Wood floors are among the evergreen options that go with any other entry on the color wheel. You can also pair them with warm tones in rooms with a lot of natural light. On the other hand, you can opt for a more stylish setup with dark wood floors or dark hardwood floors. Either way, you’ll be able to pick from a myriad of wall colors to complete the interior design.

Next up, we’ll go over the most tasteful paint colors that go with wood floors. Generally, designers favor light wall colors when working with wood floors. However, there’s a lot of room for experimenting with various wood tones. Here’s how to start your search.

The Best Wall Colors for Light Wood Flooring

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Since the color of the wood is neutral, it’s an easy match with warm wall colors. Using a softer tone on the walls will also accentuate the deeper hues on the flooring. Naturally, using darker wall colors will have the opposite effect.

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Thus, stick to neutral tones when trying to attract more eyes to the light wood floors. For example, pick brown or green hues for the walls. Also, subtle orange and cream white add up to a brighter room overall.

Therefore, opt to create a disparity between the dominant tones of the flooring versus those on the walls. Relying on an opposite shade to highlight the other part of the pair is an effective approach. Hence, either use a softer wall color with a dark wood floor or vice versa.

Combining Cream Color With Various Wood Floors

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Generally, you can use creamy or beige tans on the walls with most kinds of wood flooring. This is a great option even when opting for yellow-toned wood floors. Warm paint colors can provide a beautiful contrast that brings out the cool undertones on the ground.

Light Colors on Hardwood Floors

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Going for white color for the walls is a classic choice for a reason. It remains an excellent choice even for medium wood floors since it’s very versatile. Plus, there are many sub-tones you can apply to avoid a “hospital-like” look. Hence, many designers look for a less start approach and don’t include the lightest end of the spectrum.

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On the other hand, combining pure white on the walls with lighter flooring can brighten up any room. Similarly, you can use soft grays on the ground to introduce another aspect to the setup. In that way, you’ll create a subtle and elegant contrast of colors.

Light Gray With Wood Floors

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Gray is among the most used paint colors that go with wood floors. A light gray color on the walls can perfectly complement the yellow undertones in the flooring. At the same time, it will highlight the other natural color variations of wood.

Using Charcoal Gray Color on the Walls

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This is an effective shortcut to cozy up your living space. Charcoal gray is very reliable as a background hue, pairing greatly with any wooden surface. Hence, it’s a stylish and modern choice that adds new dimensions whenever applied.

Violet Wall Color and Dark Hardwood Floors

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Many versions of violet go well with a hardwood floor, although it’s not an obvious pairing for most. However, violet with a nuanced touch of gray is practically made for cherry hardwood floors. Plus, you can use that tone even when working with darker hues on the ground.

Deep Gray Color With Dark Wood Floors

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For a more monochromatic look, you can combine gray furniture with dark wood floors. That is a sophisticated approach favoring hanging light fixtures. The outcome is a cozy space perfect for a kitchen or a living room.

White Walls and Gray Wood Floors

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This is another classic combination that looks great in any setup. The white color goes great with any type of dark wood shade, so you can freely paint the walls that way. As a result, you’ll direct all of your visitors’ attention toward the new floor.

Light Blue Walls With Dark Colors on the Floor

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If you’re using dark wood floors, then you should contrast them with light colors on the walls. For example, try combining them with light blue or blue-gray hues. Such measured pops of color will accent the natural wood surface and provide warmth to the space. This will also create a calming environment, fitting for a kid’s bedroom.

The Most Popular Colors for Cherry Hardwood Floors

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Cherry hardwood asks for a more intense color palette to complement it better. Here’s what you can use for that purpose:

  • Off-white walls – Using bright white color is an excellent way to highlight the cherry hardwood’s natural texture. You can also go for a creamy variant for a more muted look.
  • The green color – Green is a great match for any wood floor, though it’s best to avoid the ones with touches of a yellow hue.
  • Blue shades on the walls – Painting the walls with a light blue shade will create a feeling of serenity and calmness.
  • Combinations with red and terracotta – This is a bit riskier approach. Since those colors are vibrant, they can overshadow the natural wooden texture.

Hickory Wood Floor With White Walls

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This variant comprises cool undertones of gray which make it look unique. As such, it’s a natural choice for pairing it with a bright color on the wall. Hence, opt for any of the warm complementary colors.

What to Use on Gray Wood Floors

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Such undertones sum up to a cool setting that you should offset somehow. To that end, apply warmer tones on the walls and avoid a sterile look. For example, consider this list:

Blue – Opting for the navy blue hue for the walls is a great choice when using a gray floor. It creates a nice contrast and a cozy environment.

White – Pure white is your best choice here. It will highlight the gray undertones without clashing against them. However, avoid using off-white colors.

Dusty green – Shades like sage green are among the most used paint colors that go with wood floors. They help you create a relaxing space for your guest or living room.

What to Use With Middle-Toned Hardwood Floors

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Neutral green is a natural pairing for a medium hardwood floor. Grass green brings a touch of freshness and works great against the reddish hue of the floor. Still, consider your other interior design elements beforehand.

Conclusion on the Best Paint Colors That Go With Wood Floors

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The hardwood material has a lot of appliances and also provides a natural touch to the setup. It’s a durable surface that you can install it even in a bathroom. For that purpose, use engineered hardwood to avoid damage due to water exposure. Then, pick several complementary colors to accent the hardwood qualities.

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