Besides the stacks of boxes, there is nothing in an apartment that screams ‘just moved in’ as loudly as the blank emptiness of walls. Even when the couch and cupboards have been built up and the boxes slowly dwindle down, there is a sense of incompleteness in a space with nothing on the walls. Sometimes it is easiest to just stick up a nostalgic poster or hang a few holiday memories on the nails left by previous tenants. But, if we are honest, nothing really beats the satisfaction of finding wall art that declares the space as occupied and perfectly completes the space. But how do you go about finding the perfect piece?

How to choose wall art?

At the beginning of your quest to complete your space with some wall art, there are some basic facts that will help you nail down the specifics.

How Much Room Are You Working With?

One of the most important things to look at, of course, is the amount of space you are dealing with. If you have a large, empty wall, consider placing a single big statement piece in the middle to draw attention. This is especially good for the living room or bedroom. Alternatively, and for smaller spaces, you can have a few matching medium sized pieces, or even mix and match different sizes in a collage. Knowing the size of the space you are planning to fill will help you focus in your search for art.

Color Matching

Another important thing to do is to pay attention to which colors you already have in your room. Use these as the basis of the colour scheme for your art. Make sure the statement piece you choose for your living room complements the colour of the walls, and consider the style of the room as well. If you favour earthy colours and wooden materials in your kitchen, consider wooden frames and more nature inspired wall art.

Work In Unison

Create unison between your art pieces in a specific room – or even your whole house – by using the same or similar frames and choosing pictures with similar colour schemes. Small and medium sized pictures can often be bought in matching pairs or sets. When in doubt, black and white pictures always look classy and match any other colour.

In the end, make sure that what you choose is something you will enjoy seeing. Perhaps you are really into abstract art, or you want to be reminded of your favourite holiday destination. Choose art that will make you happy. After all, you are the one that will be seeing it every day.

Is ArtFrill Legit?

I actually moved countries during COVID, and while empty walls were quite bothersome to me before, now, thanks to the ever-lengthening stays at home both during lockdown and in ‘home office’, I feel the empty walls taunting me.

I especially wanted a statement piece for our bedroom. But as shops keep closing down sporadically due to lockdowns, I was finding it difficult to find anything. Which is why I was delighted to find ArtFrill, an online store for amazing wall art and posters. They offer a vast array of prints, which are easily searchable by theme, price and popularity. After a while of perusing, I picked “Oxen on Tranquil Hills” because the soft colours of the Scottish Highlands as well as the mahogany of the cows complements the existing deco in our bedroom perfectly.

As I visited Scotland with my husband on our honeymoon, the image evokes fond memories for both of us. All the posters on ArtFrill can be ordered in different sizes, ranging from 30×40 cm to 75×90 cm, and I chose the biggest one available for mine. The shipping is FREE to anywhere in the world, and I was so impressed when it arrived in less than a week! The print is beautiful, and the paper is a luxurious, museum quality. It now sits happily above our bed, not only bringing a relaxing atmosphere into the room, but also reminding us of our honeymoon trip, and keeping up our hope that one day travelling will be a normal part of our lives again. I would happily order from ArtFrill again.