The sage green paint color is fan-favorite these days, slowly finding its way back into the current trends. In essence, it is a muted green variant that also carries a fresh touch. Hence, designers often opt to incorporate sage green walls instead of the usual white backdrop.

In this article, we’ll go over the various sage green complementary colors that look great under natural light. Luckily, pairing sage green will not be a daunting task most of the time. So, here are the colors that go with sage green.

Combine Sage Green With Gray

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For a calming effect, you can pair sage green with the gray color. Since gray is cool-toned, it belongs next to a saturated sage green wallpaper. That balance is also a fashionable color combination.

You can also implement this color scheme in the dining room. For example, use sage green cabinets in front of gray walls. In such a scenario, sage green brings a natural touch resulting in a homely ambiance.

The White and Sage Green Color Combinations

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Sage green pairs beautifully with white elements acting as the focal points of the space. Sage green walls work flawlessly as the basis for an all-white furniture set. So, you can add depth by opting for a fancy white couch or a fluffy white rug.

Similarly, you can introduce white in more subtle ways too. For example, add warmth with creamy vases, white light fixtures, and white frames for your art pieces. Such tasteful additions can provide contrast even to a light sage green background.

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The white colors go with sage green even as wall paint. Thus, you refresh any sitting room by including some crisp white backgrounds and the freshness of the sage green color. Either way, you’ll create a charming and relaxing space.

Pairing Dusty Pink With Sage Green

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Although far on the color wheel, pink is also among the colors that go with sage green. In that sense, you can use various green variations to accentuate pink in more than one light. For example, you can mix wood tones and pastel pink before adding sage green elements. That is a charming combination for a comfortable bedroom.

The Gold Color and Sage Green

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Gold is an accent color that pairs greatly with a more mid-tone shade like sage green. Also, it’s the prime candidate for adding glamor to your living room. To that end, you can simply add golden artwork frames to the sage green walls. At the same time, consider using brass light switches instead of plain-looking models.

Deep Pink Hues Next to Sage Green Walls

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Since sage green is in the fresh neutral colors category, you can also pair it with muddied pink hues. Plus, sage green brings earthy tones reminiscent of nature that go with a sweeter color by default. Thus, combining it with a stronger pink color is a stylish and soothing approach.

Powder pink and sage green are the perfect color combination for modern living rooms. Both colors have disty undertones, allowing them to match without clashing. Next, you can work on enriching the scene while ensuring both colors share the spotlight.

For example, add floral motives to round up the green-pink theme. Also, avoid using angular textures on the tapestry and walls. So, the simple decor is a natural fit that will nonetheless enrich the atmosphere. On the other hand, use off-white wall paint for a more country-style outcome.

Honey and Mustard Yellow With Sage Green

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For a more vibrant outcome reminiscent of a hot summer day, try painting bright yellow with sage green. Accent colors like honey yellow can be the focal point of such a scene by way of high contrast. Hence, use a deeper sage green variant to support that effect.

Next, use pure white on the ceiling and soft furnishings on the floor. Other than that, consider adding brass or gold decoration for a trendy interior design layout. Hence, putting a lavish brass table at the center of the room is a reliable method for more flair.

Combining Brown and Sage Green

Image source: Sherwin-Williams

Brown and green are analogous colors that form a vibrant and earthy scheme. For a homely and welcoming living room, you can use a brown sofa and sage green on the walls. Also, implement plenty of wood tones to achieve the classic rustic look. Grain wood is an excellent example of the complementary colors that go with sage green.

Terracotta With Sage Green

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Terracotta is a warm orange hue that can enliven any setup with ease. Hence, you can pair it with sage green for an autumn-inspired and trendy look. At the same time, such a base can very well evolve into a chic boho combination as well.

On that note, you can play with the same undertones by adding natural textures elsewhere For instance, use bamboo furniture, hemp bedding, etc.

Pairing Sage Green and Eucalyptus Green

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Eucalyptus green is a popular choice for a country setup. Due to its strong ties with nature, it adds a welcoming notion to your living space. Hence, it is a great match for more muted hues like forest green and sage.

Next, consider adding brass accessories to complete the rustic setup. As an alternative, you can add stripes textures for a touch of modernity. For the flooring, opt for soft brown shades that bring warmth to the mix. Linen and sisal also fit in that scheme.

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Regarding the finishing touches, you can go for bright floral pots or even fresh eucalyptus. For the right level of contrast, use white jugs to fill up the space.

Muted Red and the Sage Green Color

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If you’re aiming for a highly dynamic color palette, look into the sage green-muted red combo. Together, these sophisticated shades look lavish and even regal. For the best outcome, opt for sage green walls and deep red furniture. On that note, avoid using those two colors on the walls since they will overpower each other instead of acting as focal points.

Charcoal Gray With Sage Green Walls

Image source: JL Design

This is a famous combination for a trendy kitchen space. A shade similar to the Benjamin Moore Kendall charcoal is a natural fit for a sage green base. Thus, apply it on the cabinetry or to the countertops for a stylish result. Next, add some black-and-white touches to round up the look.

Mixing Forest Green and Sage Green

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While monochromatic, a dark green base can be a very soothing choice at the same time. Sage green and forest green are the perfect pair for a vibrant, nature-like ambiance. Then, you can add interest and playfulness to the setup by inserting several colorful textures. As a result, that color combination will read as dynamic besides comprising two similar shades.

The Rust Color With Sage Green

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Sage green has strong emerald undertones that make it a classy choice from the get-go. Hence, it is a reliable tool for adding tranquility to the setup. However, you can also pair it with a contrasting color for a warmer outcome. The rust color is a fitting candidate for providing that balance and creating a unique ambiance.

While many associate it with the 70s, rust is a contemporary trend as well. For example, you can use it with fancy light fixtures and velvet elements as complementary colors. Also, the pink color acts as a subtle base for an emerald-rust color pairing. Those hues combine in a tasteful and elegant manner wherever applied.

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As for the floor, use dark wood tones and rattan to continue the retro presentation. Plus, such nuanced textures gel well with rich colors in the forefront.

Wood Colors and Sage Green


If you enjoy an earthy living room, try implementing sage green and wood elements close to each other. Due to their innate harmony, they blend by default and never fail to look classic. Hence, it is a timeless setting that’s a fit for any room of your house.

Image source: Sherwin-Williams

Then, consider adding some clay pottery to complete the scene. Stone elements are another great choice since they complement the wooden tones flawlessly. Plus, it’s an aesthetically pleasing scheme that’s also easy to get used to. Lastly, place a wide sage green rug to cozy up the space in style.

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