The living room in any home, is the central point of the family. It is a multipurpose room that is traditionally used to socialize in with family and friends. For this purpose, when you design this room, lighting is one of the key components in keeping this room fully functional.

The right living room lighting options help to add a new dimension, a new style, and a new ambiance to its home-styling purpose. Modern day living room lighting decorating ideas, involves everything from wall sconces, floor lamps, dimmers, table lamps, skylights, fireplaces, chandeliers, and other unique accent lighting ideas.

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Lighting designers believe that when lighting is placed properly, you can hardly notice that it’s subtlety is what is softly highlighting different aspects of the living room. With the right type of lighting and its placement in the living room, it allows people to look their best, feel relaxed, and rest more comfortably. Gone are the misconceptions in living room lighting decorating ideas, that you need to brightly light the whole room.

When you incorporate multiple points of lighting styles, this decorating scheme adds layers of light that blend together exceptionally well. By choosing the right light source combinations, such as lamp shades, fluorescent bulbs, color lighting, and other living room lighting tips, these fixtures can help to strike the right mental, emotional, and physical balance in this room that is the hub of any home.

General Characteristics in Living Room Lighting

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A home’s living room is where you can watch television, read books, play games, as well as entertain family and friends. As a result, it should have a great lighting design and a good lighting scheme. Living room lighting should incorporate three layers of lighting features: task, ambiance, and accents.

Lighting for any size living room must help to reflect its mood, architectural features, and purpose. To make a decision on the type of lighting that would work best in your living room decorating ideas, make sure you have the right installation features needed to support them. Here are some tips to help enhance your overall living room lighting experience:

1. Sconce Lighting: Wall sconces add special effects to the living room because they are called “indirect” lighting, especially when they are designed in materials such as metal, glass, or fabric.

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Sconces need to be placed away from the traffic in the room because you don’t want lighting to spotlight a person like they are under Hollywood lights. Sconce lighting designs are best placed around a fireplace mantel or on several walls in large spacious living rooms.

2. Floor Lamps: There are lamps that will bathe the entire room in light, in other environments, you only need light in a small, concentrated areas. Quite often, you want lamps to blend in with your living room lighting decorating ideas.

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Traditionally, the living room is a common gathering area, therefore, when you are designing this room, floor lamps should be the main ambient lighting so that it does not obstruct a person’s vision as they are seated around the room. Choose floor lamps that will highlight the living room’s accent colors and style, for a more dynamic feeling.

3. Dimmers: Dimmer lighting systems help to make a living room seem more intimate and depending on the style, dimmers create the perception of a larger space when entertaining family and friends. Dimmers not only save on energy costs, but they have been improved with modern day remote control methods.

Living room lighting options are greatly enhanced by using a dimmer. Modern day dimmers are great as mood switches, by simply turning down a dimmer installation, whether it is a basic install or an integrated style. After all, no one wants harsh, bright lights beaming down from above.

4. Table Lamps: Living room lighting tips are important when it comes to table lamps. For example, when table lamps are placed near sofas and chairs, be sure that the bottom of its shade is at eye level when people are seated so that they are not looking up into the lamps.

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Table lamps range from simple to amazing. They are a great stylish decorating idea to put the finishing touches in many living room designs. They work perfectly on the living room’s end tables, sofa tables, and on mantlepiece areas. When it comes to versatility in lighting, table lamps remain at the top of a list.

Due to modern day table lamps that offer techniques of symmetry, functionality, color, size, and style, they add texture, mood lighting, height, and decorative artworks. Table lamps can be made to appear formal with matching pairs or choose symmetrically opposing designs for use in different sections of the living room.

The right table lamp lighting is best displayed through the type of bulbs chosen to highlight the surfaces in a living room, i.e., incandescents, CFL’s, LEDs, or halogens.

5. Skylighting: Skylights open up small living room and they brighten up smaller dark living spaces. Skylights are available in a variety of sizes and you can add color, shading, or screening. A tubular skylight does not require much ceiling space and it brings great light into a room, with its collector on the roof through a diffuser in the ceiling.

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6. Fireplace Lighting: Fireplace lighting is functional in any size living room, plus when lit in the evening, it becomes the focal point. Modern day fireplace lighting is now available in more than just logs of burning embers. The choice of lighting for living room lighting decorating ideas for your fireplace, depends on the specific design of the room and the type of effect individuals are trying to create.

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For an added rustic flare, candles can be amassed on a tray suspended from the ceiling to add a wonderfully cheerful glow to the room. Fireplace lighting technology allows individuals to enjoy its use in the living room with dimmers and remote control units.

7. Chandeliers: Your traditional chandeliers are not just for the dining room or foyer anymore! When you walk through a lighting showroom, there are a large number of chandeliers displayed that feature unique styles and designs. Placing a chandelier into a living room environment, requires knowledge of knowing your directional lighting output.

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A chandelier is not designed to represent the main lighting ambiance in a room. Instead, it is designed to enhance and beautify a room’s layer lighting scheme. Their sculptural designs with twinkling lights provide a multi-point illumination, which does not cast shadows, instead its presence emanating from the ceiling softens shadows and makes the living room’s highlights sparkle.


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Various sized living rooms benefit from the layered approach in lighting because of their multi-functional use. To watch TV, soft ambient lighting is better, yet if someone else in the room is in a corner chair reading, their will need a brighter, yet less glaring light.

Layering accent lighting is one of the best living room lighting options. Remember, if you over light a living room, its effect will only produce harsh lighting, especially at night. Any of the above living room lighting tips and decorating ideas will enhance any living room – just have fun and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!