The couple’s bedroom should be a place to relax and replenish your energy with those you love after a tiring day. Thus, the decoration can help (and a lot!) To make the room a more inviting and intimate space, so that the couple can enjoy moments of tranquility together.

According to interior designers, there are several details that can contribute to a cozier environment – all related to what the couple believes in bringing the feeling of welcome.

A color on the walls that compose with the bedspread and pillowcases, lower lighting made by lamps and a general on the ceiling, objects that refer to good times, such as picture frames with pictures of something cool, in addition to rugs and curtains to let the most welcoming space. Next, check out more valuable tips!

Expert tips for decorating the bedroom

Quality Items

image003 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

Contrary to what most people think, the professionals affirm that one of the tips to save on the decoration of the couple’s bedroom is to invest in products that have quality: Even though it seems a little more expensive at first, the useful life will justify the initial investment and you will feel good in an environment that will provide you with greater comfort.

Touch of personality

image005 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

As it is a joint decoration, it is important to include items related to both members of the couple’s personality, which will not always coincide with each other. It is interesting to have areas defined for each person in a shared room, for example, each side receiving a panel of references from each one.

Small spaces

image007 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

Professionals also explain some interior design techniques that help optimize the available space, making any environment appear larger. Corners and shelves, for example, are great for accommodating objects and ornaments in small areas. In addition, light colors and the use of mirrors are also recommended for this function.


image009 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

Bed, bedside table, wardrobe … There are some fundamental items in the composition of any double room, right? However, this does not mean that it is not possible to use creativity and innovation in the choice of these objects. Different headboards, colorful cushions, and personalized frames are good options to escape the obvious in the decoration. If you are into the most weird ideas, try round bed, instead of the traditional rectangular bed as published by Toby on his

Choose calmer colors

image011 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

Calmer shades like white, beige, more neutral green, or even a light pink are perfect. Our tip is to make the colors stronger – red, orange, and yellow are great for stimulating the couple’s sexuality, bet on them – for details like furniture, lamps, and rugs.

Pillows are a differentiator

image013 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

The details make all the difference in the decoration for a bedroom. The pillows are great pieces to give extra charm to the bed. Also, bet on colorful pillow covers, but combine them only with more neutral bedding. Remember that merging different patterns in the same space can make it visually polluted.


image015 Couple's bedroom: 7 tips to make the room more cozy

If the idea is to include indoor plants in the couple’s bedroom decoration, to make the environment more cozy, the interior designer indicates attention to the chosen species. This is because some are not suitable for the room due to the photosynthesis process. Worth researching before buying!

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