The first thing a person sees when he enters the kitchen is always the cabinet doors. Cabinet door style is the most important thing to be considered while designing or during the renovation of the kitchen. Cabinet doors come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. The most popular kitchen cabinet door styles are described below:

  1. Flat Cabinets

Flat cabinets are the most suitable option for modern style kitchens. Their biggest advantage is that they are easy to clean and are quite affordable. Also, flat cabinets can be built with or without handles. Flat cabinets without handles are more popular now a day. They give a tidier and simpler look. But the flat cabinet with handles gives a sophisticated and elegant look.

  1. Shaker Style Cabinets

Shaker style cabinets get their name from the religious sect from the 18th century called “the Shakers” because of their simplicity and elegance. Shaker cabinets are usually in five-piece design: one piece of the timer as backing and remaining four pieces as smaller planks making a boundary around the outer edge. This is a well-renowned design which will never out date.

  1. BeadBoard Country Style Cabinets

Beadboard cabinets containing bordered edges are usually used in country style based houses. If you have a country house with stained glass windows or you can view farms from your windows than beadboard cabinets will be the perfect fit for you. But the main disadvantage of these cabinet doors is that they require frequent dusting.

  1. Tongue and Groove Cabinet

Tongue and groove cabinets are also known as “v-grove cabinets” are similar to beadboard cabinets with just a simple difference that is they do not have outlining border. Because of the lack of the border, they look elegant in both country style homes and in coastal homes. Kitchen designers who aim for the natural look are being attracted to tongue and groove cabinet style doors because it makes the addition of texture and interest to an area without even looking scattered. Tongue and groove cabinets are most often available in bold colors and in neutral shades.

  1. Sliding Cabinet Doors

Sliding kitchen cabinet doors are the best option for compacted kitchens. This style of cabinet doors looks beautiful in a scandi style home or in a retro kitchen design based on the material and color selected for cabinets and cabinets door. Sliding cabinet door style is the most suitable option for houses which are vintage based.

  1. Heritage Style Cabinets

Heritage style cabinet doors are most often used in Hamptons style based homes. This type of cabinet door style is similar to “Shaker cabinet fronts” but it is more decorative. It is often characterized by an elevated central panel with more complicatedly thorough woodwork. This style is the best option for large kitchens because more describing things can quickly look scattered in small areas.

  1. Glass Door Cabinets

Glass doors on cabinet give an entire new elegant and sophisticated look to the kitchen. By having glass cabinets, your kitchen looks modern and open. The glass cabinet help increases a room spaciousness by reflecting light. By having glass cabinets, you can put up your elegant dishes or antiques for display. Also, there are varieties of glass cabinet’s designs or you can order a customized design according to your requirements. It will support you in organizing things and at the same time, it will give your kitchen an updated or decorative look.

The main problem of having a glass door on kitchen cabinet is that they are fragile. Glass can be cracked, shattered or get broken in case of mishandling or carelessness. Glass cabinets need interior lighting otherwise it will be a lost cause to have glass doors on kitchen cabinets. And it will cost a lot to add interior lighting. Sometimes glass doors become discolored after a short period of time and then required to be replaced.

  1. Inset Kitchen Cabinets

Inset kitchen cabinet doors may just look like the regular cabinets but they are not. If you take a close and good look you will be able to see that they show exposed hinges and doors that are covered behind the cabinet frame. Inset cabinets need fitting and custom joinery which costs a lot as compared to other designs. Inset kitchen cabinets are most often used in luxury homes or a grand estate.

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