The entrance hall is a small room compared to the others, and it is the most neglected.

Entrance hall design is as important is the whole interior design scheme, as it is the first room that touches the guests’ eyes.

You can better the impression of your entrance hall with some basic tips on how to make this small space thrive with style.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-1 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Grech & Grech

Light is important

Manipulate the light so it will accent the important parts – maybe you have a good painting on display, or a minimalistic mirror. Even the stairs could be a good accent part of the room by washing light from the lower part of the wall, and also using corner-mounted square up/down lights does this effect.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-2 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: C7 Architects

Work with lights fixed to the wall; as they bounce they might widen the room. Down-lights are definitely not a good idea as the tunnel effect they might make is not one you need for this kind of space.

Have a Feature Wall

A feature wall is just the thing to make an entrance hall pop. It is the ideal place for displaying your favorite photos or an art collection. Go with the overall design of the home; don’t drift from the style of the other rooms. By using pictures in different shapes and sizes and organizing them correctly, you’re on the right track to creating an impressionable hall entrance.

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Making a intersection is a great way to connect the entrance hall to the living room, or whatever space it connects to. Present your guests with a persuasive arrival, good and classy.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-4 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Sarah Ward Associates

Open up the space

Storage closets are a common occurrence in entrance halls, as they are ideal places to store up all the clutter you’re not willing to throw out. By removing this particular space, or just by getting rid of the door, you can instantly enlarge the space. Some hooks and shelving are useful when creating an open storage look which will freshen up the whole room.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-5 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Gino’s Homes

A presentable mat

You don’t have to be an interior designer to acknowledge the importance of a doormat. A door mat is an important component that creates a better entrance inside the home. Wisely choosing the design of the doormat will not only make for a cleaner environment, but it will work as nice décor when used together with the rest of the presented tips.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-6 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Julie Dasher Rugs

Get creative with the hangers

Why not take a simple part of the room and make it more exciting. Spicing up the look of the hangers not only achieves a practical use, but also an eye-striking detail that will make the room more fun. Blended with the right décor, even hangers can contribute to good interior design for an entrance hall.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-7 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: William T. Baker

The Stairs

Staircases are a popular choice when looking into the entrance hall design. Almost every entrance hall is a room from which you can enter the ground floor and the upper floor at the same time. The stairs are a big part of the room, so keeping their design in mind is smart if you want to make a real statement.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-8 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Diane Burgoyne Interiors

Some kind of material, for example handrail made from the same wood as the stairs, makes a stylish connection between the stairs and front door. Also consider using a design motif that blends the stairs’ balustrade with the one in the entrance.

Choosing the colors

Try different color palettes for a bold and striking vibe. Rugs, wall covers and the right furniture colored accordingly will give the room a distinctive personality while showing off your charm and interior style taste.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-9 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Ben Herzog

Practical and Stylish Flooring

Take a moment to think about durability – the flooring you choose needs to be stable, cleanable and compatible with your home design. As previously mentioned, doormats are a must when considering cleanliness. You can choose from a huge variety of flooring, so here are some tips which will help in the process:

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-10 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Dewson Construction Company

  • To keep it clean and discreet, a classic solid floor would be the best option for you. Laminate, tiles or slate work great in an environment where there are pets or children.
  • You can never miss by using a tiled floor with a traditional pattern.
  • If you want something long-lasting and relaxing, Seagrass is a nice natural option. You don’t have to worry about any dirt or stains as it’s not only comfy, but very durable.
  • Something you can always count on is a real wood floor. With the proper care, hard wood like oak could be a choice that you’ll never have to replace, for it lasts a long time.
  • Pine floorboards if painted or restored could really leave a big visual impact, but they have to be taken care of so they can keep their shine.
  • Aside from the dangers of being slippery, marble or porcelain tiles are a classy and timeless look for the entrance hall. Be cautious if you have children or pets.
  • Carpet may not be the primary choice, for it gets filthy easily, but if you choose one that is more strong and durable, you might save yourself from a lot of cleaning. Alternatively, you can use it for the stairs, as it is better and more comfortable.

Aim for Larger Entrance Ways

Space is chief when working with the entrance hall. If your hall is already large, don’t make it smaller by filling it up with too much décor. Keep it simple by using a minimalistic pattern and make only a couple of details stand out. The number of furniture should be compact, as one chaise lounge or medium sized piano is more than enough to give off a great impact.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-11 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: CBE Homes Limited

What to Consider When Working With Small Spaces

You don’t have much to work with when you have a small entrance space, but that doesn’t mean it has to be empty. Compensate for the lack of furniture with shelving, hangers and sittings. If there’s not much space left on the walls either, you can always resort to choosing the right flooring design, as combined with wall decorations is enough for the room.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-12 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Herbeau – Winckelmans Tiles – Line Art

Go White

If you have a lot of traffic in the room, dark colored floors are ideal. Even though that tactic is helpful, do have in mind that it darkens the whole space, emitting a slight melancholy vibe. A nice way to soften this ambient is to paint the walls white. The ceiling also has a role, so make it white too. Its reflection will give the room the even light it deserves.

Creating-The-Interior-Design-For-Entrance-Hall-13 Creating The Interior Design For Entrance HallImage source: Audrey Kerchner