In today’s home interior, it has become a standard thing to see clean white walls. However, they are not always fun to look at. The room gets the impression of being cold, impersonal, and can feel very lifeless. When decorating an interior space, people are allowed to express their creativity. This includes the decoration of walls as well.

Even though a room with different details on the walls can be tricky to decorate, the same details still give the living space a unique and special charm.

Since it can be a challenge for many people, in the text below we offer some good tips and creative ways to decorate a dull and empty wall space as the perfect resource when trying to give your home a dash of personality.

Wall Art

Whether it’s about finding the perfect place for a special painting or getting a nice mural wall, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. Choosing the right wall art designs might feel difficult to some people, but with a few simple tricks, it will be easier to succeed. Look at some of the wall art ideas below and choose the one that best fits you and your home.

2 Creative Ideas for Decorating an Empty Lifeless Wall Space

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Paintings, posters, and photos

Most people who feel that a wall is a little too bare and plain choose to decorate it with different paintings and posters. It can be motifs you like or that might mean something extra to the person who owns the painting.

Another way to decorate a wall that also becomes a little more personal is by hanging up family photos or pictures that have a sentimental meaning to you. You can either hang them on different ropes or buy frames for them. Photos can be easily replaced when you feel like it and you can also create collages in simple ways.

Decorating with a Wall Mural

Another, slightly larger and more difficult way to decorate a wall mural is by putting up a photo mural. It is simply like a photograph that is pasted up and covers the entire wall. There are several different motifs to choose from and you can also use images you made yourself. However, they are required to have a relatively high resolution in order to work well as a mural on a larger wall.

Wall stickers and paint

An excellent idea is also to paint various decorative patterns on the wall. You can either use stencils and paint according to them, or you can paint freely.

If you want to avoid messing with colors, you can also buy different stickers that attach to the wall with glue. They are easy to remove and leave no stains if you want to take them with you when moving or the like. They fit best on a single-colored wall, but if there are only faint patterns, they can also work for a little extra decoration.

Use the Walls to Show Your Hobbies

Almost all sports equipment can serve as wall decoration. If you are a cycling enthusiast, it can be cool to hang your bike on the wall. A pair of boxing gloves or your child’s ballet shoes on a hook could also serve as beautiful and personal details.

If you love reading newspapers, use them to decorate part of your wall. This way, it is also easy to change and mix up the appearance of the wall.

Mix Old and New

Create a mix of styles by choosing vintage images framed in gold or dark gold. Mix old-fashioned images with modern abstract prints or posters.

The color scheme that fits perfectly with this is shades of gold, green, grey and white. Pictures of your favorite Hollywood icons or vintage photos of family members can give you a unique feeling of “old-meets-new”.

Choose a large gold frame with the vintage image that is your favorite and make it a central point on your gallery wall. Spread smaller frames around the large one and create a modern feel.

Give Your Wall Decoration a Practical Function

3 Creative Ideas for Decorating an Empty Lifeless Wall Space

If your wall decorations have a practical function, this creates the perfect wall. A practical example is to mount folding chairs on a wall. If you prefer a rustic style, you can mount a hook on the wall where you can hang folding chairs. That way, you have them close at hand without them taking up unnecessary space.

Place a ladder against the wall and store neatly folded blankets or newspapers, which can easily be thrown over the rungs. If you are eager to decorate a wall with plants, you can place a pot on one of the ladder rungs. This can also be an advantage for plants that do not tolerate cold or too much sunlight when placed by a window, where we usually tend to place our plants.

4 Creative Ideas for Decorating an Empty Lifeless Wall Space

Image source: Pinterest

Floating Wall Shelves

Nothing gives more life to a wall than completing it with floating wall shelves. Shelves add dimension to any wall and give you extra space to place ornamental figures, plants, and picture frames.

Choose either a long vertical floating shelf or two to three shorter shelves that are placed in line with each other or asymmetrically.

Choose pictures and frames of all possible shapes and sizes and place them on the shelf leaning against the wall. Hang slightly smaller frames between the shelves and use the layer upon layer method to create dimension and structure.

Adding pictures of plants in wooden frames combined with plants in pots can create a relaxing and natural environment.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are an apartment or a house owner, your home requires maintenance and freshening up in order for you to thrive and feel good. Some want to renew their living space often, while others wait until it becomes absolutely necessary.

To decorate a wall creatively and differently is a unique home design experience and the possibilities are endless. Look through the above-mentioned ideas, pick out your favorites and dare to try some of them out. We guarantee you that it will bring your home to life.

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