Just like the basic green hue, the color olive green looks fresh and alludes to a forest setting. At the same time, it brings a sense of harmony and renewal. Therefore, you can easily pick among the myriad of colors that go with olive green or dark olive green accents.

However, you shouldn’t fixate on light olive green too much. If you saturate the space with that shade, it may result in a depressive outcome. Thus, you should pair olive green with a warmer but versatile color. Neutral hues can also work, though not all of them go with olive green elements. So, here’s what type of scenery fits your olive-green clothes best!

The Tan Color Scheme and Olive Green

Image source: Renae Keller Interior Design, Inc.

The garden theme is still a popular solution regarding interior design. When using the tan-olive green combo as the base, you can easily apply a fresh vibe to the space. Also, you can lean more on the tan side of the spectrum for a tasteful and rustic outcome.

On the other hand, you can support a safari theme by using tan wall paint and olive green accessories. For example, add hanging nets and stuffed animals for a fun kids’ playroom. When aiming for a more relaxing ambiance, use wooden furniture and potted greenery. Either way, you can complete those setups with a warm rug of a neutral tan color.


Similarly, you can opt for a more classic setup with the olive green wall color and a dark tan couch. Then, proceed by adding deep olive elements with your choice of throw pillows. Alternatively, use a dark shade of tan on the walls before filling the space with olive drab pieces.

The White Color and Olive Green

Image source: Jigsaw Interior Architecture

Various shades of white color provide a stark contrast to a green olives theme. Judging by the color wheel, white isn’t a complementary color to green. However, like all neutral colors, it sets the stage for the bright pops to shine. Hence, the white and olive color combination is fitting for numerous types of modern spaces.

Combining Magenta Pink With Olive Green

Image source: Che Bella Interiors Design + Remodeling

One of the surprising entries to the list of colors that go with olive green, magenta pink is also a great choice. This pairing produces the perfect backdrop for posing in chic outfits. It is stylish and eclectic at the same time, creating a sophisticated color scheme.

However, balancing these two bold choices can be a challenge. So, decide whether you want to bring nature into your living space before applying magenta-pink elements. In that sense, carefully measure the level of visual interest you want to achieve.

The Black and Olive Green Color Palette

Image source: Ercol

When following the maximalist approach, the black-and-olive green color pairings are an easy choice to make. This color combo oozes boldness and effortlessly looks unique. As such, it may be the perfect combination for a modern bedroom.

Nowadays, a black matte finish is a trendy choice for the ceiling. Hence, you can pair it with olive green walls to great effect. Alternatively, you can opt for a more classic pairing using eggshell or satin paints.

Image source: Dominic Blackmoore

Then, start adding subtle layers of olive green with the drapes and headboard pieces. Lastly, install a black drum chandelier as the final elegant touch.

Pairing Olive Green With the Blue Color

Image source: JL DESIGN

Blue is an analogous color to any green shade, olive green included. Thus, you can use a deeper blue shade like navy blue as the primary color for the accessories. Next, pick olive green as the accent wall hue for a balanced outcome.

Similarly, you can include a dark olive green couch before adding light blue elements around it. That way, you’ll achieve an eventful and relaxing setup.

The Yellow Color With Olive Green

Image source: Honey Bee Interiors

Yellow is another off-kilter addition to the colors that go with olive green. In other words, mixing them is a somewhat risky endeavor that may pay out in spades. However, ensure to use a soft neutral to prevent these colors from clashing.

For instance, use beige wall paint, an olive green sofa, and yellow throw pillows. That way, you’ll produce an interesting tricolor interplay and pronounce the yellow undertones. Plus, olive green has subtle shades of yellow color by default.

The Brown-Olive Green Combination

Image source: Studioplusthree

For a soothing and inviting living space, try pairing warm brown hues with olive green. Otherwise, use a rich brown shade for a more charming, center-piece combination. On that note, apply some gold accessories to produce a high-class ambiance.

The Dark Gray and Olive Green Pairing

Image source: Ann Lowengart Interiors

This is a daring look that fits any industrial theme you may aim for. Hence, apply the gray elements via various rugged textures for a starker contrast. Light grays can also work, though the result will be far more subtle and in need of warm neutrals.

Combining Pink and Olive Green

Image source: 1 Day painting

While olive green produces strong floral accents and looks fresh, pink is an excessively soft color. Yet, it is ethereal enough to accentuate the subtle tones comprising the olive green shade. The result is a fun clashing of two opposite colors that looks youthful and airy.

Image source: Fenton & Fenton

Both of these options belong among the different shades we find in the boho color scheme. Thus, you can create a distinct bohemian kitchen space by using this combo. To that end, install olive green cabinetry in front of a blush pink background. Next, add gold hardware that pops into view. Finally, complete the setup with a patterned rug on the floor.

Mixing Olive Green and Gold

Image source: 1 Day painting

The luxurious combination of gold and olive green still keeps its place in the spotlight. For example, you can go for olive green furniture with sparkly gold overlays. Also, use gold frames for your art pieces against strong olive green wall paint. Lastly, when using olive green upholstery, add a handful of gold throw pillows for a cozy atmosphere.

The Maroon Shade With Olive Green

Image source: Hucks & Washington Furniture Company

For your reading space, it’s best to use a relaxing color palette that will allow you to focus. Hence, consider the tasteful maroon-olive green combination. For optimal results, apply olive green as the dominant color before throwing a maroon fur cushion.

Image source: ZeroEnergy Design

Next, preserve the integrity of the base duo by adding dark gray elements. Otherwise, introduce another soft shade for a more casual result.

The Cream and Olive Green Pairing

Image source: Styl’d by Cher Interior Design

Cream is one of the slickest colors that go with olive green due to how they both highlight each other. Thus, you can freely intertwine them in your setup and still get a suave interior. Plus, this look is easy to achieve: all you need is cream wall paint and an olive green duvet.

Similarly, try having olive green drapes next to a cream-based blanket or rug. To complete that setup and make it look cozy, simply use wood tones via the furniture.

The Taupe and Olive Green Color Scheme

Image source: Borden Interiors & Associates

For a decisively earthy atmosphere, you can pair taupe and olive green. Since both colors are warm and subtle, they combine to produce natural vibes you don’t often see. However, it’s also a relaxing setup, thus a perfect living or dining room choice.

To that end, use taupe on the walls and give olive green the role of the accent color. Then, round things up by adding light neutral colors with your choice of sofa and coffee table.

Combining Navy Blue and Olive Green


The navy blue and olive green combo is a modern solution that confirms how versatile both of these hues are. Plus, they look classy and slick together, elevating the feel of the room easily. Hence, it is an opulent scenario that’s bound to impress your guests.

One excellent example of this color palette is olive green upholstery and a matte navy blue background. Then, add a retro-style overdyed rug with a sly olive green pattern for an elegant note.

Pairing Turquoise With Olive Green

Image source: Leigh Olive Mowry-Olive Interiors

This is a serene combination that can completely alter the aura of the space you include it in. To start things off, put several patterns comprising shades of these two colors. Next, highlight each of them by adding larger furniture pieces or rugs. Depending on your setup, apply a light neutral on the walls for a relaxing living room layout.

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