Fences add aesthetic value, privacy, and exclusivity to any home that’s why many homeowners are now setting their sights (and budgets) into installing or updating their own fence. It is important to consider having fences that can stand strong no matter the weather. It is also a plus if it can look great, rain or shine.

But before building your dream fence, it is important to consider all factors so your installment can run smoothly.  We spoke with a Sacramento fence company and come up with 5 things you should know before you install a fence:

Know Your Purpose

Whether you want a fence to make your boundaries more pronounced, or you just want more privacy, knowing why you need and want it is the first step in fence-making. Knowing why is also key in determining your next steps such as design sourcing, material choice, and measurement.

Breeze through the red tape

Check with your local neighborhood or government unit if you will need building permits to dig and install your fence.  Most areas (especially exclusive villages) require a form of approval before allowing you to dig, so best to keep this out of the way for a hitch-free and legal process.

Aesthetic Value

Another point to consider is the visual aspect. Look at the design of your house. Is it vintage? Modern? Whichever way you look at it, the best fence to build is the one that looks best with your current home. A great practice among architects and designers is to match the fencing to the look and feel of the property. White picket fences look best with classic American homes while steel fences are great with industrial –looking designs.

Material Depends on Budget

A key point to keep in mind is the budget. When you have determined how you want your fence to look, the material to build it with is the next thing to consider. The cheap ones are made from plastic or PVC, but this comes with its own disadvantages such as substandard durability under changes in the weather. The typical ones are made of wood or steel which can be sourced for reasonable prices. More expensive ones come in aluminum or wrought iron.

Look for the right installer

While you can now install your own fence, having a trusted fence contractor can save you time and effort. Just be sure to select the ones with a good track record in effective and long-lasting fence installments to get the best value for your money.