Unless you’re lucky enough to live in somewhere like California, we are all at mercy to the changing seasons. Indeed, we’re coming into the time of year in the Northern Hemisphere where days get shorter, nights get longer, and we’re more tempted to cozy up in the home than venture out as we did during the balmy summer months.

But you want your home to be a place of comfort and tranquility all year round, regardless of the season. To achieve this, you needn’t redecorate every few months or invest too heavily in specialist fixtures and furnishings. Here’s how to create yourself a home for all seasons.

Track how your natural light changes season by season

The biggest difference between summer and winter seasons is the amount of natural light you’ll be able to capture in your living space. Summer days come with an abundance of beautiful daylight, whereas winter tends to feel darker and less inspiring.

lovelty Create Yourself a Home for All Seasons

As we transition between the seasons, try to recognize where you begin to lose light in the home. Perhaps you could be using more lightweight curtains which still offer privacy, but aren’t so heavy as to block the light you will receive during shorter days. Additionally, you could look to purchase daylight lamps for darker seasons, which omit a realistic glow to mimic the natural light you’ll be missing.

Bring the outdoors, indoors

Spring and summer are synonymous with plants and flowers, and luckily there are many evergreen plants you could be using to decorate your home. To achieve an aesthetic that’s appropriate all year round, consider creating a base with these evergreen plants and then having a rotation of guest blooms when they are in season.

interior11 Create Yourself a Home for All Seasons

Violets are lovely for the spring and easy to care for if kept out of direct sunlight, whereas lavender is wonderfully uplifting and comforting throughout the winter.

Make use of outdoor space all year round

Don’t let the colder weather stop you from enjoying dining al fresco. An effective outdoor heater, paired with the appropriate and durable outdoor kitchen countertops, will provide you with the perfect place to grill all year round.

To protect from rain, there are numerous options for temporary or more permanent shelter structures, from gazebos to wooden canopies. Adorned with fairy lights, these will look splendid year round.

Adopt a neutral paint color palette

neutral Create Yourself a Home for All Seasons

Semiotically, darker colors are more indicatve of winter, think red wine and rich mahogany, and lighter, pastel colors more reminiscent of spring and summer. If you use a neutral paint palette across your home, you have the added flexibility of making little changes to fixing and furnishings, in line with the seasons.

Make small changes to create a seasonal look

A little change can make a big difference; think about changing cushion covers, lamp shades or ornamental objects to create a new mood to match the changing seasons. It costs very little money to have a secondary set of these furnishings at hand for when the weather changes and the impact can be dramatic.