Bring richness and warmth to your home decor with the deep, luxurious hue of maroon! Whether you want to create a cozy and traditional look or a bold and modern vibe, we’ll show you the best colors that go with maroon to make your space pop.

The color maroon alludes to energy and passion but is also a great appetizer you’ll see on many restaurant logos. In nature, maroon accents litter the landscape once autumn rolls in. Hence, it is a warm color that fits into various color combinations.

To successfully enrich a color palette with the maroon hue, it’s best to avoid other bright shades. Instead, you should look for a cool accent color to pair maroon with. Also, not every neutral color can match maroon to the intended effect. However, that doesn’t mean that there are only a few colors that go with maroon.

These are our recommendations for the optimal usage of maroon paint as an interior design element.

Maroon and the Teal Color

Image source: DAZEY DEN

The teal shade comprises light blue and subtle green hues. As such, it is an airy and calming shade. The maroon color is a fitting contrast to those tendencies as it acts as a complementary color to teal. Hence, you can freely use maroon accessories to cozy up the space dominated by lighter shades of blue.

To do so, a low-risk approach would be to stick to the 60-30-10 rule. So, you can apply maroon curtains next to teal walls, maroon vases, or even candles. Then, round up the Bohemian look with soft furnishings with a brown undertone.

The Pink and Maroon Combination

Image source: Sight Unseen

Though they can’t create contrast, maroon pairs with pink to create a striking feminine result, Hence, it is a bold color combination that can result in a unique living room design.

To avoid a too-chic outcome, use pastel pink wall paint and a fluffy maroon rug. Maroon accent pillows are also a stylish addition. That way, you’ll allow both of these primary colors to complement each other nicely.

Pairing Black and Maroon

Image source: Studio Kreatura

Back and maroon are not exactly complementary colors, but the dark red of the maroon shade can look dazzling next to a dark hue. So, black is an unlikely entry to the list of colors that go with maroon, albeit with limited applicability. However, it is a reliable choice if you want to create a gothic ambiance.

White-Maroon Color Combinations

Image source: Alex Maguire Photography

White is the one entry on the color wheel that can fit into any color psychology. By default, it brings a soothing vibe that goes well with maroon. At the same time, a white backdrop will further strengthen the innate richness of any maroon decor.

Thus, maroon makes any neutral-colored space seem far more interesting and eventful. For example, you can add maroon colors via your choice of fancy oriental rugs. Generally, any Mediterranean-influenced pattern is full of bold colors with yellow undertones.

The Green and Maroon Combination

Image source: Andrey Ryazanov

Green is an excellent contrast to the deep shade of the maroon tint that won’t clash with the dominant color. Thus, you can pair a maroon wall with pale green furniture for a modern setup. Next, introduce a beige background area to capture some more natural light.

Pairing Beige and Maroon

Image source: Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

The cool tones of the beige shade are a great choice for any kitchen or dining room. However, they call for a relatively warm color to balance the monotony. Therefore, a vibrant color like maroon can complete that setting even if you add it only with the throw pillows.

Can Dusty Rose and Maroon Work Together?

Image source: Nathan and Jac

Most of the time, two bright colors shouldn’t be next to each other, especially if they derive from the same shade. However, dusty rose is one of the bolder colors that go with maroon. Together, they can produce a seductive and warm ambiance.

The Red Color and Maroon

Image source: Marcia Prentice Photography

Red has many variants that go with maroon, even if they have a lot of similarities between them. For example, you can choose light red hues to accentuate something like a purple maroon accent color. Many classic oriental patterns combine such different shades of red for a unique result.

Mustard Yellow Paint and Maroon

Image source: WINN Design+Build

For an excessively warm setup, you can pair maroon with another bright shade like mustard yellow. Though they somewhat share the same color palette, their interplay looks comfy and inviting.

Gray Color Palettes and Maroon

Image source: Alesya Kasianenko

A cooler neutral color like gray is a natural fit for the intensity of the color maroon. Plus, gray tops the list of versatile and traditional choices for a neutral backdrop. While shades like warm taupe can also highlight the maroon accents, gray is the most popular choice.

On the flip side, too much gray can make the space feel closed off and overly masculine. To confront those tendencies, you can use maroon bed sheets to alter the ambiance. That way, you’ll bring warmth to the setting in an unobtrusive manner.

The Purple Maroon Combination

Image source: Custom Design Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Maroon and purple are both more vibrant reds in essence, though they can match if used correctly. To pull off that pairing, follow the 60-30-10 rule. In this case, you’ll need to cover 60% of the space with a neutral hue like an off-white. Next, use maroon paint for 30%, before wrapping up with the purple tint as the second accent color.

Gold Accents With the Maroon Color

Image source: Riverstone Imaging

For a sophisticated and luxurious look, try pairing the gold and maroon hues. However, carefully plan out the space to avoid an overly-saturated decor. To that end, it’s best to use a cool taupe color as the base. Next, add maroon furnishings and suave gold elements via the light fixtures.

Pairing the Scarlet and Maroon Colors

Image source: DAVID TSAY

Scarlet is another strong match among the colors that go with maroon. Since both of them are deep red variants, they produce a striking and bold combination. Thus, pick a softer scarlet hue to complement the maroon for a tasteful feminine setting.

Can Navy Blue Complement a Maroon Setting?

Image source: Nathan and Jac

Navy blue and maroon make for an artistic pairing that’s perfect for an elite wall art piece. These two opposites clash in a controlled fashion, especially when paired with gold. Also, you can further balance them out with a maroon rug in the boho style. Such an approach will produce interesting pops of color that capture your guests’ attention.

Mixing Emerald Green With Maroon

Image source: Magnat 

Besides being a classic pairing, this duo also counts as a trendy and fashionable choice. So, you can freely substitute a plain green base with the emerald variant when next to a maroon wall. Then, introduce a lighter hue, preferably with a white or cream color.

Seafoam Green Next to Maroon Accents

Image source: Bree Leech

Seafoam green is a surprisingly versatile shade even outside of the nautical themes. Thus, you can safely combine it with petal pinks and pastel blues. Either way, you’ll produce a soothing notion carried by this predominantly minty hue.

If you’re opting for a more chic style, then maroon is the perfect choice to contrast with a seafoam green base. Also, you can pair them directly with a rug comprising a floral marriage of these two shades. Using them on the furniture textures is another good idea, most notably when next to cherry wood.

Pairing Maroon and Brown

Image source: Bart Goldstein Interior Design

Brown is an earthy color that may very well play a decisive part in an elegant scene. Plus, it is a warm color that pairs with a myriad of hues on each end of the spectrum. Therefore, you can rely on it when trying to accentuate a bolder tint like maroon. In such a scenario, brown will provide the much-needed calmness against the depth of the color maroon.

The Maroon and Tan Combination

Image source: DesRosiers Architects

Comprising equal parts brown and white, tan is a popular pick for a cozy neutral color these days. From the get-go, it is a backdrop that can support darker shades while holding its ground. Hence, it is a natural pair with the maroon color when you’re aiming for a classic rustic interior.

Furthermore, tan is a mainstay of the popular Southwestern style. That method revolves around the desert sunset theme, evoking feelings of a warm, dry ambiance. To that end, tan looks the color of sand, while maroon is an explicit sunset color by design. Next, stick to the adobe route by adding subtle tan patterns on the walls.

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