Rugs are the decorating element of interior design. It specifies the spaces of the big houses along with creating the warmth impact on the human foot. The rugs are made from natural and synthetic fibers. It doesn’t matter from which material the rug has made. It needs to be clean. Protecting the hardwood floor is essential if you are cleaning the rug on it. As you know, the hardwood floor needs attention to remain in the same look as it is before.

If the Round Rugs are placed on the living room floor, it requires cleaning because the living room is the high traffic place of the home. As you know, on Sunday all the family are free from their outside job and education, so they watch movies and do other things with the family. That’s why the mess and dirt have occurred on the rug, which needs to be clean on time.

When you should clean the Rug on the Hardwood Floor

The rug should be clean once a week through the vacuum cleaner. The dirt and dust go into the deep of the fibers if it is not clean once a week. If you do not clean the rug once a week, it will damage soon, and its life will not remain longer. The hardwood floor will also damage if the back of the carpet has damage due to dust and dirt.

As you know, sometimes the food and liquid spill on the rug and that requires cleaning immediately. The carpet absorbs the moisture of the solid food and liquid drinks. That’s why you have to place the protective pad below the rug that will save the hardwood floor of your home. If the liquids have spilled in an enormous quantity, the moisture will also reach the hardwood floor and leaves marks on the wood floor that will be difficult to remove. That’s why the protective pad is essential. The rugs should be washed through water and detergents twice a year if used in the high traffic area of the home.

Requirement of Cleaning the Rug

The various equipment and detergents are used for cleaning the rug. The kits are essential to clean the carpet properly because sometimes it is not easy to remove the stain or dirt from the carpet; that’s why the equipment must clean the rug properly. The sponge mop, steam cleaner, vacuum, microfiber cloths, small bowl, and plastic sheeting are essential equipment for rug cleaning. Some people confuse which material has been utilized for cleaning the rug correctly. Still, they don’t know that the regular items are used, such as dishwashing liquid, bleach, rug stain remover, baking soda, rug shampoo. Use these things and clean your rug easily.

Instructions for cleaning the Rug             

Not everybody can clean the rug on the hardwood floor because they have no idea how to clean it. That’s why reading the following instructions will guide you to clean the carpet on the hardwood floor easily so the wood will not damage.

  • Vacuum Cleaning

Routine care is essential to clean the rug properly. Not regularly but twice a week, clean the dirt through the vacuum cleaner. Turn the carpet to clean it from the backside so the floor dust will not remain on it. If you can lift the rug easily, take it outside and shake it well so the dust will be thrown away. Also, mop the dust off the floor.

  • Cleaning of Stains

Some places of the home are high traffic where lots of footsteps will be present. Then the stains will occur on the floor. The Kitchen rug has been placed inside the kitchen near the sink where the drops of waterfalls on it. Sometimes the other things also drop on the carpet, such as food particles, drinks, or any other item. So place the mat spontaneously under the piece of the rug where the things have dropped, but this must be placed on the carpet pad. Due to putting it, the spot will not occur on the floor.

If the stain on the rug will not remove from the water, put a few drops of dish wash liquid into the warm water, put the solution at the stained place, and then brush it properly so the stain will remove easily.

  • Remove the Odor from the Rug

Sprinkle the baking soda on the rug if the odor is coming from the carpet. The night is the best time of sprinkling because nobody in the family will go through it. Leave the baking soda on the rug overnight, and in the morning, vacuum the carpet gently so it will be clean.

  • Cleaning of the Rug Thoroughly

If the rug is large and thick and you can’t uplift it is due to the heavyweight of the carpet for thorough cleaning. So you have to clean it on the hardwood floor.

  1. First of all, vacuum the rug properly.
  2. Roll the rug and place it in one place.
  3. Roll the rug pad and place it at another place in the room.
  4. Mop the hardwood floor to clean the dirt.
  5. Place the plastic sheet on the hardwood floor to protect the floor. After placing the sheet, secure it with the tape.
  6. Unroll the rug and place it on the plastic sheet.

Clean the Rug with the Carpet Shampoo or Mop

The shampoo method has mentioned in its label that you should use the shampoo directly or put it into the water to use it on the rug. Then apply the shampoo through the sponge or the soft brush until the entire carpet becomes wet. If there are stains on the rug so use the brush to remove the stains. Then dip it into the water to remove the chemicals that are used for cleaning it. Change the water accordingly so the dirt particles and chemicals will draw from it.

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