If you’re going to prepare an all-out feast for your relatives, you should make sure that it’s beautifully presented. It’s the time to set out matching dishware, polished cutlery and cloth napkins in front of every seat at the table.

Put out vases of seasonal flowers and tea candles inside of cups to keep hot wax from dripping on the table runner. Before you put a roasted turkey or baked ham in the middle of the table, think about dressing up your dining room with a homemade cornucopia.

You will need to look further back than the first Thanksgiving feast to find the origin of the cornucopia — it’s believed to have started in Ancient Greece as a goat’s horn stuffed with grains, fruit and vegetables. The name of the decoration means a horn of plenty since it was meant to symbolize good fortune and bountiful harvest.

thanksgiving-table Decorations That Will Dress Up Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s a convenient symbol to attach to this modern holiday that promotes the importance of sharing food and expressing gratitude for what you have. You can capture the true spirit of the day by making a magnificent horn for your dining table and filling it to the brim with goods. Anyone who likes working with craft supplies instead of buying ready-made décor from the mall will be pleased to know you can make your own.

While the original horns were meant to hold fresh foods, you may have an easier time with non-perishable items. A clever way that you can have produce that won’t rot is to crochet it out of different shades of yarn — go to Yarnspirations to find free Caron yarn patterns for harvest country pumpkins in several sizes. When the dinner is over, you can store them away for the next occasion instead of throwing them in the compost.

You can make these gorgeous gourds with Caron Simply Soft yarn in vibrant hues like orange and country blue. You can order these brilliant colors from the website which is meant to be your source for yarn and knit patterns — they offer free shipping on any orders over seventy-five dollars for people who live in the United States or Canada.

After you’re done putting together the delightful fillers, you should make your own rustic cornucopia by molding chicken wire into the shape of a cone and then wrapping the inside and outside with burlap. Stick the strips to the wire with hot glue so the fabric stays in place and the metal doesn’t poke out.

One of the best DIY Thanksgiving cornucopia ideas that you can use is to make smaller horns out of paper and to put them in the middle of each plate — this is for anyone who can’t handle a grand centerpiece, but who still wants to impress their guests.

A cornucopia spilling over onto the tabletop will look grand beside the basket of hot bread rolls and bowls of cranberry sauce. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by your hosting and crafting skills, before getting distracted by the food on their plates.