Are you looking for an elegant kitchen and want to renovate your current interior? Then, adding rustic kitchen cabinets is the finest option for you. You don’t have to confuse yourself with two or more design styles. If you love the look of a glossy and modern kitchen and follow kitchen trends with enthusiasm, then you can look out for some best rustic cabinet kitchen alternatives.

Rustic cabinets usually provide warmth to the kitchen, involve less creativity and help you get a universal appeal in your home interior. Today, there are lots of kitchen decorating ideas you can use to create a cozy appeal in the heart of your kitchen.

You can also add wood, stone, and other natural aspects with modern capabilities to integrate with a rustic and modern feel in your kitchen. A sleek and modern style with a fun rustic touch may be a perfect option with careful interior planning. You can also look at these rustic kitchen ideas to determine and choose the appropriate design alternative for your kitchen space.

Tips for Building a Modern Rustic Kitchen

Here are certain top tricks for building new and renovating your old kitchen into a modern rustic kitchen of your dreams:

1. Creating Natural Magnificence of a Stone and Brick

When it comes to rustic decor, the first thing that comes to your mind is stonework and brick. Even in modern kitchen designs, the appliances are endless – from unique white-washed brick walls to uniquely shaped clinker-brick.

The stone is durable, adds texture, and blends brilliantly with modern decor. You must try cladding a wall with natural stone under minimalistic cabinetry for a perfect combination.

2. Divide Your Kitchen Cabinets in a Modern Style

A few cabinet ideas can bring a modern flavour and design to your kitchen. It can be ideal if you have wood floors and a farmhouse sink. You can opt for an island that offers a burst of contemporary colour with stainless steel rather than opting for a heavy wooden or marble-topped island. Also, check more popular ideas of remodelling your kitchen that will entirely refresh your home.

3. Blend Your Materials

Don’t forget about the range of materials available that have a linear, uniform, clean look, such as cork and bamboo, while thinking about how to give your modern and sleek cabinetry a warm feel. They look great underfoot. Furthermore, these materials are easy to maintain and even work well for backsplashes.

In addition to that, such materials provide a rustic touch without detracting from the modernity of the space. Feel free to use stunning stainless knobs and pull on your cabinets and drawers without compromising with the earthy vibe.

4. Best of Both Worlds

A perfect designing rule insists that when blending modern and rustic styles, avoid adding too much detail. Instead, try to balance both of them perfectly. Otherwise, it will end up seeming confusing.

If you already have classic cabinets in your kitchen, then go for concrete countertops. On the other hand, if you have an absolutely clean line of teal lacquered cabinets, you can go for pale blond bamboo countertops. This will be a perfect mixture of the modern style and a rustic kitchen.

5. Hold on to The Ceiling

One thing which works well in modern rustic kitchen designs is that they have wooden beams overhead. They bring the eye up and lend an air of spaciousness, whether they’re rough-hewn and give a lodge-like feel or painted to meet your modern cabinetry. For getting more feel, keep the lines clean – coffered ceiling bars won’t work here.

6. Mix Up Metals

You could go to the town and mix up the metal inflections if you have an inconspicuous cabinet type that doesn’t have the hardware. Combine the stainless steel appliances with a hammered copper sink and a sagging pot stand of oil-rubbed bronze.

Don’t forget to light up the room with rustic copper hanging pendants with Edison bulbs. Vintage lights and other small detailing will surely add beauty to your kitchen interior design.

7. Small Things Could Make a Great Impact

You don’t need to make many adjustments in a white rustic kitchen. A collection of plant-filled rustic baskets on top of the crisp white cabinets adds a little touch of the outdoors without being overpowering.

Modern rustic-inspired wood doors bring warmth to a bright contemporary room. Fewer features, such as pops of trendy colour in pottery or dishware, could give a more modern feel to older wood doors. You can also evaluate more design ideas to have a forever kitchen decor here.

8. Add Interesting Wall Accents and Backsplashes

From simple copper walls to woven stainless steel backsplashes, there are many options for adding beauty to your kitchen decor.

To achieve the finest outcome, combine current modern rustic kitchen cabinets with stainless-steel accents and warmer features (such as copper or bronze with slimmer and trendy-coloured cabinets). To add interest to a kitchen with a rustic cabinet, cover a wall with a bright and modern print displaying metallics.

9. Add a Corner or Two

Usually, wall niches in kitchens are used to store utensils inside. To serve this purpose, modern rustic white kitchens have cupboards and shelves. To give a more rustic old-world vibe to your current kitchen décor, consider removing some of your modern bookcases and replacing them with a few craftily placed niches covered in wood or stone. You can add a candle or blooming plant to offer a more traditional touch to your modern kitchen décor.

Final Words:

Many parameters can affect the final appeal of your kitchen interior. For example, cabinet style, hardware colour, and the colour of your walls combined with the flooring material, fabrics, lighting, furniture, appliances, and other accessories play an essential role in how well the two styles look together. If you still have concerns regarding installing rustic kitchen cabinets, click on this link to learn more.

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