It would appear that overnight, the rain is beginning to lessen and the sunshine is poking through what was once a sky filled with clouds. The lighter days bring with them a much lighter feeling all round and as we shed our coats, so too do we wish to shed the winter feel indoors which leads us to something we all love, spring kitchen design. Thankfully, it isn’t necessary to carry out a complete kitchen redesign simply to get a spring kitchen look.

To help you make your kitchen look that little bit lighter, here are just a few tips from the experts at Matter Designs, a home design service who specialise in bespoke kitchen design right here in the UK.

Let There Be Light

If there’s one thing everyone loves about spring, it’s the fact that the nights and the mornings for that matter, are getting lighter. Spring is therefore the perfect time to brighten up the home and the best way to do that is to simply add in some more light. While you may not be able to add in more windows, you can certainly add in extra mirrors and lighting at minimal cost. Ensuring your kitchen is well lit, for instance, under cabinet lighting, will give the illusion of extra space too. This is ideal for smaller kitchens. If you’re working on a budget, this can be achieved with a few well placed LED lights. If you’re thinking of diving into a little more work, then where possible, skylights are of course the king when it comes to lighting and letting in a little fresh spring air.

Keep The Colours Fresh

Whether you’re going for minimalist or traditional country chic, keeping the colours fresh is crucial. A quick lick of paint will go a long way in freshening up the entire space. Thinking of trying a new spring inspired colour? Greens and whites are ideal for spring and what’s more, they work all year round too. If that’s a little more work than you had in mind however, we strongly recommend adding in a few accessories; think bold green plants on the window sill and beautiful light reflecting photo frames.

Add In Some Florals

When you think of spring, plants and flowers will always spring to mind as flowers inevitably come into bloom all around us. With that in mind, why not add bouquets of flowers into your kitchen area? Or even beautiful flowering plants? Seasonal blooms are great too as they’re not only particularly reminiscent of spring but they’re often more cost-effective. Think daffodils and tulips.

Ready For A Spring Clean

Last but not least, spring reminds us that it’s most definitely time for a full, in-depth spring clean. That means washing those blinds, cleaning on top of wall cabinets and ridding your kitchen of every accumulation of dust and grime that’s collected over the course of winter. Declutter, descale and clean like you’ve never cleaned before. You may even want to consider a two step cleaning process of cleaning and then disinfecting afterwards to really ensure you have cleaned surfaces thoroughly. Having cleaner, brighter walls and a decluttered space will instantly lift your kitchen ready for spring and the year ahead.

Looking For Bespoke Kitchen Design This Spring

If you’re looking for bespoke kitchen design to help lift your tired kitchen this spring, we highly recommend contacting the experts at Matter Designs. Their creative team are one of the best in the country and can provide you with a truly custom made kitchen that won’t only look great, but function to suit your lifestyle. For more information, call Matter Designs today on 01268 833 836.