Just about five years ago, pastels were dominating in the design world. From 20 types of beige nuances to steal blue and smokey pink, pastels were everywhere. And while they’re still around and very loved by many, there is a very palpable shift towards deep, more “passionate” colors, like crimson, soft brown, pine green, and black. Needless to say, they are the total opposite of whites and pastels which create a totally different but equally impactful feel once incorporated in the right way. What’s interesting however, is that more and more people opt to use these deep colors in their bathroom – which were prevalent in the 1920s-1950s – to achieve a homey yet luxurious feel. Here’s how you can make the most of these rich colors in your bathroom design.

Don’t be afraid of bold wall colors

Just the thought of a brown or black wall is a turn-off to many, but you’d be surprised how cosy of a feeling these colors can create when used right. For a stylish bathroom, you don’t even have to go with the regular bathroom tiles or wall paint; instead, you can opt for textured wallpaper that will give an even deeper feel to the room. If you absolutely dislike the idea of brown and black, but still want something impactful, there’s always the classic pine green, which works really well if you’re planning on tiling your bathroom. This design was very popular in old New York back in the 1920s, where instead of white subway tiles designers started using deep pine green. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the charm of that era, this is an option worth considering – not to mention, tiles are very easy to clean.

Include copper elements to give some sparkle

Usually, it’s golden or silver replicas that we get to see in most bathrooms as far as towel holders, door knobs, and other sparkly elements go. However, nowadays, designers found that deep nuances go amazingly well with the redish tone of copper. In a way, the rosy hue of the metal helps bring out the depth of strong colors – simply put, the two complement each other really well, and help create a luxurious ambiance in a bathroom. Some people go as far as installing copper hand dryers. Not to say that towels are useless or that they don’t add aesthetic value to the bathroom, but because of its waste free and hygiene properties, a hand dryer is efficient and definitely on the list of must-haves nowadays.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals

Even though copper has been dominating this year, it doesn’t mean that other metals, like gold and silver cannot be incorporated as well. “Gold and silver and brass, oh my! Let’s be clear that all of these pieces can coexist peacefully and chicly in one room. Think of them all like jewelry for your room – no need to limit things to a single metal. In fact, the more the merrier.” says renown designer, Nate Berkus. So, if you’re someone who’s already had silver or gold elements in your bathroom, don’t toss them away – just make them work with what you’re about to add.

At the end of the day however, what’s important is that you have a vision for what it is you want. Once you’ve decided on the colors and metals you want to use, and feel like you’re all set, that’s when you dive in and begin your new design project.

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