Discover the secrets of perfect colors that go with brown! Unleash your inner designer with our pro tips and ideas for creating stunning color palettes.

Brown shades are seldom the wrong choice when it comes to home interior design. In many scenarios, the color brown can have a bright and vivacious shade that enriches it. Also, there are the more common favorites like the rich chocolate brown wall paint. Dark brown is another supremely used color, especially with wooden furniture.

Furthermore, since it provides a warm, neutral background, there are dozens of colors that go with brown. So, there are myriad trendy color combinations that go with brown furniture, for example. The list includes cool tones and bright shades equally. Hence, implementing brown accents into your living room setup isn’t a tough sell.

Here are our tips on pairing brown with various dark shades or even with other brown hues.

Combining Brown Tones With Pink Elements

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The fancy pink-brown color scheme is a recipe for a unique setup. Pastel pink is a lovely color and the perfect choice to create balance with any of the cool browns. As for the light brown end of the spectrum, taupe is the best fit for this color palette.

While a brown foundation is a great starting place, adding pink into the mix calls for another neutral shade. Hence, it’s best to add cute pink accents like throw pillows or rugs. Next, insert another warm and neutral background like crisp white to round things up.

Neutral Brown With the White Color

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Brown pairs easily with white in any formal dining room setup. Similarly, you can pair brown cabinets with a white background for a modern kitchen. Thus, white is among the colors that go with brown without starkly contrasting it.

1-2-4 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Curtis Allen Designs

However, aiming for a mundane color scheme can lead to a boring outcome. Therefore, you can experiment with various hues as well. For example, dark brown and several warm browns are all great fit with the white color. Teak is another excellent inclusion that can add a classy note to your sitting room.

Brown and Various Shades of Beige

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Brown and beige are complementary colors that feel earthy and warm. Still, relying on too many warm undertones can produce a monochromatic palette. Hence, consider using just a touch of whichever of the cool colors that go with brown.

The Brown and Black Combination

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Brown pairs beautifully with black, creating a classic color combination. While both of these choices can be deep colors, it’s best to aim for contrast.

1-6-11 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Bagnato Architecture & Interiors

Thus, use natural brown furniture and jute rugs to achieve visual flair. Also, brown walls look great next to subtle, elegant black accessories.

Does Navy Blue Go With the Chocolate Brown Hue?

1-20-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Traci Zeller Interiors

Blue is an obvious entry in the list of colors that go with brown. These two neutral colors complement each other reliably and never go out of style. Yet, opting for their darker variants can dim the feel of the room.

Hence, pick a warm shade of the brown family to add some gravitas. Also, if you favor earthy hues, use ones with light yellow undertones to highlight the blue elements.

For example, use a blue-white patterned rug with dark brown furniture for a tasteful setup. However, feel free to switch the colors around, and perhaps even try a chocolate living room with cool navy blue elements.

Using Brown With Orange Undertones

1-19-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Even light browns can produce a depressive atmosphere if you over-rely on them. Thus, it’s best to introduce a joyful tint to liven up the space. Orange is one of the optimal ways to do so, besides its similarities with the basic brown color.

Orange can provide that much-needed zest and come out an artsy choice in the end. This is especially true if you pair it with dark wooden furniture. Otherwise, a soft brown backdrop goes nicely with orange and cream elements.

Pairing Brown With Blush Pink

1-22-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Colourcube Interiors

This trendy combination adds a soft feminine touch wherever applied. Blush pink is a rich shade that will grab all the attention when next to a brown accent wall color. Hence, these two are an easy match to pull off. On that note, even your bathroom area can benefit from their elegant interplay.

The Brown and Deep Purple Combination

1-17-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: P. Scinta Designs, LLC

Generally, you can use almost any color that provides a soft contrast with brown. However, adding purple to the setup calls for a nuanced approach. For example, use purple fabrics with wooden furniture to accentuate the former’s warmth. On the other hand, use a deep purple hue only with light brown elements.

Using Mustard Yellow With Brown

1-4-4 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Salvage & Co Fishers

This is a popular solution for a muted color palette alluding to rest and relaxation. Also, using a dark brown paint color with vintage mustard-yellow accessories is a classic choice. In such a scenario, the yellow dashes give an energetic vibe to the layout.

At the same time, mustard yellow is a safe choice for the furniture, too. So, you can use dark brown flooring and a muted yellow sofa. Then, add some freshness, preferably with a light blue rug to tie those hues together.

Combining Sage Green and Brown

1-7-7 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: ASHLEY CLARK/SKOUT

Dark green is another surprising entry among the colors that go with brown. Plus, they’re both natural colors, making this combo reminiscent of a lush forest. When working with those bases, you can try mixing different tones to create varying effects.

For example, olive green goes well with bold brown furniture elements for any office space. Also, mint green or sage green are fitting pairs for dark brown wall paint.

Does Copper Goes With Brown?

1-29-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Copper is actually a decently versatile color, meaning it goes well with a warm neutral by default. Hence, there are several variations of the copper-brown color combination. When using brown with subtle orange undertones, go for a deep copper tint. On the flip side, use a green-dominated copper next to a light brown backdrop.

Brown With Strong Red Undertones

1-23-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: PGC Building + Design

The red palette is another natural choice for accent colors that go with brown. Together, the reddish-brown mix produces a warm, rustic ambiance. Then, you can follow the 60-30-10 rule to add a second accent color without oversaturating the space.

For example, pick a soft base for 60% of the room. Then, fill up 30% of the space with the brown hue, while saving the last 10% for the bold red color.

Brown With Fuchsia Accents

1-24-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Liz Levin Interiors

Adding fuchsia accents to a brown-dominated space is not a simple thing to do. However, the outcome can be indeed fashionable if done correctly. To that end, stick to using small fuchsia elements to spice things up as intended. This means adding it to your choice of wall art or pillows to go with brown or beige background.

The Cream-Brown Color Scheme

1-25-1-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

This is a stylish choice for a versatile yet warm-looking living room. Cream and brown can produce a calming environment that you can freely enrich with accent colors later on.

Pairing Brown With the Cool Gray Color

1-1-10 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

The gray color manages to remain a classic and trendy choice at the same time. With it, you can easily create an eventful setup with depth and elegance. Plus, cool gray is an excellent pair with soft browns like beige for a fancy and welcoming living room.

Using Brown and Turquoise

1-26-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Alair Homes Sanibel

Turquoise is a bright and vivid color that belongs in the spotlight of the room. It is also a great contrast to any one of the warm neutral colors. For example, use it next to a cocoa brown couch to complement its earthy tones.

1-27-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Remodel Boutique

Also, furniture with subtle turquoise overlays is a sign of sophistication and elegance. Plus, aside from being able to impress your guests, it also looks cozy and welcoming. However, you can also turn things to eleven if you use turquoise wall paint. Next, complete the scene with light brown furniture and lavish silver accessories.

The Brown and Gold Combination

1-28-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Dennis Mayer – Photographer

While gold is certainly a vivid and strong color, using it in moderation opens up many possibilities. For example, you can pair it with a soft brown hue to avoid that direct, regal look. On the other hand, you can implement several gold elements in a single room for a luxurious ambiance.

Can Brown and Burgundy Work Together?

1-18-1 Colors That Go With Brown and Look GoodImage source: Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects

Burgundy and the espresso brown color are a famous combo for a reason. However, you can further work with this pairing to achieve a high-class setting. Burgundy even goes with gold brocade pillows on a brown sofa without looking chic. Then, use a cool or white background to balance out the intensity of those colors.

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