on one side where the bowler is going to stand too.

Ceiling and Lighting

To make it a little different, you can go for high ceilings. This can be unique in design. Keep the trusses exposed.

It will make it retro with a touch of modernism! Play with wood and bamboo when you design the ceiling. It is always better to give it a vintage look than the contemporary style.

However, balance it afterward by keeping the other equipment simple.

Giving it a classic look, you can live for the lighting. Try flashing neon lights and chandeliers. Settle for arches windows.

Bowling Area

Coming to the mid-section, you have to arrange the bowling area. Please don’t make it too packed with stuff. Make the bowlers feel comfortable. Keep it roomy.

Certify that the lane underlayment is heavy-duty. Pick LSL panels that are beefy and too flat! It is better not to settle for plywood or MDF.

Keep some space for the bowler to bow. Mark the foul line there. Make a roomy path for going to the mechanical room.

Pins and Pinsetter

The pin that you set here should be kiln-dried hardwood panels. Keep the Pinsetter machine here along with the pins.

Scoring Equipment

Adjust the high-end scoring monitor and make sure it is large. It is always better to set it high on the wall so that everybody can see it.

Ensure that the cutting edge scoring equipment goes with the interior!

Next to the scoring keypad, keep the equipment for the balls that have returned. Go for sleek equipment to tone down the weather. Please keep it simple and posh.

Music is a Must

You have to keep the viewers and bowlers entertained. And in this case, music can never be underestimated. And so, add speakers on the ceiling, giving them a base of wood or metal.


If you have heard about Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill, you know how their bowling alley is.

They created the alley in the center of a large aquarium. So, you can see live fish swimming over your head, eat food and watch bowling! Try this one if you want to!


In the bowling alley, there can always be people that like other games. For this concern, try to arrange a side for chess and old school bingo. Dominoes are also welcomed!

Lane Dimension

When it comes to the details, the bowling alley lane dimension is also very crucial. However, there are several types of bowling ball games.

In the case of bowling alley design standards for the lane, it is usually 60 feet long. The width of these bowling alley lanes is about 42 inches.

The measurement is taken from the foul line of the bowling area to the headpin. This will work for the design of the 10-pin bowling lanes.

The bowling lane approach area is usually 15 feet or so. And when the bowler is approaching, he should not step over the line here. The planks added in the bowling alley are about 2.5 inches thick.

When designing the bowling alley, keep in mind that the bowling alley lanes condition can also affect the game.

Make sure that the bowling lane is not too dry or not too oily. It isn’t easy to bowl in an overly dry lane.

But even before that, you have to remember that if your bowling lane is too dry, the balls will hit your lane surface and create large dents.

That’s not what you want, right? And for this, coat the lanes with oil. You can get tremendous benefits by using the perfect bowling ball for dry lanes too. These will make the ball move better and keep the lanes scratch and dent-free!

There are larger bowling alleys than the ones we are mentioning too. If you are a bowling fan, you will know that the Inazawa Grand Bowl situated in japan is the largest bowling alley till now. It has 166 lanes in total!

Width Dimension

In this state, we have come up with the width for a single lane, a pair of lanes, and four-lane projects of bowling alley architecture design.

Pair Lanes Project

For every pair, the measurement is 11’6″. Keep it 11’6,” or you can also increase it a bit. But do not lessen it.

Single Lane Project

However, there are situations when you need to settle for single lane configurations. Then, the measurement will be slightly different from this one. The least width of the bowling alley interior should be 6’9”.

Four-Lane Project

In the case of the four-lane projects, the least width will be higher than the previous one. The measurement for the four-lane design will be 22’8” or higher.

We hope you understand that we are discussing the bowling alley minimum widths here. So, you can increase it according to your preferences.

Note: When it comes to the proper interior design of a bowling alley, do not stick to the minimum measurements.

It is always a fantastic idea to keep some extra space on every side. Apart from the area’s exact width, you must keep some additional space so that it is a way of walking.

Making a walkway will give a nice view and help you comfortably walk in between the game.

This can help one to go for the mechanical room without any hassle. On the contrary, the bowlers will get some elbow space for their comfort too!

Final Verdict

So, now you know how you can design the bowling alley you are planning for. This is not everything you need in a bowling alley. There will undoubtedly be small specific details that you need to go through.

However, if you are new to this sector, this bird’s eye view for a bowling alley interior design will surely help you. Start with it, and surely you will succeed. Comment below if you have any questions!