An alarm system aims to keep your home protected against intruders. The question is, can pets trigger these motion sensors? It will depend on the type of home security system you chose and where it is located.

Home security systems must be accurate in detecting motions. However, some tools can be too sensitive even with animal movements around your area. Its sound may cause anxiety and fear towards your pets when they accidentally touch the sensor.

Therefore, picking the right home security system must consider a pet’s safety. There are lots of good options in the market to select from.

What are Pet-Friendly Alarm Sensors?

Most pets have a body movement weight of 35-kilograms that this kind of alarm sensor can detect. It has no huge difference with the standard alarm systems, except for the supplied motion sensors. These are called PIRS or the passive infrared motion sensors not to detect animal movements.

PIRS can monitor thermal differences between humans and pets. Home pets won’t trigger the alarm system when they pass by with their low infrared radiation level.

In addition, pet-friendly alarm sensors have the same control component similar to door and window sensors.

How does it work?

Alarm systems work for specific purposes with their smart features. This one is designed to discern where the movement is coming from, whether human or animal. Its special feature includes PIR to send notifications that trigger the alarm system. It lessens false alarms to better secure your area.

The device can be connected to your smart devices for easier access. Users can disable the alarm system anytime and even look for the snapshots when needed.

Here are the features to look for in a pet-friendly alarm system:

Pet Immunity Settings

It is important to buy an alarm system with pet immunity settings to protect your beloved pets. The feature has something to tell about the pet’s weight not to trigger the alarm sensors. It must detect the body movement of pets weighing up to 80-pounds, which is possible with household pets.

It works not just for canine pets but also some other small pets roaming around your house.

Smart Features

It is mentioned that most motion sensors do have smart functionalities. This makes controlling the device even in remote areas a lot easier. If you have a smartphone or any other smart device, having an alarm system would be better.

It is also equipped with several technologies making it the best security tool in the world. That is why detecting unwanted motions becomes easier. It won’t deliver animal movements as long as within the weighted perimeter.


Unlike standard alarm systems, pet-friendly tools are less expensive. The overall cost will depend on your chosen provider, including the installation price. It is a worthwhile purchase for homes that need additional security against intruders, with pet safety in mind.

Standard Alarm System Versus Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

The PIR detection zoning differs between the two motion sensors. Pet-friendly motion sensors can detect an increased level of the thermal environment once a human is in the area. It ignores household pet’s movement unlike the standard alarm system, which can detect both humans and pets.

It is also responsible for taking snapshots of every possible movement. The alarm sound will take place in real-time. Both alarm systems can be controlled smartly via your devices, to either dis-arm or re-arm. Most devices ring for 20 minutes to ward off the intruders.

Where to place the alarm system?

Having pets at home affects the decision of where to place the alarm system. Choose a spot that minimizes false alarms due to pets. Talk to the experts to get the best protection with the use of motion sensors. They exactly know the right spot to place your security system.

This also eliminates the dog’s worry due to false alarms that might shock the pet. Go for the specialist that considers your pet’s safety in installing motion sensors.

Best-Recommended Security Service Provider In Perth

Are you looking for pet friendly alarm systems for your home’s protection? CASA Security PTY LTD is one of the largest security system providers that you can trust. They guarantee overall alarm solutions for home and commercial use. The team also considers household pets with the features the alarm system can provide. It includes a PIR detection zone that would bring more accurate motion sensors. They also promise an affordable service for installation with the best technicians in the industry.

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up, protecting your home is also keeping the pets safe against false alarm systems. The pets may not be aware of the installed motion sensor around the house on which owners should be responsible for.

First, homeowners must ensure the pet won’t trigger the alarm system by choosing the right pet-friendly device. Always consider a PIR detection zone in buying a motion sensor, as cameras with such features will avoid detecting animal movement.

Second, choose the best security service provider to assure getting the motion sensors done correctly. An expert can help to place the device in the right places away from pets.

Lastly, consider the other smart features to control the alarm system remotely. Homeowners can protect a home with just one click away. This will also improve the protection level for your family.

Visit a reliable company for your home security system needs.

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