The decision to have a baby is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, whether it’s your first or fourth child. One of the biggest preparations for the arrival of a new member of the family is the designing of a nursery.

Everything inside this room should be perfect, from the crib to the color of the walls. If you are uncertain about the future look of the nursery in your house, here are several tips to help you construct the perfect nursery for your son or/and daughter.

Do you have an extra room?

If you live in the countryside, then your estate and house are probably large enough that you can afford to convert an existing room into a nursery. However, families living in urban and suburban settlements cannot afford this luxury because they are already tight on interior space. If you lack an extra room to refurbish, then you’re left with nothing else but to actually build an extra room.

The ideal spot for this house extension is right above the garage. This is a space that is disused and ideal for a nursery that would be connected to the rest of the house. In terms of design, there are countless solutions that you can pick up online. Finally, don’t forget to consult the local building bylaws as you might be required to get a permit of two for the extension.

The nursery’s focal point: The crib

In terms of furnishing the room, no piece of furniture is as important as the child’s crib. If the flatscreen plasma TV takes the central place inside your living room, then the crib will be the nursery’s focal point. However, this doesn0t mean that it should literally stand in the center of the room, as a spot near the windows is more suitable.

As far as the crib itself is concerned, it should preferably be made from wood and have a sturdy design. Ergonomy is also of great importance so never go for cheaper models. After all, your baby will spend up to half a century in the crib you purchase before birth and maybe you’ll have more kids that will subsequently sleep in it. When choosing the crib, don’t forget to look underneath them, as sometimes the flooring is far too easy to remove, so the child is in danger of falling through.

Don’t forget to throw in a changing table

If there is one piece of furniture that parents to throw inside the nursery before the birth of the baby, then that’s the changing table. Some parents try to go around this step by adding a changing pad to a regular table but then you are left without extra storage space. Modern changing tables look like dressers with a lot of drawers for storing clean clothes and baby toys alike. Unless you want the room to be full of clutter, getting a changing table before the birth of the baby is a real must.

A splash of color

When it comes to choosing the right color palette for the nursery, keep in mind that this room is different from the rest of the house. While the living room and the bedroom should feature neutral shades like light blue, white or grey, the nursery will actually benefit from more vivid colors like orange, yellow, and light green. Paint color schemes for children actually stimulate their artistic side and boost their imagination which lies at the center of learning about the world. In fact, you can paint individual walls in different colors to make the room appear bigger and to introduce a happy and playful atmosphere.

There are several segments to building the perfect nursery but the process is not that hard if you start on time. We say this because when the child is born it is too late to paint the room, for instance.