Cherry floors bring vibrancy and richness to any interior design. There are six main variants of this material, and all belong to the dark wood floors category. They range from amber to dark brown hues. Currently, the Brazilian cherry is among the most popular choices due to its resilience.

According to the Janka scale, a cherry wood floor is much more durable than a maple or pine one. However, you shouldn’t rush when looking for the best match wall color for that texture. Here’s our guide.

The Best Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

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As for the possible decorating options for a floor rich with red undertones, start with complementary paint colors. Note that you’ll need to make several correct choices when updating your living room. This includes not just the wall paint colors, but also the rug, curtains, etc. All those elements should work and play off of each other.

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Generally, you’d want to combine softer colors on the walls with darker hues on the floor. Thus, you’ll capture more natural light and better accent the wood floor. So, when using cherry wood floors, look for a light cream or pastel shade to paint the walls with.

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In other words, search for combinations that will either match or contrast. To settle for a method, consider the overall dark-light balance within the room. Dark hardwood floors go best with a highly contrasting color on the walls. Therefore, try to use a softer hue for the walls after setting up the cherry wood flooring.

What To Combine With Cherry Wood Floors

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Cherry hardwood floors provide a strong reddish tone that doesn’t work with any other color. Thus, you need to carefully plan ahead to prevent it from clashing with the paint color. In other words, keep the contrast you want to achieve in mind when making your choice. So, note that not every accent color belongs in that setup.

Using White Color With Brazilian Cherry Floors

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Pure white is the most natural and sure-shot choice for accentuating a cherry wood floor.

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Painting all of the walls with a cool white color will create a beautiful contrast with the reddish ground. You can also mix it with a bit of a grayish hint in some cases.

Beige Walls and a Cherry Hardwood Floor

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The beige and cherry colors form that classic rustic look that many homeowners shoot for. They create a cozy and warm surrounding that’s perfect for relaxation. In that sense, the beige provides a neutral shade that contrasts the reddish tones of cherry wood. Thus, only the warm undertones will remain in the spotlight in that relaxing atmosphere.

Deep Blue Color and Cherry Wood Floors

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Dark blue can match the cherry wood in terms of intensity, complementing its stronger shades. Thus, that contrast won’t be the center of attention, but it will be pleasant to the eye. The natural tones of the cherry wood floor will pop up even more as a result.

Combining the Tres Naturale Beige Variant

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This famous beige shade is a great match for dark floors with a reddish base. It provides enough contrast to put both hues at the forefront of the guests’ attention. Also, there are sub-variants of Tres Naturale that comprise pink and golden hues. Hence, it is a versatile color that you can introduce into many setups.

Green Walls in a Room With Cherry Wood Floors

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Green is one of the most popular paint colors that go with cherry wood floors. A light green hue brightens any space and can lead to a very fun look. On the other hand, dark green paint is an excellent choice for a more intimate space. Sage green is another possible combination for cherry wood since they’re both on the darker end of the spectrum.

That pairing is a common option these days and leaves a lot of room for extra splashes of color. Hence, it is a flexible choice that goes with a number of different paint color variations.

Light Blue and Cherry Heartwood

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One of the best ways to introduce contrast to a cherry wood floor is by adding a cool shade of light blue on the walls. The outcome is an interesting setup that you can further tune for added uniqueness.

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However, be careful with how light the walls end up looking since you don’t want to create a full disparity. Thus, carefully compare the color wheel with the innate color of the cherry floor.

Violet Walls and Cherry Wood Floors

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Pressed Violet on the walls is another fancy choice when using cherry dark flooring. It introduces a softer vibe to the interior that will remind visitors of lavender. Many find this a classic look that fits many rooms within the household. However, using this approach when repainting your living room is the most popular solution.

Gold Paint Color With Cherry Floors

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A subtle combination of gold and red colors is a shortcut to an elegant living space. It provides warmth and coziness without any of the hues overpowering the other. Instead, the outcome is a vibrant setup that you’ll enjoy relaxing in. For a more luxurious result, apply a darker gold hue on the walls next to the deep cherry wood floor.

Deep Red With Cherry Wood Floors

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This is an obvious pairing that will further highlight the natural red tint within cherry flooring. However, be practical with your choice of shade so as to not create a too-extreme final look.

Using Apricot With Yellow Undertones

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Light apricot or yellow walls go very well with reddish cherry wood floors. They provide a soft contrast to each other and both manage to attract eyes effortlessly. For the best outcome, favor the more muted shades to apply on the walls.

Gray Walls and Cherry Wood Floors

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A neutral color like light gray can complement the accent colors and red tones of the cherry floor. This can also be a more edgy look if you choose so, however. To that end, apply a paint color with a predominantly dark hue.

Pairing Chocolate Brown With Red Tones on the Floor

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Bringing accent colors like brown and red together can result in a very elegant look. For example, try combining chocolate brown on the ceiling with a cherry wood floor. Next, fill up the space with mainly white elements. That way, you’ll prevent the clash between the two from being dominant while highlighting both of the deep colors.

Conclusion on Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

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Cherry wood floors bring a high level of coziness that rounds up that popular rustic look. They’re fun to look at and pave the way for a truly relaxing living room setup. Also, you can find many possible pairings regarding wall paint colors that fit that picture. So, have your space in mind when inspecting our recommendations.

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