The market for security systems for commercial use is a busy one. Technology has allowed for great improvements in security, especially in the area of video security. The fact that we have a need to protect both commercial and domestic properties from less than scrupulous persons is one that we live with, and improved security – especially where visible – is a proven deterrent.

What many businesses owners are unaware of is that commercial video surveillance systems are far more versatile than they may think. Following, we take a look at what a modern video surveillance system is capable of, who uses them, and why you should consider upgrading the protection of your commercial premises.

Who Uses Commercial Video Surveillance?

For a good example of a company supplying Commercial Video Surveillance – Avo Solutions is a place to start. They offer the services and solutions that we want to talk about here. So, who uses commercial video surveillance? Let’s have a list:

  • Office blocks
  • Shops and other retail units such as pubs and restaurants
  • Government buildings
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Education institutions
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Municipal buildings.

Indeed, pretty much every non-domestic building will benefit from video surveillance equipment. These systems are also used to cover parks and gardens, roads, shopping malls, parking lots, and in-progress sites such as construction sites. Farms and ranches may also use security where livestock needs to be protected.

Then we have airports, bus, and rail stations, and many more town and city center establishments. So, what type of video surveillance systems are available? That’s our next section.

In What Way is Video Surveillance Used Commercially?

When it comes to office security, for example, there is more to think about than the valuable equipment in the premises. You may have a business in which only certain people are permitted access to some areas. This is commonplace in buildings such as banks and many other commercial premises. For cases such as this a modern video surveillance system uses facial recognition to allow access to permitted persons and also to exclude those who are not authorized.

Biometric entry systems can be combined with video surveillance to provide more up to date security. Here are a few more features that a security system provided by the business mentioned above offer:

  • Licence plate recognition can be implemented to allow for the recording of all visitors to the building’s parking lot. This system can also be used to alert security when a vehicle that is on a watch or suspect list is on the premises.
  • Unusual activity alerts can be set to notify authorized persons when something out of the ordinary occurs – a person on the premises out of hours, for example, or trying to get into the building when locked. This can also be used to alert to the presence of vehicles on the premises when there should be none.
  • POS transactions can be on video so that partial or complete receipts can be allotted to certain purchases and examined for accuracy. This is helpful where complaints are made and refunds requested and you wish to authorize such

These are merely a few of the features that a modern video surveillance system permits, and there are many more. Let’s finish with a brief summary.


These days of rising crime – especially commercial crime – mean that security is sadly a necessity for any business, no matter the size or type. We recommend you have a closer look at video surveillance for your business as it is a known deterrent and may not be as costly as you believe.

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