Looking to move overseas but aren’t sure what the costs are? It may be a hassle for some, but knowing what it costs to move overseas is critical in helping you prepare your budget. By being prepared with estimated costs beforehand, you’re taking out the financial surprise factor that comes with moving domestically or internationally.

From insurance to storage and logistics, here are the most important elements of your overseas move to consider when figuring out costs:


Estimate Cost: $200 to $1,000

Because your possessions will be traveling separately, it’s normal to worry about what will happen to them while being moved. From breakage to missing items, having moving insurance will ensure that your items are protected and covered throughout the move.

The cost of moving insurance varies depending on how much your items are worth


Estimate Cost: $100 to $400

When moving overseas, you will want to ensure that your electricity, internet, gas, and water are all set up the minute you arrive.

Connecting each can range from $25 to over $100, but this depends on who the provider is. It does pay to shop around for competitive pricing before jumping the gun.

Flights and Accommodation

Estimate Cost: $2,250 to $6,000+

Relocating overseas entails a lot of planning and will require you to arrange your flights as well as your accommodation too. International flights are expensive, so be sure to shop around well before your flying date to find a good deal.

Depending on where you are headed, flights for an average family goes between $1,500 and $5,000. If there are any layovers, you may also need an accommodation as well, which will have you looking at around $250 to $550 more.

Boxes and Packaging Materials

Estimate Cost: $50 to $100

Every bit counts, which is why you should also consider the cost of boxes and packing materials. If you are packing your boxes yourself, instead of letting the removalists manage it, you will need to ensure that the boxes are sturdy to withstand the overseas journey.

Moving boxes range between $4 to $17 each. However, the cost varies based on the size and capacity it can carry. Generally, the sturdier the box, the more it will cost you.

Other packaging materials include bubble wraps, mattress covers, packing tape, locks, and so on, bringing the total to around $50 to $100.


Estimate Cost: $200 to $400

Having a storage option is a smart way to ensure your belongings are safe when traveling.

Costs vary between $200 and over $350 a month for a typical family home. It would be wise to also consider how long you want to store your goods. Adding insurance to your storage term will cost more too.

Visa, Customs and Immigration Fees

Estimated Cost: up to $500

Depending on the destination country, it’s possible you won’t have to pay any fees at all.

A lot of countries will allow household goods to be brought in up to a particular worth, after which you will be taxed per item.

Custom fees can cost around $450. Depending on where you’re going, you may need to pay visa fees which can be up to $500.


Estimate Cost: $200 to $500

If you plan to take your furry pals on your overseas trip, you will need to factor in the costs of moving them overseas.

Taking them with you on the aircraft is the quickest (and best value) option. You need an airline-approved crate for them throughout your journey.

Depending on the airlines you are flying with, costs to fly your pet range from $200 to over $500.

Removing Rubbish

Estimate Cost: $150 to $250

When moving, chances are, you will have lots of rubbish to get rid of.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to remove rubbish is to rent a skip. Prices range between $150 to $250, but this depends on the size of the bin you need. If you have rubbish that needs a few extra pairs of hands to get rid of, it may be better to hire a company like 1300 Rubbish to assist in removing your rubbish.


Estimate Cost: $3,000 to $10,000

Hiring removalists will be where most of your moving budget goes. From packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings, removalists play a key part in your overseas relocation.

It really depends on how far you have to move, but costs usually range between $3,000 to $10,000, so it pays to go with the company which provides good value for what you’re paying

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these overseas moving cost estimates help you gauge the costs of moving internationally. The process may appear overwhelming at the moment, which is why having the right removalists to help you is important.