The rose gold color palette is a versatile one. This hue is gaining popularity nowadays, and designers keep on finding new elements that go with rose gold. Hence, you can utilize its intensity in any room of your house.

In this article, we’ll inspect the best methods for pairing rose gold when decorating a room. To that end, we’ll share tricks about using rose gold accents in many color combinations. Here’s our guide.

Rose Gold Decor With Teal

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Rose gold has a metallic feel to it, meaning it blends well with cooler shades like teal. At the same time, it is vibrant, luxurious and provides warm undertones. Therefore, it’s a great fit for both teal and turquoise. Hence, you can pair rose gold with them to achieve a tasteful contrast in the end.

Caspian Blue Next to a Rose Gold Wallpaper

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Unlike the navy blue colors, caspian blue’s yellow undertones are a great match for any rose gold base. Since rose gold brings subtle orange hues, you can use caspian to highlight those qualities. Therefore, you can apply this combination to any of your living room walls.

Lilac and Other Colors That Go With Rose Gold

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Using such vibrant colors together is a fun solution, though you should look for ways to balance it. To that end, start by picking a suitable neutral color that goes with both accents. For example, gray or off-white colors.

In essence, rose gold is a bolder shade of pink, while lilac is a soft purple variant. Furthermore, rose gold is a warm color, as opposed to lilac, which carries cool undertones. As a result, these two colors complement each other and can produce an eventful scenery.

Combining Navy Blue and Rose Gold

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Navy blue brings a dramatic touch to the whole setup since it is an attention-grabbing hue. As such, it is a natural pair for any soft shade like rose gold. However, you should carefully set up their interaction so as to not lose your starting idea.

To do so, implement the famous 60-30-10 interior design approach. In this case, that would mean using 60% of the dominant color and 30% of the secondary shade. Then, apply the accent color only to the remaining 10% of the space.

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Thus, when you’re using navy blue sofas, apply white wall paint to balance out the look. Next, infuse the ambiance with rose gold accents for a luxurious flair. Also, consider your choice of rugs if you’re aiming for a more relaxing atmosphere.

The White Color With Rose Gold

Image source: The Dept of Design

White tops the list of the natural colors that go with rose gold. It provides a charming contrast to the warmth of the pink hue that’s always nice to look at. This is the result of how these colors complement each other without ever clashing.

In practice, achieving a stylish interior when using white and rose gold is easy. For example, you can use pure white wall paint before adding a handful of rose gold elements. That is a refined method that leads to a welcoming and warm scene.

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You can then double down on the elegance factor with your choice of vases and lamps. At the same time, try pairing rose gold with any of the other similarly muted colors as white. The colors gray and blush are excellent candidates for that role.

Combining Ivory and Rose Gold

Image source: MANDARINA STUDIO interior design

Ivory is one of the easiest colors to pair with any pinkish counterpart. Nowadays, we consider it firmly among the feminine palette, though its use cases are many. Hence, bringing ivory and rose gold together is a truly romantic setup.

Next, you can further support both colors by adding muted creamy shades like champagne. Such pairings introduce high class and elegance wherever applied.

The Black Color With Rose Gold

Image source: Heritage Bathrooms

Mixing black with pink-gold colors is a shortcut to a regal ambiance. Therefore, rose gold fixtures look very nice in front of a black background. At the same time, black with rose gold is a modern combo, looking far fresher than a simple gold-and-black scenario.

To round up their interaction, insert some subtle yellow-gold or pink finishes. Warm hues that even border on white are other useful tools that add contrast in this case.

Pairing Cream With Rose Gold

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Cream is a neutral color that carries nuanced orange undertones. As such, many cite it among the warm hues. Rose gold is also within that category, making them a decadent match instead of a stark contrast. However, there are plenty of ways to enhance this color combination.

Interior designers love to play around with this scheme to great effect. For example, they often use thick faux throws and rose gold curtains. Aside from that, you can also utilize metallic candle holders in predominantly rose gold or red paint.

Beige and The Rose Gold Color

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This combination provides a beautiful contrast and carries a subtle feminine shade. Similarly, pairing rose gold with beige always leads to a comforting scenery. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with them for your bedroom or living room.

Although the color rose gold is somewhat loud by default, it gels very nicely with beige. For a relaxing outcome, use light touches of it and other bold colors. Also, consider adding art with blended yellow-gold frames. To further enliven the room, insert mint green in some of the elements already in place.

The Gray Color With Rose Gold

Image source: Carton Interiors

If you’re aiming for some more pizzazz, try pairing gray and rose gold. The former acts as an excellent base for the wart of the rose gold color. Thus, they’re a neat pair for almost any room in the house.

For example, you can use them with other luxurious elements for a chic living room. Alternatively, you can opt for softer hues to paint your new dining room.

Pairing Blush Pink With Rose Gold

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Although both of these hues resemble pale pink, they share many other undertones that make them compatible. Thus, you can play into that color palette for a stylish outcome. Plus, they will balance each other out, since blush is the more muted of the two.

Using Forest Green With Rose Gold

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Several green shades are among the colors that go with rose gold. Green and red are analogous by default, meaning forest green and rose gold also mesh well together. The result is an aesthetic and elegant mix that you can further enrichen if you choose so. For example, try sprinkling some brown or beige elements throughout the room.

Can Seafoam Blue Work With Rose Gold?

Image source: Michelle Chaplin Interiors

To create a look reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach, use both seafoam blue and rose gold. Such a daring combination works due to the cool undertones of this light blue shade. Hence, it easily balances the reddish base of rose gold and enhances its beauty.

The Copper Color and Rose Gold

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Rose gold is famous for its warm undertones and luxurious accents. As a result, many use it to bring a sunset-like ambiance to their living room space. In comparison, copper is a much more earthy tone that’s also comforting to look at. Therefore, you can use both copper and rose gold for an inviting setup for your guest room.

This combination can also work for more formal occasions. To that end, add light copper hues on a mostly rose gold base. That will add elegance to the setting and accentuate the innately regal qualities of these two hues.

Pearl and Rose Gold Accents

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For a shinier and more glamorous outcome, use the color pearl next to rose gold elements. This is an eye-catching combination that’s very trendy at the moment. Plus, many popular pieces of jewelry follow that same scheme as well!

Plum and Other Colors That Go With Rose Gold

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Using a darker shade of purple is an excellent match for the rose gold color palette. Both of them carry an uplifting vibe that’s welcoming for a romantic setup. Also, plum is a deeper hue that can highlight the softness of the rose gold accents beautifully.

As a result, you can apply this method to your bedroom or dining room areas. Either way, you’ll get a dramatic outcome that dictates the mood and surrounding ambiance. However, you can always further tune the interaction of these two colors to various effects

For example, add larger doses of plum for a more intense result. Alternatively, you can make rose gold the primary color and only insert soft touches of plum. That way, you’ll produce a stylish contrast for a more intimate atmosphere.

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