Crystals have a mystical and magical feel about them and this could be translated to the home by using them as décor.

Decorative and healing crystal items come in many shapes and sizes, making them versatile when incorporating them into an existing space. Their dazzling colors could immediately attract attention and draw one’s eye into the room for a closer look.

Think outside the box when decorating your home with crystals. These design tips could make it easier to find the perfect visually impressive decor:

  1. Create A Beautiful Backsplash

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house where people would spend most of their time. Making the space beautiful would add to all the lovely gadgets that make our lives easier.

A backsplash is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind when considering kitchen renovations, but it may just be the missing piece to the puzzle. Crystals can be visually impressive décor by adding them to the backsplash with mosaic and other relevant designs.

  1. Make A Chandelier

Crystal lamps aren’t new yet using crystals as part of a decorative chandelier may change your house’s atmosphere completely.

Hanging crystal chandeliers are still present in some royal homes today, but if the vintage style doesn’t suit the space, create a new chandelier from bent tree branches weaved into a wreath.

Add fairy lights or any other lighting option you prefer when the stems are dry and decorate them with crystals for a more earthy look. Selecting the right crystals can bring good luck to your household.

  1. Consider Crystal Drawer Handles

Door knobs or drawer handles can be very decorative if using out-of-the-norm items instead of the usual round ones. Crystal slices or discs that are small enough to grab in one hand could easily be transformed into stunning-looking handles for doors and drawers. They could add that little bit of mystery to the person viewing them, making them want to see what is behind that closed door.

  1. Frame A Picture With Crystals

Instead of using wooden or plastic frames for photos or art, try making it attractive with tiny or crushed crystals.

The same rounds used for the drawer handles could become the art piece against the wall when placed inside a frame. In this case, use a standard frame around the crystal to give it a new jacket.

Art will never be out of fashion and has been used as décor items since the beginning of time, making it unique with crystals is one of the best design tips out there you can try out for yourself.

  1. Hold Your Things In Place With Crystals

Some crystals can be rather heavy, especially in geode form. These round crystal-filled rocks could be utilized to hold objects in place.

Place the geodes next to a stack of books on the bookshelf to make a pretty bookend. Use the same geode as a paperweight in the home office for an elegant way to keep those papers in place.

Other ways of holding things in place with crystals could include curtain ties. Silky ribbons with colorful crystals could liven up the living room in no time.

  1. Construct A Crystal Fire Place

A safe option for any home could be a faux fireplace. Add some lighting to the bottom of the fireplace and stack some incandescent crystals on top to create a stunning focal point.

Some gemstones like moonstone could be used as a beautiful addition to fireplaces that are in use, but unfortunately, crystals are similar to glass and could crack or break from the heat. When making a fire for some extra warmth and personal rejuvenation, add crystals to the mantelpiece where they could reflect some of that beautiful natural light from the flames.

  1. Grow A Garden

Crystal geodes cut in half could make for the perfect place to start a small garden with succulents. Not only are succulent gardens low maintenance, yet they’re also the ideal addition to any space in the home. The beauty of the geode would complement the lovely green plants inside of them.

  1. Create A Stunning Display

Image-2 Decorating Your Home With Crystals: 8 Design Tips

Some crystal collectors would showcase their crystals in a glass box or a wooden case placed against the wall. Table displays would be a more creative way of making the crystals the center of attention. Add some candles, flowers, and crystals to complement the display. Together on a side table, the mantle, or as a centerpiece on the dinner table, they may become the center of attention.

Concluding The Fairytale

Crystals could have different meanings to many, but everyone appreciates their beautiful, magical qualities. They could make a home feel like something from a fairytale, expecting an elf or fairy to jump out at any second. The childlike happiness it could bring to the house is priceless.

Decorative stones and crystals could be the answer to the next do-it-yourself (DIY) project or a professionally done installation. Find the right crystal to suit the space and make it part of the decorations. The versatility of crystals leaves no room for excuses – they could be used anywhere and everywhere when designing décor to upgrade your home.

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