Eco-friendly homes or eco-homes as they are also called, are trending. Because of the green movement and pollution awareness, the construction of this type of building is more and more common every year.

An eco-house is a type of sustainable house. It is a building that is friendly to the environment, which means that the materials used for its construction are non-toxic and normally of a minimal carbon footprint.

Another important point is that they are built with the reduced energy consumption during construction and try to maintain this low energy consumption during the life of the home. Using fossil fuels is one of the main causes of pollution and climate change, which is why the importance of using renewable energy sources is huge.

Among the key elements to building an eco-home are the following:

Use of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a key part of green homes. Using sustainable sources of energy helps considerably in reducing carbon footprints. It could include methods of generating the home’s own electricity, as well as methods of saving energy while heating or cooling the home. Here are different sustainable options for home climate control.

Solar Panels

Home solar panel installations are among the most common methods of generating electricity. Clean energy from solar panels has several financial benefits, while at the same time these panels are helping to protect the environment. They work with the sunshine. When the sunlight is absorbed by the PV cells in the panels, the energy is changed to electrical charges that can be used in the home for almost everything. There is no doubt that solar panels are a smart investment.

Domestic Wind Turbines

In addition to the home solar panel installations, domestic wind turbines are another very used method to generate clean energy for the home. They work turning wind energy into electricity to be used at home. There are different types of domestic wind turbines such as standalone, micro domestic turbines, and roof-mounted turbines. This method of energy production can only be used in fairly windy places.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the greener version of boiler heating systems. They work by extracting heat energy from the air or ground and using that energy to warm your home. There are different types of air source heat pumps and each of them is completely effective. An eco-friendly home must consider this kind of option.

Sustainable Materials

In building projects, producing and transporting materials takes a lot of energy, which also means an increase in carbon footprint. That is why an eco-friendly house must be built from natural materials and sustainable sources.

Today timber and lime are often used, as sustainable wood is currently one of the greenest options. It doesn’t cause pollution, and trees are reforested and specially harvested. Lime is an alternative to cement that has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years and is extremely strong. Also, a good option to build an eco-home is from reclaimed or recycled materials.

There are many types of sustainable houses and different sources that can include, these are just a few of them. They all are important and key to the goal of saving the planet.

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