Window shutters have a long history of use to protect window opening, provide privacy and insulate the house during winter as well as protect from the sun on summer seasons. They were readily available and very affordable.

However, with the introduction of glass windows, window shutters have been replaced with glass which is more advanced technologically and offer incredible performance. Despite this, shutters have not lost their purpose in society since people have found new uses for them. They are now used for decoration purposes for your home’s exterior. They have, therefore, remained an important element of every home and is clear they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Choosing the best window shutters for your home is not an easy task since there are many sellers out there who are selling poor quality. No matter how hard this task may be, you still need to do your best to get the best shutters that will give your home a great finish and complete its look.

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A wrong choice of window shutter may interfere with the appeal and value of your home. You, therefore, need the best window shutters for your home and Shuttercraft are the best place to get high quality and durable materials.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a window shutter for your home.

Exterior vs. Interior

Window shutters are usually given a single term which generalizes everything. People forget to mention the different kinds available in the market when talking about them. There are two different kinds of window shutters depending on where they are going to be used. These are internal and external window shutters. Before buying your home window shutter, ask yourself where you are going to use it.

Interior window shutters are long-lasting and a great way to add privacy to your home. They do a great job of protecting your house from extremely light. The downside of these window shutters is that they don’t appeal much to the eye like their counterpart exterior shutters.

Exterior window shutters are more appealing to the eye because they are mainly used for decorative purposes. They can also act as a light protection element. These window shutters are more exposed to sunlight and extreme weather conditions that make them wear off quickly. They, therefore, require regular maintenance to maintain their value and beauty.

Match with your home style

Every home has its style of the shutter. The most common styles include Victorian home and Art and Craft home. If you don’t have enough confidence in your home style, you should try and compare with that of your neighbors and copy the style that will best suit your home. These days, most architecture have opted to choose historical styles. You should look at the best architectural styles that will match your home perfectly. Some of the most common styles you can choose from include;

  • Louvered – This is a style of historically accurate installation that includes louvers that protect rain when they are closed. In many homes, shutters have remained open on many occasions thus causing problems when it rains. This problem brought the idea of louvered installation that can protect rain when closed while shutters remain open. Louvers can be fixed either permanent or movable. You can also design it with panel combination in a way that suits your home.
  • Board and Batten – These are several boards mounted vertically with horizontal [Z] or cross brace. For rustic country fell, it is used on barns-styled traditionally.
  • Solid Panel and Raised panel – You are able to determine the number of the shutter by use of the number of panels in each shutter. For the three panels, there is a small panel on top, a large panel is situated on the middle, and the largest panels hang on the bottom. Panel sizes can also vary depending on the shutter size.
  • Bermuda or Bahamas – It is mounted at the time you are awning the window. It is commonly found in the coastal area, and offer a Caribbean style that protects it from the sun rays.

Type of shutters

There are many types of shutters to choose from depending on the one that suits your window and appeals to your eyes. They include;

  • Full height window shutters – These types of window shutters cover the whole open space as one unit. In most cases, they have a divider rail (mid rail), and you can independently operate the slates above and below.
  • Café style plantation shutters – These ones cover the lower portion of the window. They ensure privacy in your house while allowing minimal daylight to enter the house. They usually cover small parts of the window. They are also cost friendly since they are small and require the minimum cost of production. They suit most spaces that are over-looked like the kitchen or living rooms. They can also suit bay windows when suited in a series of coordinating panels for the lighter look than curtains.
  • Tier on tier shutters – They cover the whole window while the top and bottom can open by itself
  • Solid shutters – These types stretch from top to bottom in one unit. Because of their characteristics, they perform better than blackout blinds. They are the best for children’s bedrooms and periodic homes.
  • Tracked shutters – They are the best for patio doors since they can slide open on track. They concertina back when not required. You are advised not to use them on windows with the sill.

Choose correct sizes

The shutter size should be good enough to cover the size of the window when closed fully. These show that shutters cannot work perfectly in multi-window openings because they look silly and ridiculous if they are not big enough to cover the entire window.

bathroom-shutters Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home

You should have one shutter for a small window, and it should look functioning even if it is not in operation. For beautification purposes, shutters are able to mirror the image of the window. There should be lock rail, transom, and other architectural elements of the window that are lined up in a rail. If by any case shutters are mounted upside down due to careless installation. It should be rectified when painting or during maintenance.

