It’s almost impossible not to smile at the sight and smell of beautiful fresh flowers so why not bring them into your home as a creative addition to your decor? Not only do they complement colour schemes, but they also bring other benefits as well.

Some flowering plants, such as gerberas, filter the air, removing toxins and giving off fresh oxygen while the smell of roses has been shown to improve people’s moods and create a relaxed atmosphere.

brooklyn-houseplants-filled-loft-light-lounge-chair-bookcase Creative ideas for decorating with flowers

In fact, any flower of any colour goes a long way to improving the feel of a room, so we’ve put together some creative ideas to help you decorate with flowers. And, one of the best ways to start is, for example by saving 12% on everything at eFlorist.

Flowers to match your interior design

When you’re getting creative with flowers, the only limitation is your imagination. Flowers come in all shapes, colours and sizes so finding ones that match the colour scheme of your room should be no problem. Either keep your decorative ideas subtle and choose flowers that tone with your soft furnishings or be a little more outrageous with bold colours and dramatic blooms that provide an eye-catching contrast and talking point.

Modern-Living-Room-Chairs-Inspired-By-Flowers-2 Creative ideas for decorating with flowers

Highlight a table or sideboard with a floral centrepiece arranged in a low wide vessel. Start with a base layer made up of greenery in different but complementary shades then add blooms in a colour scheme of your choice. Begin with larger blooms, working towards the centre where you can finish with more delicate stems.

An unusual way of making the most of a mantlepiece or shelf is by arranging a collection of glass bottles in different shapes and sizes. Fill with water and split a bunch or bouquet of flowers between them. Enhance this stylish way of displaying stems by finishing with some ribbon bows in toning shades.

A touch of contemporary Victoriana

Be creative with your thinking and move away from always arranging flowers in bowls and vases of water. It’s easy to create a romantic floral display by taking a cork board and pinning some antique floral prints to it. Then add individual flower stems, some facing upwards and some hanging down. This is particularly effective when subtle and romantic shades of pink, lilac, off-white, peach and tea-rose are used.

Another effective way of creating a vintage look is by making free-standing bouquets. Start with a base flower, then gradually add stems at different angles, turning the bouquet as you go and keeping the stem ends the same length. Secure your bouquet before wrapping some vintage lace ribbon around the stems and standing it up, ready to be admired.

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