Maple cabinets are one of the few survivors of the 90s trends that made it into the modern era. Nowadays, we see renewed interest in the classic look of maple kitchen cabinets and maple wood in general. However, the list of colors that go with maple wood is finite. Still, there are multiple correct ways to complement your natural maple cabinets.

On that note, the optimal color scheme will change depending on your choice of maple cabinetry. For example, you should alter your setup when switching from dark maple cabinets to honey maple cabinets. Still, that shouldn’t put you off of the idea to go with maple cabinets in the first place.

In broad strokes, you can easily combine them with bright and light neutrals in the background. Here’s our selection of the most popular colors that go with maple wood and enhance its natural beauty.

Buttercup Yellow Tones With Maple Wood Cabinets

Image source: Harrell Design + Build

Natural wood cabinets bring creamy yellow hues by default, and they match with a similar color scheme as a result. That is a great combination when redecorating your kitchen. For example, you can apply yellow paint on the wall behind maple cabinets. Then, use white countertops to complete the setup.

Other than that, stainless steel appliances look great next to maple elements. Lastly, a fresh bouquet of flowers is always a great addition that livens up any kitchen.

The White Color and Maple Cabinets

Image source: Masters Touch Design Build

White is the most used neutral color and it remains the primary choice for light maple cabinets. With it, you can brighten up your kitchen space even if there isn’t much exposure to direct sunlight. Putting light-colored floors is another trick for the same effect.

Image source: Christopher Lee Foto

This approach also fits the modern Scandinavian minimalist design. Thus, you can create a great base for adding extra elements when using white wall paint colors. At the same time, you’ll accentuate the quality of the maple cabinets with style.

Turquoise and Dark Maple Cabinets

Image source: Cardell Cabinetry

Turquoise is a cool color that can contrast the homely and classic look of maple wood. That is a good thing, though, since the warm wood tones shouldn’t be the only highlight. For a more elegant outcome, you can also include bronze accessories in your interior design.

The Sage Green Undertone With Maple Cabinets

Image source: Lowe’s

Maple wood fixtures carry a slight red hue, which is a great match for another muted color. Sage green is a popular solution since it provides that dusky and unique result. In that way, you’ll create a calming environment for family dinners.

On that note, sage green looks great as the background for a maple dining set. Then, consider adding yellow curtains for an even warmer scene. Alternatively, you can opt for light blue ones to provide contrast.

Terracotta and Maple Wood Cabinets

Image source: Kari Hiltner, CKD

Terracotta is a strong hue that pairs greatly with brighter yellow tints of maple. This is a popular combination nowadays and introduces an ethnic motive.

Light Gray Walls and Maple Wood Fixtures

Image source: Kannas Custom Cabinets, Inc.

Maple cabinetry goes well with most cool shades, but light gray is a clear favorite. The same goes for any type of maple furniture. If you paint the background in such a soothing color, you’ll provide a tasteful contrast as well. Then, add elements with strong, accent colors to neatly fill up the space.

The Tan Color Scheme With Maple Wood

Image source: Kyle Hayes

Maple hardwood floors ask for warm colors to complement them. For that purpose, you can choose tan to achieve a rustic atmosphere for your homestead. You can do so by getting leather sofas or throw pillows in a light tan shade.

Since both maple and tan belong in the warm hue category, they mesh to form a snug and relaxing feeling. At the same time, they result in an airy setup that’s also quite versatile.

The Black Color Next to Maple Cabinets

Image source: Granite Grannies

A more daring option would be to use back wall paint amidst maple kitchen appliances. However, ensure to select a complementary shade of black to highlight the maple cabinetry better. This is an elegant setup that’s both welcoming and unique.

Next, look for matching stone countertops to round up the look. At the same time, ensure to set an optimal number of light sources within that space. Otherwise, the dark elements might overtake the focus of the room.

Combining Light Blue With Maple Cabinets

Image source: Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Those favoring loft aesthetics should consider pairing light blue with maple kitchen cabinets. That is a soothing combination that’s fitting for various types of setups. Also, it’s very pleasing to the eye and won’t steal the spotlight from the wooden textures.

Such a gentle mixture is a great basis that you can further evolve. For example, install a few black elements or steel hardware to add more dimensions to the setting.

Light Beige Granite Next to Maple Wood Cabinetry

Image source: Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

Beige is a risky match for maple since it can result in a predominantly red outcome. So, be careful when selecting beige granite countertops for your maple kitchen. So, not all of the beige hues go with a wooden base and its rosy undertones.

Therefore, opting for a shade reminiscent of nature is your best bet. Thus, avoid the hues that lean towards the yellow or red spectrums on the color wheel.

Using Bold Colors With Maple Cabinets

Image source: Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

Bright colors like purple and red can work with maple if correctly applied. Plus, you can pair them with either dark or light maple textures. Then, you can enrichen the color scheme by adding emerald or garnet red finishes. All of them are among the colors that go with maple wood.

Mint Green Wall Paint for a Maple Wood Kitchen

Image source: MN Builders

This is an off-kilter pairing for maple cabinetry that nonetheless works great in practice. The soft green hue supports the warmth of the wooden texture in a tasteful manner. At the same time, it adds vibrancy and a natural vibe to the space.

Maple Cabinets With Light Pink

Image source: MacLaren Kitchen and Bath

Opting for a pastel pink background for your maple kitchen is a very popular choice these days. Since maple wood often brings deeper hues, the soft pink background provides a good balance. The result is a harmonious interaction of colors that never clash with each other.

Dark Blue Paint With Maple Cabinetry

Image source: Powell Construction

Dark blue is an excellent pick if you prefer a deeper color scheme for your kitchen space. It’s also an elegant combination that feels expensive and luxurious. However, be wary not to overdo it with the strong colors so as to not overpower the light maple cabinets. Instead, apply these colors spaciously to complement the hanging kitchen fixtures.

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