What exhibits the best design inspiration for homes? In this post, we have highlighted the room, color, furniture, and designer inspirations you need to get the style in your own home. So feel free to explore the design spectrum and discover where you fall.

For your convenience, we have categorized the inspirations according to rooms, colors, furniture, and designers’ opinions. This way, you will understand what you particularly need to change or decorate by comparing your current home environment.

Home Design Inspiration: By Room

Although the number of rooms can be different in your house, we have provided our thoughts and inspirations on the rooms that every (or most) house have. We have selected some of the most inspiring condos and homes from all around the U.S. Let’s take a look –

7 Vine Ave #7, Winthrop, MA – For Entrance & Outdoor

2-1 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

After looking at this house at 7 Vine Ave #7, Winthrop, MA, we found that a simple stairway can be a great choice for the entryway. It is simple, and most condos do have them. However, a beautifully decorated condo will add a different look to your house.

You may want to have a brown floor or a medium-tone wooden floor for the entrance. If that is not the case, you can organize an entryway with either a coastal travertine floor or a beige floor. Then again, you can go with a trendy entrance decorated with porcelain tiles or have a black floor with a mudroom design.

3-1 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

Designing the outdoors will depend on various facts. The surroundings of your neighborhood will have a major impact on how you design the outside space. For example, you may always have a backyard with grass, which is typical. For a unique outdoor design, consider including a Mediterranean vegetable garden.

Also, you can try adding an entertainment area or a garden studio. You can model them with string lights, roof extensions, and a pergola to make the outdoors beautiful at night.

This is one one most beautiful home that is currently for sale in Winthrop market. To see more similar homes in Boston, check out Reference Real Estate’s active listing.

House in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia – For Dining Room & Living Room

4-1 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

You can always decorate the inner rooms as you like. The same goes for the dining room. This house in Philadelphia can be one of the best sources of inspiration if you want to decorate the dining room in a classic way.

The scenario will change if the dining room is not separated. People focus more on designing floors or ceilings while designing their dining rooms.

5 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

Given that you will spend most of your time in the living room, it is crucial to design it to suit your preferences. A fantastic renovation suggestion for a living room or sitting room is to increase the size of the current patio.

Installing sliding glass doors and a stone patio is a terrific way to open up the vistas, boost natural light, and extend the living room’s floor area. Don’t overlook putting in a fireplace because it makes the space cozier and is also practical.

The Carlton Ocean Suit, Santa Barbara – For Bedroom

6-1 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

The Carlton suit in Santa Barbara is near the ocean. It creates a beach vibe in the bedroom by having large windows and a balcony with a splendid view of the ocean.

We have looked at some of the excellent houses and found that they keep their bedrooms trendy. In some of the condos, they maintain a medium-tone wooden floor in their master bedrooms. Otherwise, remodel the bedrooms with brown floors and gray walls.

Colonial, Late 1800’s Winthrop, MA – For Kitchen

7 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

We have looked into this amazing real estate property in Winthrop, Boston. To keep things clean and minimalistic, you can install custom panel cabinets along with quartzite countertops. Most of the time, the kitchen seems to be white. However, a beige floor with wooden paneled appliances will be unique.

We have also looked into other properties and found that they are mostly renowned for their kitchens. You have to be innovative while designing kitchens, especially when it is an open kitchen.

Laurelhurst Townhouse, Washington – For Bathroom

8 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

While designing bathrooms, you can take inspiration from the Laurelhurst Townhouse, Washington. When you want to redesign a small bathroom, you can technically install racks or cabinets to store items. Then again, designing a large master bathroom will require a bathtub.

Most of the time, the tub is placed in the center of the bathroom. To keep things interesting, put a bathtub next to a big window so you can take showers while admiring the scenery. Adding limestone appliances will make the bathroom luxurious.

160 Carroll St. New York – For Home Office & Closet

9 Can't Decide What Design to Go With? Here's Your Home Design Inspiration

Image source: zillow

You may or may not have an office in your home. Alternatively, you may have a spare room in your house that you want to use as an office or a study room. A home office may be designed in a variety of ways. Installing transitional desks and cabinets should be done initially.

After looking at this apartment in New York, we thought the study area or home office, with its quirky freestanding desk and multicolored walls, was particularly intriguing. For desks and cabinets, choose dark wood.

The closet or storage area of your home should combine sleek modern design and strong durable construction. Walk-in closets are frequently renovated with a medium-tone wood floor or a brown floor.

People think of a white vanity with a chandelier over it when the master bedroom and closet are connected. On the other hand, this may vary for various dwellings.

We have seen closets in modern farmhouses featuring leather hardware drawers and barn doors.

Home Design Inspiration: By Color

Home design inspirations are dependent on your choice of colors. We have listed 5 popular colors that will bring a modern look to your house.

Fiery Red-Orange

Benjamin Moore marked this color as the best for home interiors in 2023. At sunset, the vibrant color will reflect more.

Warm Neutral

According to Erica Woelfel, vice president at Behr,

  • “White is the foundation to a unique style just because it is so easy to alter.”

Warm neutrals envelop pleasure and well-being. They may also be integrated into just about any style.

Bold Red

Red is delectable in any setting because it has a glossy finish that makes the color sparkle.


Blush-beige and light blue are a winning combination no matter what. This earthy hue inspires compassion and empathy.

Jewel Tones

Designers strive to achieve an exquisite ambiance by using jewel tones. They believe that aubergine is a fantastic color and a lovely substitute for red.

Home Design Inspiration: By Furniture

The interior design follows a certain logic, more like fashion. With a little study, designing your own house will be a fun experience since you add your own style to a plain area. Different furniture types might provide design inspiration for your house. Here are a couple of furniture types –

  • Traditional Furniture
  • Country Furniture
  • Coastal Furniture
  • Minimalist Furniture
  • Bohemian Furniture
  • Mid-Century Modern Furniture
  • Rustic Furniture

From Designer Inspirations

There are popular interior designers like Allard and Roberts Inc. or Allan Edwards Builder Inc. These interior designers do an excellent job of designing the entire house while fulfilling your needs.

You can always look for catalogs of renowned interior designers like Joanna Gaines (from Magnolia Home), Drew & Jonathan, and so on. On top of that, there are always new collections from Nate and Jeremiah. Their collections are great sources for designing living rooms.

From choosing furniture and color to landscaping, these designers will do everything regarding the interior and exterior design of your home. Some home designers have their personal collections of furniture. Consult with a home designer and choose appropriate furniture to add elegance to your old-fashioned home.

To conclude, we believe you may now choose the design that will work best for your home. There are plenty of criteria for designing a home. You may create the ideal design for your house using the room, color, furniture, and designer inspirations from this post.

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