Lots of people may want leather furniture, because few things top the look and feel of real leather.

However, they have heard rumors about leather furniture that makes them hesitant to own a set, or even a piece.

But we’re going to dispel some of these myths:

Leather is Hard to Clean

Most types of leather are not hard to clean. Though an owner can buy special cleansers made for leather, all that leather needs is a wipe down using a clean cloth. With that in mind, regular soap and detergents meant for other fabrics or dishes should not be used on leather because it can stain or discolor it. For extra protection, consider semi-aniline or pigmented leather which come with a protective coating.

Leather Doesn’t Last Long

Pieces of leather furniture can be passed down as heirlooms if they are taken care of. This is due to the way leather is made. It is, after all, the preserved hide of an animal. Consider the good condition of the leathery skin of Otzi the Iceman, preserved in ice since around 3300 BC or the skin of people who were buried in peat bogs thousands of years ago. Since homeowners aren’t going to freeze dry their furniture nor bury it in peat bogs, all a leather chair or sofa needs is a bit of leather cream once or twice a year.

Leather is Fragile

Leather is no more fragile than any other type of furniture, even in a house filled with children or pets. It may be less fragile. Leather is thicker than other types of fabrics used to upholster furniture, and it takes a considerable amount of energy to really damage it. A dab of leather polish hides dings, and the sun doesn’t make leather fray the way it does other fabrics. Adding a protective coat to the piece of furniture if it didn’t come with one makes it even more durable.

Leather is Broiling in Hot Weather and Freezing in Cold Weather

It is true that the leather upholstery in a car that’s been left out in the summer sun is not comfortable, but this isn’t true of leather furniture meant for indoor use. The tip for keeping leather furniture just the right temperature and texture is to keep it out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight also dries leather out and can cause its color to fade. On the other hand, leather in a chilly room will warm up when a person sits on it thanks to the person’s own body heat.

Perks of Leather

Besides the debunked myths mentioned above, leather doesn’t hold on to odors, which is very good news for people who own pets. Pet fur doesn’t cling to it, so it doesn’t require the elbow grease to remove fur from a leather sofa or couch that it would from a couch upholstered in velvet. Leather also doesn’t hold on to pollen or other allergens. Over time, it takes on a patina, much like old silver, that many people find pleasing.

Leather chairs and sofas can look thoroughly modern or very traditional. That means leather furniture can complement many types of room decor. Leather cushions are delightfully firm and hold on to their shape better than cushions made of other fabrics. It is an excellent choice for chairs and sofas.

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