Made from multiple PV (photovoltaic) cells that immediately convert light to electricity, solar power is very efficient and easy to install in many ways. Each cell holds a small disk inside that’s made of a semiconductor which is the part that converts the light into direct current electricity which further turns into useful alternating current electricity through an inverter.

Solar power is a big step because the price, the practicality and the climate it requires all need to be considered before installing it. You can go with the most popular option, a rooftop system, or you can try ground-mounted systems that are attached to the ground. Using tracker system is smart as they follow the sun and have a higher output. Installing solar panels on your house requires knowing all of its pros and cons.

Costly Equipment

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House1 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc.

There might be a moderately high price to pay at the beginning, but expenses cease to be a problem for the next three years or less. With so many people using solar panels, the installment prices have actually gone down by 30% in the last few years.

The Florida Solar Energy Center claims that the cost is the number one drawback of buying solar panels, so governments have provided tax breaks to solar electricity users. If you have questions, you can use TurboTax Live to speak to a credentialed tax expert from your home base in San Jose or anywhere else in America.

Even with the tax breaks, the mounting and installation itself is costly, approximately 10000$, but it’s an investment worth considering as there are no monthly bills to worry about later on. Solar loans and leases exist in order to make buying solar panels easier for the customers.

Lately, the overall expenses aren’t much of a problem for homeowners, as countless of financing options have popped up to help. You can even get one without any money, but proceed with monthly payments.

Also, there’s a neat alternative that you can also take with you when camping that is represented by a portable solar panel that has a more affordable price.

The Value of Your Home

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House2 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: Lara Dutto, Laraarchitecture

What a better way to improve the household, if not by using solar power? You’re taking your home’s characteristic and rising its value which is considerably beneficial, especially if you plan on selling it in the future. Where state and federal incentives are available, you can actually escalate your house’s value by a price which is significantly larger than the one you spend on the solar power itself.

If you’re wondering how that is, consider all of the electricity bills that will cease to exist in the buyers life, so buying a house with that advantage would be worth more than an average house.

The Location

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You can’t just get solar panels for every house, because the climate may well be the determining factor on whether it’s worth it. Aside from the climate, the location and environment are also important when considering using this for your home. It’s all about how much sun the solar energy system can obtain.

That’s the key factor as how much it works is connected to how much sun it gets. Areas with the irregular occurrence of light, as heave shades and sun blockages are all things that deny the solar panels obtaining light, which results in a big disadvantage. On the other hand, locations that get consistent sunlight are the perfect places where solar energy can be installed.

Global Warming

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House4 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: Justin Smith Architects

One of the biggest threats to the lives of all humans, and species in general, is global warming. Ways in slowing down or stopping this have been thoroughly researched and one of the ways anyone could help in this is by using solar powered energy.

The solar panel system of today have took years to build and decades to perfect as they are able to create electricity without any kind of pollution. Global warming can be slowed down and even stopped with this type of revolutionary source of energy, creating a clear atmosphere with home solar panel systems.

Control Your Future

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House5 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: Jason Dewey Photography

This is an easy way for you to be free from all other company’s annoying electricity rates and the changes they create in your home’s expenditure. With solar panels you have an independent source of electricity you can control however you want. You can build yourself a real financial future and be at ease for years to come.

Taking into consideration that electricity bills increase 6.7% a year (especially the last three years that have jumped 30%), with possessing a solar panel, you can allow all of the luxuries of electricity for your home without having to jump any rates as long as your system lasts – and that could be more than thirty years.

Why not make your home an improved and comfortable place by decreasing your bills and saving the environment?

The Disadvantages

There aren’t many disadvantages concerning solar power, but there is one in particular that’s worth mentioning. The disadvantage has to do with the sunlight, as it often intermittent, and there are also the several hours of night to consider. When there’s heavy shade or when the sun goes down, solar panels are unable to produce electricity.

There should be an alternative source present for these hours, as solar panels can’t be the only one in the home. Batteries that contain solar power need to be kept in order to make this happen. There’s also a lot of preserving to do – cleaning the panels and repairing any kinds of damages that can happen.

Choosing Solar Panels

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House6 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: Nigel Walker and Associates Inc

Adding solar panels to your home is a big step, which means your home can’t be compatible with all kinds of solar panels – you need to choose the right one that will fit with what you need. This is not an investment to underestimate, so keeping an eye on the price is smart when considering solar panels; the size and brand play a role in the overall cost.

You can determine the quality by checking the materials and the type of manufacturing. You can find ones made from assemblers, one where not too much of an investment is made and a type with big investments which belong to the top 2% as they use advance robotic processes.

Decrease-Your-Fees-By-Installing-Solar-Panels-On-Your-House7 Decrease Your Fees By Installing Solar Panels On Your HouseImage source: DMVF Architects

An important thing to also consider is how long the solar panels will last. How long lasting they are, is determined by the character of the manufacturer; you can especially notice this when given a warranty period 25 years.

Different types of solar panels exist; with a huge number of solar panel manufacturers, you can know for sure what panel system may work for you and find it easily. Consider how much free space you have on the roof; you might not succeed to fit multiple big panels on your roof, but you can definitely combine smaller ones.

The solar company should be focused and determined on finding the perfect solar panels for you. With special arrangements, you can easily succeed in finding what you need as they are very common and work well for both manufacturers and customers.