The heating and cooling in a home are significant components contributing to comfort and safety, leading to overall wellness. Without an HVAC system or some method to heat and air condition a home, the extreme winter and summer temperatures could be detrimental, especially as intense as the summer weather has become across the country.

Those conditions put health and well-being in danger, but the home environment is safe with a well-maintained system offering adequate air quality. Issues arise, however, when the system develops defects or, worse, breaks down when it is being used most extensively. That can often be related to lack of care and upkeep or not employing professional HVAC preventative maintenance services.

In order to keep heating and air conditioning functioning optimally, homeowners need to participate in basic upkeep throughout the year, along with having the system inspected and serviced by trained professional HVAC experts at least once per year to ensure peak operational capacity.

The skilled technicians check for any defects, make necessary repairs, clean the system, and do an overall tune-up, ultimately leading to an extended lifespan. Let us look at some tips for homeowners for their HVAC.

Heating And Air Conditioning Tips

Heating and cooling play a vital role in a household. It is responsible in a sense for our well-being, safety, and comfort level. Suppose you do not have an adequate source of heat and air conditioning. In that case, you can be at risk when the temperatures reach extreme levels in the summer and winter, and summers have become exceptionally sweltering across the entire country.

If you are fortunate enough to have a sufficient system, it’s to your benefit to participate in adequate care and upkeep to sustain the system for an extended lifespan. In addition, professional HVAC servicing on an annual basis is a preventative measure meant to promote longevity.

Go to for homeowner HVAC tips. But what does a homeowner need to do and when – after the expert has done their part? Let’s look.

●     Do now

Each day, you need to take care of things as part of a routine for homeowner maintenance. Some of these things will include:

Perimeter: Check the outdoor A/C unit to ensure there is plenty of space around it. You should measure at least two feet each way, allowing repair techs plenty of room to do their work when they service.

If you have shrubs or plants, these need to be cut back to allow that distance. If they are planted too close, you need to transplant them to a different area. Each month check growth and re-trim. If you have a decorative barrier around the unit, ensure that it maintains that two-foot requirement.

Air Filter: The air filter for the HVAC system needs a high-quality part, not the cheapest you can find. The recommendation is for a “high-efficiency, pleated” option. You want to ensure that you follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer to get the optimum efficiency from your system.

A filter plays a significant part in the way your unit will function. If you have a low-quality piece, it will get dirty, gather debris, and clog and perhaps not handle the flow as well as a higher quality option ultimately causing loss of efficiency, wear and tear of parts, and needed repairs.

What that means is expense when you could have invested in what would have been a less costly air filter instead of spending a great deal in damages.

Debris: Clean the area around the outside unit from debris, leaves, grass, and other kinds of dirt that will collect from the elements.

  • On a monthly or a seasonal basis

Filters: Need replacing every 30 days in the summertime and every 45 days during the winter. Doing so ensures that the system can perform optimally with adequate airflow and the best air quality for the household with minimal allergens. You will want to check the filter more often if you have pets in the home.

Inspect:  Air conditioning ducts need inspection (visually) since a lot of heat can pass through tiny holes and cracks. If you see leaks, reach out to a professional HVAC technician for repairs.

Servicing: Heating and cooling experts should inspect the system as much as twice each year, both prior to summer and again before winter. These professionals look for structural integrity, defects, cleanliness, contamination, and moisture.

These technicians determine what needs to happen to repair the issues and make corrections so the system can function at optimum efficiency and extend the lifespan.

h2 Check Out These Heating and Air Conditioning Tips

  • On an annual basis

Batteries: Your carbon monoxide detector batteries and thermostat batteries need replacing each year. Even if you believe they are still functional, change them out.

Level: The ground can change, meaning your unit outside can become unlevel. Check the A/C to see if it is sitting on a firm, level surface and if not, contact the people who can make that happen for you.

Drain: The A/C condense Drain needs clearing using a blend of bleach and water to prevent clogs and dislodge those that might have formed.

Final Thought

These are genuinely easy steps for a homeowner to incorporate into their household maintenance schedule to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of the people who live there.

Neglecting these steps can not only lead to the gradual deterioration of the system, resulting in more frequent repairs and a potential breakdown, but it can also cause the potential for those living in the home to develop respiratory issues, especially those more susceptible to these problems.

No one wants to be without heating and cooling, especially when the temperatures are extreme. That is sincerely hazardous to health for everyone but more so to those immunocompromised.

Suppose you are fortunate enough to have a sufficient HVAC system. In that case, it is only sensible to be responsible and maintain the equipment plus employ the appropriate professional team to do preventative maintenance so you can enjoy a prolonged lifespan. Look here for HVAC maintenance tips. Take care of what you have, and it will take care of you.

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