Choosing to create a gallery wall in your home can be a fun and affordable way to transform a living space to better reflect your unique personality.  You can use photographs, paintings, personal pieces and illustrations that matter to you.

Regardless of whether you want to breathe a bit of life into a staircase or help a blank wall come to life, it’s easy to create a statement feature with a gallery wall. 

For the uninitiated, creating your own gallery wall may seem a little daunting at first, yet with just a couple of handy tools and a sprinkle of creativity, you’ll have a simple selection up on the wall in no time. 

We’ve pulled together some style ideas, as well as a couple of practical tips to help make your gallery wall a success.

Start Collecting

img_6371 How to Build the Perfect Gallery Wall

The first step in any gallery wall should be collect, collect, collect.  Start pulling together a collection of things you love, from modern paintings to handmade pieces and photographs. 

While you are collecting items for your gallery wall, it’s vital that you think about the overall scale of the collection and the arrangement you would like.  Do you want to work with a mixture of different styles?  Or keep it simple and stick to items that are the same size?

You can easily look for inspiration online, in your favourite restaurants, or at your friend’s homes.  In fact, online art sites like Fine Art America help bring art to life with their modern painting range and showcase hundreds of thousands of independent artists and iconic brands.

Choose Your Favourites

super-design-ideas-picture-gallery-wall-with-target How to Build the Perfect Gallery Wall

Once you are happy with your selection, it’s time to pick out your favourites and group them by different themes.  When it comes to different artwork or prints, select items that already suit the décor and tone of the room you would like to display them in.

Odd or Even Numbers

Next up, you’ll need to decide whether odd or even numbers work best.  In some cases, even numbers work well in specific groups or some collections work better with odd numbers, depending on the size of your artwork.

Measuring Up

1.-Zio-Sons- How to Build the Perfect Gallery Wall

Now it’s time to measure your available wall space and start laying out your collection on the floor.  Don’t be afraid to take some time to consider the overall composition of your collection.  Now you need to decide if anything in your collection looks out of place.  If it does, get rid of it. It is important that your collection has a running theme.

Get Your Frames Ready

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Once you’re happy with the overall layout of your collection, you can collect your frames.  You’ll need to decide whether you would like your artwork to blend in with your colour scheme or contrast against a wall colour.

The Final Arrangement

Make sure to take your time in deciding the final arrangement of your new gallery collection.  Once this is sorted, you’ll need a hammer and nails or picture hooks to hang your artwork.  It’s worth using a pencil to map out where the top corners of each frame will be, so you can measure where you want your nail holes.

All that’s left to do is stand back and enjoy your new gallery wall!