Pick any tabletop or counter in your house and put your keys down. Now turn around, count to 10 and turn back to where you put your keys. Can you easily spot the keys, or have they gotten lost among piles of old mail, knickknacks and garbage that never found its way to the bin? For anyone that is still looking for their keys, it’s time to try these 3 ways to remove clutter and take back your space.

  1. Remove the Rubbish!

Planning to clean up and reorganize is always a great idea but it’s important not to skip the first step, which of course is the least fun. That’s right, to start taking back your space the first step is to throw away any and all garbage that’s laying around. Afterall, you can’t exactly start reorganizing a shelf that’s still covered in junk and other things you don’t intend to keep there.

The best places to focus on for the trash removal portion of your home makeover are:

  • Pick up any garbage off all floors. That means bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, living room, basement and closets!
  • Throw away any garbage on countertops and tabletops. That means all kitchen counters and table, bathroom counters, and any surface where things have been put throughout the house.
  • Throw away any garbage lingering on shelves and clear out cabinets of any expired products, that means kitchen and bathrooms!

Expired products can be sneaky clutter creators, because often times we forget to check or don’t realize when certain items have gone bad. For instance, some makeup lovers may be surprised to find out that most makeup expires within a few months to a year after opening. Stop letting trash take up your space, grab a garbage bag and start tossing!

  1. Organize

Now that your home should be nice and trash free, it’s time to figure out how to organize and open up your space in the most comfortable way. When it comes to organizing there are 3 parts to consider:

  • What do you want to be out and visible in your space?
  • What do you want to keep but not display?
  • Are there any things you no longer want to display or keep?

To avoid overwhelming yourself with the organization stage of taking back your space, focus on one area at a time. If you want to start with your bedroom break it up into sections to take on. Start with the dresser, then move on to the closet, bathroom and finish off with nightstands and any other areas.

  1. Find External Storage

At this point, chances are your space is looking clutter free and organized, but there are two piles with donations and keep but store items. For everything you want to keep but don’t have space to put it away, the best solution is to pack those things up for moving to College Station to be safely stored. Afterall, a storage unit is the perfect way to take back your space without having to get rid of things you love.

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