Renting a dumpster is one of those things that people don’t want to think much about, but at times it becomes a really serious matter.

In some situations like embarking on a new construction site, clearing the basement, removing yard waste, and many other places where renting a dumpster becomes a necessity.

When people find themselves in these situations they end up taking wrong decisions and wasting a lot of their precious time and money and then regretting it. We will tell you about some common mistakes that people do while renting a dumpster.

Here are 6 mistakes that people do while renting a dumpster

1)      Choosing the wrong size – People assume that any dumpster would be good enough for their project, but they are wrong. Dumpsters come in different sizes and one must always consult with the company, that what size of dumpster might be required for their work. Also, sometimes people order a small dumpster just to save up on cash, but later they are forced to order another dumpster or put a halt to their project.

2)      Not preparing for dumpsters arrival – many times people order a dumpster but are not able to prepare for its delivery. People forget to make space for the dumpster’s arrival. It may be required to move cars, remove debris, and lay down plywood before the dumpster is dropped off. Many time companies charge you fee if you are not ready for the dumpsters arrival as it costs them time.

3)      Ignoring company’s rules – many times people ignore the rules laid down by the company of what can and cannot be disposed in the rented dumpster. Electronic appliances are often prohibited. If anything which is not allowed is disposed in the dumpster and is noticed by the company official, which mostly happens you will be asked to remove that thing, which means going through a lot of pain just to find that thing and then looking for alternative means of disposing of it. Having a clear idea about the rules of the company will help you prepare better for your project.

4)      Not obtaining permits – another common mistake done by the people hiring the dumpster is not obtaining the correct permit. Depending on your locality, you may need to obtain a permit to rent and place a dumpster in your area. It is mostly required when the dumpster is going to be on the curb or will be covering a part of the street. If you are planning to rent a dumpster, check if a permit is required in your city or locality.

5)      Choosing the wrong company – Many times people often choose the wrong companies for the job.  People should go to companies like ‘Roll off dumpster rentals’ who have the clean and modern equipment and know how to deliver a dumpster. They are companies who have the faulty equipment and don’t know how to meet their time commitments.  Hiring a sketchy dumpster rental company will only make your work more stressful and less economical.

6) Not paying attention to the length of the rental – Many times there is often a specific amount of time for which the company will provide you the dumpster for. At times it is 3 days or a week. You need to ask a company beforehand to be sure when the dumpster has to be returned to avoid an additional fee for late return of the dumpster.


Dumpster rental is not something that you would like to invest your time upon. All you want is to get a decent company with clean equipment and good time commitment to get your work done. If you are hiring a dumpster rental for the very first time you might want to avoid these mistakes mentioned above.