Embrace the rustic charm of knotty pine with the perfect color scheme! Whether you want to create a cozy cabin vibe or a modern farmhouse look, we’ve got you covered. From warm earth tones to crisp whites, our expert picks of colors that go with knotty pine will take your home decor to the next level.

Let’s get inspired!

Knotty pine walls are one of those evergreen interior design styles that ooze warmth and coziness. Ever since the 50s and 60, knotty pine paneling has been a primary choice for many regarding warm wood tones. Hence, the traditional knotty pine look still looks homely, trendy, and Instagrammable.

Nowadays, we see the advent of contemporary knotty pine home decor styles that highlight natural wood. However, choosing the right paint color to complement pine wood is a learned skill. To that end, you’ll want to pick colors that go with knotty pine and result in that appealing warmth.

So, here are our recommendations on the possible layouts comprising knotty pine wood.

Combining Sage Green and Knotty Pine Wood Paneling

Image source: Woodhaven Log & Lumber

Sage green allows the beauty of the natural wood texture to shine without providing a dramatic contrast. Instead, sage green wall paint is one the best pairings for a knotty pine ceiling. Also, consider using this tone on the carpet and on the bed covers.

Image source: Woodhaven Log & Lumber

Other than that, this traditional paneling style goes well with sage green door and window frames. In such setups, the wood appears as the focal point of the room, as multiple designer tips point out.

The White Wall Color and the Warm Shades of Knotty Pine

Image source: STUDIO-E Architecture

White is the most versatile among the colors that go with knotty pine. Plus, it results in a crisp look that subtly contrasts the natural wood tones. Thus, you can freely combine white wall paint with existing knotty pine walls for a mid-century modern kitchen.

Pairing Knotty Pine With Similar Natural Tones

Image source: Lixe Interiors + Design

Wood can have a complex texture that makes combining different wooden materials a worthwhile effort. Hence, you can play around with the various stains and grain patterns to great effect. Also, you could apply varnishes to end up with fancy rustic cabins.

Nowadays, you can find a decent number of materials with warm tones like mahogany, walnut, maple, etc. In time, such flooring material will gain a rich patina that installs a classy look. Thus, the dominant yellow undertones won’t linger in the forefront forever.

Image source: Blue Lotus Home Designs

With that said, consider the primary color of the other wood pattern before deciding whether it goes with knotty pine. At that point, settle for either a high or low-contrasting choice. However, note that later on, the textures of mixed woods will blend together, producing a comfortable ambiance.

Blue Country Kitchens and Knotty Pine Wood

Image source: The Cabinet en-Counter, Inc.

Country blue is one of the hues that pair nicely with a wooden backdrop by contrasting it. Although a bold pairing, cool colors like country blue look elegant in a rustic look. Then, you can subtly enrich the space with some off-white elements.

The Black and Knotty Pine Combination

Image source: Hull Forest Products – Wide Plank Floors

Black is among the sleekest colors that go with knotty pine and other natural wood materials. Some of the more popular solutions include orange knotty pine, which is a great match for black wall paint. For example, you can use black window frames and accentuate the knot pattern with light fixtures.

Image source: Ally Whalen Design

Similarly, black-laced furniture looks great in front of any neutral colors by default. Hence, you can produce several stylish combinations involving these two shades.

Pairing Dark Green and Knotty Pine

Image source: Laurey W. Glenn

For a woodsy scenery, use dark green color next to knotty pine walls. Also, knotty redwood flooring is a great base for a fresher hue on the walls. Together, they can produce an interesting and warm rustic look.

The Yellow Color and Knotty Pine

Image source: Lookofsky Architecture

From the get-go, any knotty pine cabin calls for a splash of a bright yellow hue. Their pairing alludes to summer days and looks vivid under natural light. At the same time, the yellow color alters the scenery to a more feminine and cozy outcome.

Contrasting Knotty Pine With Navy Blue

Image source: KellyBaron

When shopping for an airy and open setup, use navy blue with knotty pine walls. This deeper shade allows the natural textures of the wood to become focal points. Thus, it supports their innate warmth by contrasting them without clashing.

To that end, you can introduce navy blue with your choice of furniture or with the rug. Next, use white wall paint on some of the corners for more visual flair. Lastly, you can get navy blue kitchen appliances for a unique dining room as well.

Mixing Pastel Yellow With Knotty Pine

Image source: Spencer-Abbott, Inc.

Since pine wood provides muted yellow shades with its textures, it’s a great fit for a softer paint color. That way, you’ll create a recurring contrast that complements both colors.

Knotty Pine With the Country Blue Color

Image source: Joan Heaton Architects

For a bolder pairing that nevertheless looks trendy, consider using a country blue color next to knotty pine walls. The result is a fun interplay between two contrasting hues that’s perfect for any room in your household.

Pairing Teal and Knotty Pine

Image source: Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc

Teal and knotty pine are a tasteful pair that fit into any rustic scheme. When together, teal brings elements of freshness and looks whimsical next to the neutral wood tint. However, use teal in the furniture only so as to not oversaturate the space.

Does the Dark Red Color Go With Knotty Pine?

Image source: Waters Edge Woods

This is a shortcut to a warm and inviting living room setup. Although pine has light reddish hues in its patterns, they’re soft enough to contrast the deep red color. The result is a homely decor that you’ll love spending time in.

Combining Gray and Knotty Pine

Image source: Dee Hurford Designs

Gray is a reliable cool shade that can complete any rustic setup in style. So, if you’re using pine wood in a room, ensure to break up the monotony with dashes of a light gray color. Greige is another equally elegant choice that also plays into the rustic theme.

The Forest Green Color With Knotty Pine

Image source: Creation Cabinetry

Fans of the wainscotting interior design style should consider the forest green-knotty pine combo. This is one of the prettiest matches for white walls and soft brown furniture. Next, add some art pieces with muted colors to enhance the end result.

Pairing Bright Red and Knotty Pine

Image source: Anthemion Architecture LLC

The bright red hue mixes with the natural warmth of the pine wood to an aesthetically pleasing effect. Such colors won’t overpower each other and will only enliven the space wherever applied.

The Taupe and Knotty Pine Combo

Image source: Blue Sky Building Company

The taupe tint belongs next to a deeper shade, so choose a darker knotty pine variant to balance things out. For example, a material with stark red stains. Then, introduce a third softer hue to harmonize their interaction.

The Purple Color With Knotty Pine

Image source: The Tongue & Groove Store

Purple is a bold, direct color that goes very well with a neutral tone. When it comes to knotty pine, you can apply both lighter and deeper purple shades to complement it. Either way, you’ll produce a stable color scheme that looks comfortable and inviting.

Highlighting the Knotty Pine Tones With Subtle Ivory Elements

Image source: DHV Architects

Ivory is a unique off-white variant that has an astounding level of versatility. As such, you can use it in practically any room of the house. This soft-brown tint looks welcoming on the walls and carpets, or you can use it as a classy furniture overlay. For example, a comfy, wide ivory couch looks fashionable and rustic in front of a newly-set knotty pine backdrop.

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