As counterintuitive as it may sound, having a trendy, yet classy and timeless home is still feasible. Many creative home owners wouldn’t even think of the idea to combine long-lasting solutions with home décor trends, but the two of them can actually be merged to create something beautiful.

Decorating trends can blend seamlessly with your timeless treasures, and you can end up having a unique home that will take breath away – both now and in years to come!

Wanna know how?

Invest in pieces that can last

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends3 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: William Reue Architecture

If you want your home to stand the test of time, don’t get all stingy when choosing furniture. Choose valuable pieces that won’t require redecoration any time soon, or even such you believe would have higher resale value when taken to a consignment store.

Antique furniture is a great choice, because it has been on the market for centuries, and it won’t go out of style when you decide to sell it. The same counts for themed furniture sets and oriental rugs.

Grab what you like

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends2 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Melinamade Interiors

Trends are unpredictable, and on can’t tell whether the powerful design ideas of today will stay or be forgotten after a couple of months.

Therefore, the guiding criteria should be your taste, and you should grab what you like by all means. Don’t let yourself be tempted by the fact that the amethyst vase you like is not in demand – for you, it is the piece you were looking for to complement your window frames.

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends13 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

It is the same with colors: purple doesn’t have to be ‘the color of tomorrow’. If it matches your interiors, you should take it.

Many people tend to follow trends and to choose modern colors that they’re not such fans of, and they end up having no place for them back home.

One thing is certain: as au courant as that piece of furniture is, you didn’t love it at first sight, and you won’t get to love it in future. Just go home, and take a day or two to think about it: if it is still on your mind, go back and take it.

Choose the timeless option for fixed elements, and the trendy one for accents and accessories

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends4 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Natural Balance Home Builders

Take the zigzag (or chevron) motif as an example: it has been around for centuries, and it is still trendy. If you are a passionate fan as me, you’d consider it even if knowing it is on its way out.

Still, is covering your kitchen’s backsplash with ‘of the moment’ tiles the wisest lasting decision you could make? Unless you’re 100% convinced of it, put chevron on smaller details, such as vases and mugs.

Had you decided to cover the backsplash instead, choose one or two neutral colors, or a clean pattern (herringbone, for instance). Generally, strong design motifs should be left out of large surfaces, but if you really like them, keep them simple.

Timeless accessories

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends5 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Capoferro Design Build Group

As we already mentioned, trendy pieces will start looking embarrassing after a year or two, and the odds are high that you won’t be able to use your spending dinnerware set after a year or two.

That’s where timeless accessories come handiest: they don’t have to be useless pieces of art you take out when the queen comes for tea, but random sets you’ll serve in at casual family dinners or even formal holiday parties.

They will never stop looking stylish, especially if they have a sentimental value for the family.

Clean lines never go out of style

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends6 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Craig Denis

Everything fades with time, that’s true, but overdone and complex ornaments are the first ones to do it. Therefore, instead of spreading ornate designs and inlays all around, defeat time with clean lines and simpler designs.

Remember that plain surfaces can easily be refinished, but ones you’ve passed the simplicity limit there will be no way back.

Mind your budget

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends7 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Equinox Architecture Inc. – Jim Gelfat

You may think antiques are expensive and unaffordable, but that’s not what your wallet would say. The most luxurious pieces you could buy on the market are the ‘hits of the moment’, which require a fortune to obtain them, but offer no guarantee on how long they are going to stay under the spotlight.

That makes low-cost reproductions the best option you have, as you may be required to refurnish in only few months. Depleting your account for items that will be completely passé in few months doesn’t make sense, and there is no trend that can justify it.

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends12 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: W.A. Bentz Construction, Inc.

Being completely honest, overspending on furniture is never a good idea, so plan well what you can afford, and don’t overstep it.

Try to be less conservative when spending on classic and powerful pieces, because they are more likely to stand time. You can even buy second-hand or on-sales items, but avoid ones that are incredibly cheap.

In the world of interior design, cheap usually means low quality, and that’s exactly what every home owner is trying to avoid.

Consider the ‘Updated classics’ category

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends1 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Amanda Ayres Interiors

What does ‘Updated classics’ mean? Let us give you few examples: It can be a Louis XVI-styled chair with geometric upholstery, a Chippendale cocktail covered with bright and lacquered paints, or an oversized Greek braid trim.

As you can see, these pieces are in fact timeless forms transformed to become relevant in our time. They look classy, but fresh, and are not tat likely to become boring.

At the same time, they will always inspire us to modify them and to keep them relevant, so feel free to tweak them down the line.

The priority is comfort

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends8 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Amy Lau Design

Whatever you are considering to buy, try it, and check whether it is comfortable. It is the same with furniture as it is with clothes and shoes – if they don’t suit you well, they won’t be of any use to you.

This matters especially for chairs, sofas, and beds, because there are many of them that look absolutely delightful, but are at the same time incredibly uncomfortable.

The one and only thing back home that is genuinely timeless, and which you won’t feel the need to change never again, is comfort!

Pull the right levers to update your home in future

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends9 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Or, explained simpler, plan the alterations you are likely to make in future.

The easiest way to do it is to implement trends using pillows and fresh paints, because they can make the room feel entirely new even when they’re the only thing you’ve changed. Try it, and you will see that it is really possible.

Consider texture

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends11 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: LaRue Architects

Texture is another weapon that can be used to inject trends, and it often lasts longer than colors and patterns do. Think about it: do you know someone who keeps a cowhide rug at home for more than 10 years, and has no intention to change it for today’s Aztec and floral prints?

The answer is certainly yes, and it is so because texture, wherever it is applied, looks trendy for much longer than a particular color.

Does it leave you breathless?

Combining-Long-Lasting-Solutions-With-Home-Décor-Trends10 Combining Long-Lasting Solutions With Home Décor TrendsImage source: Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Interior design is all about instincts – trends come and go, but that doesn’t change the fact that you love your furniture. Rather than a concept, timeless is a feeling – things will be relevant for as long as you’re impressed by them.