Choose the best material

There are many varieties of materials used to make window shutters. These materials include wood, fiberglass, high-density structural PVC and other composite materials. Wood in the shutter is used to provide an authentic image that is loved by many people. The best woods used to make shutters include cedar woods and cypress woods.

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African mahogany is the best because it is strong and high durability, and can resist decay. The composite material can offer a material that will make your work easier and give you freedom for other maintenance and painting. Though the composite material varies between companies, they are all made from engineered wood, PVC and fiberglass with factory applied finish.

Choose the right shutter hardware

Shutter hardware mainly talks about shutter authenticity and how shutter is attached. On most occasions, they are not functioning. Shutters are wrongly fixed directly to home siding or brick with screws in many occasions.

They are of a close distance where details can be counted hence look cheap and fake. While fixing shutter, you should consider using operable shutter hardware. This will enable your job look more professional. Another advantage is that it will be good to swing out of the way, thus making the painting job easier. It will also be clean all the time since they are easy to clean.

Consider Different Shutter Colors

When it comes to coloring, one color is not enough. You should consider at least two or more colors to make your window shutters look more attractive. Choosing colors should be the most exciting part as there are many attractive colors that you can choose from.

Consider matching the colors with the bricks and the stone foundation used to make your home. You can also look at the light variations at different types of the day. The idea is to ensure you match all the colors perfectly so that you don’t create a color clash.

The durability of the shutter

While choosing your window shutters, you should keep in mind the amount of time it’s going to serve you. This is determined by the material used to build it. Hardwood are some of the materials that can ensure your shutter last longer. This is because they are sturdy, straight and light weight.

You can also use furniture grade teak and basswood since they are durable. You can also choose one build with a solid polymer because it’s believed to be sturdier than the composite shutter. It has pressed board core packed with polyvinyl which protects it from peeling and getting damaged. Poly-wood is resistant to termite, moisture, and fire. It is stronger and better than other poly products, making it more durable for making shutter.

Benefits of window shutters

Despite being an old school, window shutters are still widely used, and they cannot be completely replaced. They are mainly because of their benefits which include;

Sound and thermal insulation

Window shutters are a great way to protect your house from heat during summer and cold on winter seasons. Exterior shutters protect from wind during a storm, and you won’t need to install plywood as extra protection. They also protect the house from flying debris as well as the sand that may get into the house. When closed, window shutters ensure there is no unnecessary noise entering the house.

Require low maintenance

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Unlike blinds and curtains, window shutters do not attract too much dirt and are therefore easy to maintain. They are also a good choice for people with allergies as they do not attract dust and are easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth to wipe off the dust. When you need a different look, you can easily paint and give them a fresh new look.

Privacy security

The privacy of your home is very important, and window shutters offer exactly that. You will ensure no intruders can get in your house and offer maximum security. They also come with latch and lock feature to help them from flying open as well as being opened by intruders. You can easily adjust the Venetian blinds to filter the lights without exposing your house to people outside.


Other people use window shutters mainly for decorative purposes. Exterior window shutters are made in a special way to add some beauty to your home as well as make your house appear neat and organized. You can easily replace them and install new and more appealing ones if you want to sell your house, and this will help attract more buyers for a better deal.

Light control

Three-Sided-Bay-Window-Shutters Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home

Window shutters help you protect the amount of light entering your house since direct sunlight can be harmful to your furniture. With shutters will only allow a considerable amount of light to enter the house only for visibility purposes. You can fully open the panels if you want maximum light to enter the house and close if you don’t want the light. Other shutters come finished with UV protection layer which ensures the paint is protected and the panels do not warp.


Unlike glass windows, window shutters are cheap and easy to maintain. Apart from coming at very low prices, window shutters keep in more heat and will save you a lot of money on heating your home especially during cold seasons. You can also reduce the heat in your home during summer and have cooler homes without having to spend on cooling equipment. As Matthew Blythe from Shuttercraft explains, “having the right shutters and blinds in your home can save you hundreds each year on your electric bill.”


If you choose the right window shutters, you are sure to give your kitchen, bedroom and living room the best finish. These are the best things that can happen to your home starting from decoration, protection, privacy and also save you some cash. For the shutters to serve you best, you should choose the best materials, match the colors as well as your desired style. Don’t forget to put your budget into consideration because you need to go for something that will not strain your pockets as well as not compromise on quality.